Five Places for a Luxurious Hunting Experience

The patience and thrill of locating your quarry and lining it up in the sights of your gun, the heart thudding moment when you squeeze the trigger, the heady smell of burnt gunpowder, and the satisfaction of making a clean kill – only a hunter can appreciate these feelings. If you want to go hunting but are not ready to rough it out in jungles, there are many options for you. Sounds interesting? Well, we have picked a handful of luxury hunting resorts from different parts of the world, where you can enjoy the sport without facing the discomforts of Continue Reading »

Get Set for Dubai Shopping Festival 2017!

Get ready to attend the Mecca of all shopping festivals: the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017! This month long event is an extravagant shopping festival packed with amazing activities and festivities to keep you on your toes. The Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 will mark the 22nd anniversary of this amazing shopping and entertainment event. Billed as one of the largest shopping festivals in the Middle East, the event offers discounts up to 75%. When The Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 will be held from 26th December, 2016 to 28th January, 2017. It is one of the longest running shopping festivals across the Continue Reading »

Unravel Ancient Mysteries in Cairo

The mention of Egypt’s capital city Cairo brings to mind the mysterious, ancient and awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza. This bustling city is a popular travel destination due to its endless list of historical attractions. Some of these world famous historical attractions are well-preserved while some are in half dilapidated condition. However, these are all-time favourites. Listed below are some of Egypt’s pearls of the ancient world. Pyramids of Giza The Pyramids of Giza are undoubtedly the most popular and most visited attraction in Egypt, let alone its capital Cairo. The Pyramids of Giza are a collection of three primary pyramids Continue Reading »

Experience Chicago without Shelling Out a Dime!!

Staying at luxury hotels and dining in expensive restaurants is not the only way to enjoy your trip. As they say, ‘the best things in life are free’ and soaking in the beauty and culture of a new destination can also include free attractions. Chicago too offers plenty of interesting attractions to tourists and locals alike for which you don’t have to shell out a dime. Our list below will give you some ways to have fun in the ‘Windy City’ free of cost. The Highest Church in the World Visit the First United Methodist Church located at the Chicago Continue Reading »

Spectacular Surfing Spots Across South Africa

South Africa is a popular tourist destination for beach bums and surfing enthusiasts due to its nearly 3000 kilometre coastline famed for waters with great swells and waves. It has become a Mecca of sorts for the high adrenaline water sport – surfing! The fact that the sport has become an important part of its culture is an added advantage for surfers visiting the beaches to collect some great surfing memories. Some of the most stunning surfing spots across the country are mentioned below. So go ahead and book your flight to enjoy surfing. Jeffrey’s Bay Jeffrey’s Bay is a Continue Reading »

Quintessential Indian Tribal Festival – Pushkar Camel Fair 2016

Witness the grand beauty of a quintessential Indian tribal festival at the world’s largest camel fair in the holy city of Pushkar, India. The ancient fair is being held for over 100 years now, but even today its vibrancy and grandeur continues to attract travellers from all around the world. During the fair, which will be held from 8th to 14th November in 2016, the serene city of Pushkar will turn into a lively site full of dynamism. This amazing cultural event, which has become a global tourist attraction, is held every year. Highlights Opening Ceremony The opening ceremony of Continue Reading »

Best Places in the US to Celebrate Halloween

Planning to visit USA this month? Then you’re in for a fantastic travel experience! Why? Well, this is the time when Halloween is celebrated extensively in different parts of the country. Held annually on 31st October, this festival is something everyone should check out and participate in with absolute enthusiasm. As you may not be aware of the places where it is celebrated in a fabulous way, we have listed some of them below. Sleepy Hollow, New York Sleepy Hollow, a village in Mount Pleasant, New York, celebrates with live music, hayrides, street fairs, and parades during Halloween. One can Continue Reading »

Upcoming Wine and Food Festivals in New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand can’t be put into words. Suffice to say that the destination is called God’s Own Country and the denizens of this spectacular land certainly know how to live it up. This is evident by the colourful events and festivals held in different parts of the country. Here, we have mentioned some of the upcoming food festivals. Taste of Auckland Peek into Auckland’s food scene at the Taste of Auckland. There will be a variety of mouth watering delicacies as well as workshops by renowned personalities such as Depot, Miss Clawdy, Farina, Bracu, Maldito Mandez, Kazuya, Continue Reading »

Historical Attractions in Rabat, Morocco

Morocco is a North-African nation bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Its capital ‘Rabat’ is widely popular for historical spots, vibrant nightlife, and scenic beauty. It is well-connected with other Moroccan cities and towns. Rabat is home to a number of tourist attractions, some of which we have researched and shortlisted below. Do check them out for a satiating travel experience. Rabat Archaeological Museum Opened in 1932, the Rabat Archaeological Museum is home to several archaeological artefacts. Most importantly, it has national museum collections. There’s also a prehistoric section, which displays human remains from the middle Palaeolithic Period (probably Continue Reading »

Popular Restaurants in Mexico

Mexico City is a gorgeous destination that has everything a traveller desires, be it tourist attractions or thrilling activities. Besides, the city is also very well known for restaurants that catch the fancy of food lovers. The information below will introduce you to a world of cuisines, snacks, and beverages you may not have tasted before! Porfirio’s If you wish to eat the best Mexican cuisine in Mexico, Porfirio’s is perhaps the place to be! It has mastered this unique cuisine with fine and contemporary touches. Not only that, the food is presented in an extraordinary manner. Those who want Continue Reading »