Explore the Offbeat Attractions of Mexico

The most populated Spanish speaking nation, Mexico has enticed travellers with its cultural hotspots, historical remnants, and sun-soaked beaches. The list doesn’t end there! The destination also has a number of offbeat attractions that promise a pretty satiating experience. We have enlisted some of these ‘lesser-known’ places here for you. Great Pyramid of Cholula Also termed as the Tlachihualtepetl, the Great Pyramid of Cholula is the largest pyramid in the world today. Located in Puebla – Mexico, it is actually a temple honouring the God named ‘Quetzalcoatl’. In the pre-Hispanic period, the Great Pyramid of Cholula was a vital religious Continue Reading »

Festival For The Future 2016 awaits you in New Zealand!

Festival For The Future (FFTF) 2016 will be held from 23rd to 25th September at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. It is a one-of-its-kind event, which brings together young New Zealanders from various spheres of life, including students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, social activists, artists, and musicians. These young leaders meet at this common platform and explore the major issues facing New Zealand or even the world, and discuss its possible solutions. What’s The Celebration For? The weekend festival features New Zealand’s youth at the forefront of bringing a positive change in society. The festival celebrates the common Continue Reading »

Whale Watcher’s Paradise: The Hermanus Whale Festival 2016

Come late September and the world’s best land-based whale watching region, Hermanus in South Africa, will get ready to celebrate the migration of whales, with the Hermanus Whale Festival. South Africa’s sole enviro-arts festival, the Hermanus Whale Festival will be held from 30th September to 2nd October this year. The seaside town of Hermanus hosts more than 100,000 visitors each year during the event. One enjoys the surrounding natural environment and the overall fantastic phenomenon amidst great food, drinks, great music, and delightful activities. Origins The event began around 25 years ago in Hermanus, when the locals decided to grab Continue Reading »

The Fun-Packed Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be termed as ‘The Land of Contradictions’. Natural beauty is somehow complemented by bustling city life. Similarly, Chinese traditions and western culture co-exist peacefully here. As Hong Kong is a multi-cultural destination, many different festivals are celebrated in this legendary land. Here, we have focused upon some of the colourful Chinese festivals. Dragon and Lion Dance Festival The name says it all! The Dragon and Lion Dance Festival showcases hundreds of artificial and eye-catching dragons, lions and celestial guardians, marching and dancing through the streets to commemorate the approaching new year. Already well-known in the region, the Continue Reading »

September Festivals Reflecting the Multi-Cultural Character of New York

Who can overlook a vibrant place like New York? It is an attractive tourist destination with simply everything that a travel-junkie dreams of – from holy and religious spots to exciting nightlife venues. It is home to important landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and Statue of Liberty.What makes New York all the more dynamic is its colourful year-round festivals. If you are planning to explore this fabulous destination in September, you are in for many treats! Take a look at some of the colourful festivals awaiting you in New York during September. New York Caribbean Carnival Continue Reading »

Top 7 Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand located amidst a stunning natural backdrop of spectacular mountains, lush greenery, cascading streams and charming hill tribes. An important cultural hub in Thailand, the city is full of historical temples, street markets and lovely restaurants serving delectable cuisine. Take a look at some of the best things to do in Chiang Mai. Visit Historical Temples Chiang Mai is home to numerous historical temples, which reflect ancient architecture and designs. Visit the revered Wat Pra Singh of the Lion Buddha fame and the tall Wat Chedi Luang that once housed the Emerald Continue Reading »

The Charms of Orange River, South Africa

Orange River is the longest river in South Africa. The charming river transcends boundaries and flows through Lesotho and Namibia to reach the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay; its final destination. The river flows through a vast region, which allows travellers to experience a wide variety of landscapes such as grand mountain ranges and spectacular waterfalls before gushing along to its final destination; the Atlantic Ocean at Alexander Bay. Incredible Water Sports The Orange River is a popular attraction for water sports aficionados as its offers wonderful opportunities for canoeing, river rafting, fly-fishing and more. As far as canoeing or Continue Reading »

Best Places to Enjoy Jaw-Dropping Views in Dubai

Dubai seems to have a penchant for the phrase ‘Larger than Life’. It is home to the tallest building – Burj Khalifa, largest mall – Dubai Mall, longest indoor slope – Ski Dubai, and biggest natural flower garden – Dubai Miracle Garden. The list doesn’t end here! Travellers from around the world flock to this lovely destination to not only admire these man-made creations, but also to check out the natural beauty too. We have bunched together some of the places that offer terrific views. The Observatory Located on the 52nd floor of the Marriott Harbour Hotel & Suites, The Continue Reading »

Seven Soul Stirring Historical Sites in India

India’s Independence Day is fast approaching. The date is 15th August and travellers visiting the country during this time may want to visit places of historical importance. Most of these places served as important milestones during India’s long freedom struggle. So, come check out 7 places, which you could perhaps visit on the occasion of India’s 67th Independence Day. India Gate, Delhi India Gate is one of the top attractions in Delhi for travellers visiting India. It is a war memorial with the names of around 70, 000 soldiers martyred during the First World War and the names of around Continue Reading »

Visit Maldives on a Limited Budget

Maldives is one of the top beach destinations in the world. The island country is known for its pristine waters, picturesque beaches, bright sunshine, lush greenery, vibrant underwater wildlife and adventure water sports. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a good vacation without straining your finances. Flights & Arrivals You can find a good deal on air tickets to Malé, the capital of Maldives, if you book from Asia. Travellers can buy tickets at cheap rates particularly from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India. Visitors travelling directly from the US, UK and European countries can also find reasonable deals Continue Reading »