Food at Its Best! Popular Restaurants in Singapore

Serving a delightful medley of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other interesting cuisines from different parts of the world, food in Singapore is a major attraction. Scattered across the length and breadth of the country, restaurants in Singapore are perfect spots to savour upon a tantalising range of gastronomic delights and traditional delicacies. Here is a list of popular restaurants in Singapore. Restaurant André, Chinatown Offering a perfect culinary experience mixed with Southern French nouvelle cuisine, Restaurant André is a top choice among food lovers in Singapore. Situated in a quaint three-storey heritage shop house in Chinatown, the restaurant is known Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tips for Travelling Solo

Travelling solo is a terrific plan but the idea has its perils too.  If you happen to be someone thinking of embarking on a travel trip all by yourself, you probably have calculated the ups and downs of the same. But if you have not, these below mentioned tips on solo travelling will definitely help you explore the world in a safe way. Learn about the destination Read as much as you can about the destination you are heading to. Make a list of places which are not tourist friendly. Also keep a tab on the famous local news channels Continue Reading »

Dining Etiquette in Different Parts of the World

Treating your taste buds to local flavours at the place of your holiday is one of the most sought after experiences for any traveller or foodie. The idea of relishing an authentic meal in a foreign country is all fun till the time you don’t get stared at for your sloppy table manners. Since dinning customs and rituals around the world vary from one another, and what may be considered appropriate, and even an advisable thing to do at the dining table in one country may be something that offends your fellow diners in another, you need to watch out Continue Reading »

Popular whale watching destinations in the World

From the edges of the Arctic to the oceans of the Antarctic, Whales are among the craziest and the scariest water creatures in the world. The killer ones or the belugas or the humpbacked or short finned pilot or the common minke or the long finned pilot, there is something magical about these giant ocean organisms. For whale watching is a popular and interesting activity, take a look at the best places to spots these animals in their natural habitat. Alaska, United States Sharing its coast with the mighty Pacific Ocean, Alaska is home to a wide population of Humpback Continue Reading »

Top Places to Enjoy the Wildlife in Malaysia

With a string of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, Malaysia is a country teeming with exciting flora and fauna. Read on and find out about some of the country’s major wildlife hubs. Taman Negara National Park Established between 1938 and 1939, Taman Negara National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the country. Located close to Titiwangsa Mountains, the park protects several species of animals and birds including the famous Malayan tiger, crab-eating macaque, gaur, Indian elephant, Argus, red jungle fowl, and mahseer. The endangered Malayan peacock-pheasant can also be spotted here. Apart from observing the wildlife, you Continue Reading »

Popular Bird Watching spots in Vancouver, Canada

Thanks to its temperate rainforest, alpine landscape, giant mountains, waterways and most importantly, the coastal location, Vancouver is a city rich in birdlife. From eagles to owls to jays to sandpipers to Spruce grouse to more endangered species of birds, this stunning coastal paradise is an ideal place to spot beautiful winged creatures. For bird watching is an interesting activity here, take a look at the list of popular places to spot colourful birds in their natural habitat. Stanley Park Herons Designated an ‘Important Bird Area’, Stanley Park’s Herons is home to the urban great blue heron (Ardea Herodias Fannini). Continue Reading »

Revisiting History: Best Known Museums in India

Preserving a major chunk of India’s ancient and colourful history are some of the oldest and popular museums scattered across the country. An insightful trip to India is incomplete without a visit to at least a few of these museums. Take a look! Indian Museum, Kolkata Founded in 1814 by the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Indian Museum is the oldest museum in the country. Comprising of over 35 galleries spread across six sections, it features a wide collection of antiques, artefacts, fossils, paintings and other valuables. The National Emblem, an elephant skeleton, Ashok Stambha, rare Egyptian mummies and human skulls Continue Reading »

Best of UAE – Famous Attractions in the Country

From stunning skyscrapers to palm shaped islands and city sized malls to terrific museums, the UAE is a beautiful mosaic of seven stunning emirates. Read on to learn about some of the country’s most amazing architectural wonders and top rated attractions. Burj Khalifa, Dubai The tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa is a fascinating superstructure located in Dubai. Dominating the skyline, this popular 125 floor architectural marvel is the best place to enjoy the fantastic 360 degree panoramic view of the city and its surrounding landscape. An evening at Burj Khalifa is certainly an experience of a lifetime. Sheikh Continue Reading »

Top Things to do in Perth, Australia

Perth is among the most beautiful cities in Australia. And for the tourists in the city, there is a lot to do and experience in the city. Read on and find out. Beaches Located along the Indian Ocean coast, Perth is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Offering visitors the best of both sun and sand, beaches in the city are best to enjoy a quick escape from the bustling city life or indulge in numerous water sports including snorkelling and deep sea diving. Cottesloe Beach, Leighton Beach, Castle Bay Beach, Yallingup Beach and Turquoise Continue Reading »

The Finest Clubs for Partying the Night Away in New Delhi

The vibrant capital of India -New Delhi – has a pulsating night life scene. Thronged by the youth, there are many clubs in Delhi that meet international standards in terms of music, food, service, ambience and safety. To make sure that you party at only the best places, we have put together a list of top five clubs in Delhi that you can consider if you are looking to paint the town red during your New Delhi visit: Kitty Su, Vasant Kunj Kitty Su is located in Vasant Kunj in South Delhi and is one of the most happening clubs Continue Reading »