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Brazil’s Craziest Parties: Be A Part of Them This Festive Season!!

brazilFrom the endless strands of sun-kissed coast to the whimsically vibrant metropolises and a fun-loving population that celebrates many fascinating events year-round – everything that Brazil is made of looks hale and hearty! In case you’re planning a sojourn to this South American nation this festive season, from December to March, chances are you’ve invited yourself to few of the most exotic and thrilling parties you’ve ever been to! Though, there are scores of enthralling events on calendar, the following two are outstandingly delicious and allure many to buy tickets on flights landing in Brazil.

The New Year’s Eve

Although, the whole world celebrates the eve before the New Year, Brazil knows how to throw a party on such a mammoth scale that other celebrations look like casual conventions! One of the best places to see the unrestrained joviality is the Rio’ gorgeous Copacabana beach! It is where the country’s deep-rooted culture and a contemporary flamboyance come together to create an intoxicating tropical cocktail that leaves visitors harum-scarum on the paradise. Along this 4-km long beach can be witnessed a variety of merrymaking, from international band performances to spectacular firework displays and unending drinking and dancing. Taking in the Brazil’s awe-inspiring culinary culture will be another mesmeric experience, well-worth the money spent on flights’ tickets and holiday deals. Olinda, Recife and Salvador are some other places in Brazil where the New Year’s Eve celebration is simply unforgettable.

Rio Carnaval


Rio Carnaval by Nicolas de Camaret/ CC BY

Steeped in local traditions and amazingly vibrant, the celebratory extravaganza of Rio Carnaval lasts for five days (if not more) and draws fun-loving tourists from far and wide. Marking the end of the summer holidays in Brazil, it throws an invigorating hedonistic bash with plenty of dancing, music and partying on the streets. In 2015, the event will take place from February 13 to February 18, up to Ash Wednesday. People looking to visit Brazil should keep in mind that all 5days of this exotic fest are public holidays and see a massive upsurge in sale of hotel rooms, flight tickets and other holiday deals. Travellers should make their reservations well in advance.

Two Coolest San Francisco Neighbourhoods that Promise a Fun Filled Holiday!!

San Francisco is a perfect holiday destination, owing to its modern culture, different ethnicities and lifestyle which goes hand in hand with the artistic aura, sparkling out of magnificent wonders that glow amid its scenic landscape! However, it’s the amazing string of gorgeous neighbourhoods, surrounding this city, that steal most of the time of travellers grabbing flights tickets to the USA. As diverse as they are enthralling, all these regions outline the most notable hotspots which are highly unique from each other. Below is a quick rundown of the two most colourful neighbourhoods of San Francisco that impress visitors.

Cole Valley


Cole Valley by Paul Churcher/ CC BY

Cole Valley is one of the hottest neighbourhoods of San Francisco and it has attained a prominent position in travel itineraries of global travellers. This colourful and charming neighbourhood promises a distinct community feel. Unlike other neighbourhoods in the region, businesses and shopping make up the most interesting opportunities here. Spectacular city views are special perks of wandering around in Cole Valley as the nearby Tank Hill allows the visitors to enjoy one-of-its-kind panoramic vistas, hard to find anywhere else. Moreover, there are dozens of high-end cafes and restaurants which give the epicureans another reason to relish their visit to Cole Valley.

Pacific Heights


Pacific Heights by Angelo DeSantis/ CC BY

One of San Francisco’s premier neighbourhoods, Pacific Heights is indeed one of the best places that rewards you the most for monies spent for tickets to San Francisco. The region is crammed full of lavish mansions and gorgeous parks that offer spellbinding views of Marina and Bay. Vacationers may find some popular upmarket shops and boutiques including Betsey Johnson, Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic and Kiehl’s on the much celebrated Fillmore Street. To treat the taste buds with delicious meals or snacks, travellers have choices like Jackson Fillmore, Vivandi Porta Via and Elite Café, all serving both local and international cuisine. Fishbowl and Godzilla Sushi are two other hotspots of the region which are equally famous amongst holidaymakers disembarking flights in San Francisco.

Most Exquisite National Parks in the World That Offer Breathtaking Experiences

There are a number of national parks in the world that offer an amazing set of varied experiences. But among them, there are few that simply make the journey one of a kind. Those of you who are wondering about the best national parks in the world, here is a quick peek into just four of them to get you started.

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand-Canyon-National-ParkConsidered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon spellbinds its visitors with its breathtaking views of multiple colours, amazing depth and unique rock formations. As the name itself suggests, the highlight of the park is the ‘Grand Canyon’. This gorge of the Colorado River is a must visit for all! Do try the South Kaibab Trail if you are a hiking lover.

Where: Arizona, USA

Machu Picchu National Park

Dramatic landscapes, complex of palaces and plazas, and brimming with mystery – these are just few of the reasons why you should book flights and visit this incredible place. The ancient city of Machu Picchu is hailed as one of the best known archaeological sites in the world. The views, no matter from where you stand in the park, are jaw dropping. Machu Picchu is a must visit for every curious mind or simply anyone who appreciates the breathtaking charm of nature and is willing to invest on air tickets.

Where: Aguas Calientes, Peru

Fiordland National Park

Fiordland-National-ParkThe views of the park are so surreal that it takes your own eyes to believe that a place like this can even exist in the real world. And if you are a fan of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies, a visit to this park is like a dream, err… location come true. Gorgeous waterfalls, picturesque fiords (deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs) and mountains capped with snow – there is nothing in the park that cannot be defined as beautiful.
Where: New Zealand

Kruger National Park

Kruger-National-ParkA large number of holidaymakers who book tickets on flights to South Africa choose Kruger National Park as their one-stop destination. Why? The kind of safari and the game viewing it offers, it is nowhere else to seen in the world. Stretched across millions of acres, the park boasts an incredible range of African animal species. Every corner of the park is brimming with amazing flora and fauna. And did we mention the Big Five?

Where: South Africa

Goa Tours – Explore State’s Raw Beauty at These Unconventional Places

When thinking of a holiday in Goa, almost everyone thinks of the palm-fringed beaches and glorious Catholic churches that are extremely iconic! But have you ever thought of exploring Goa’s real charm and get into the spirit of rawness that this wonderful state exudes?  Truly, there are plenty of remote areas where you will be able to witness the real Goa in its sanctity and obtain that soul-soothing relief and enlightenment for which you have spent on tickets onboard flights for the destination. Have a look!

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar-WaterfallsThis is probably nature in its purest form! Located on Goa-Karnataka border, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is counted among the tallest waterfalls in India and features amazing scenery. The captivating beauty of the sylvan surroundings and rich flora and fauna also attract a good share of nature-lovers boarding flights for holidays in Goa. The best time to visit the place is after the monsoon season when the water-flow is high and the entire area is painted with exotic greenery.

Canacona Taluka

Canacona Taluka is one of the remotest corners in Goa and hence features the rawness of the state’s interesting culture in abundance. Unhurried lifestyle and interesting traditional practices that many people still follow here are the primary lures for international travellers who visit this region during their Goa holidays. Besides, nature-lovers are in for a treat as the area boasts an enthralling array of natural splendours, from lush forests to unspoiled beaches and from incredible springs to waterfalls.

Chorao Island

Old Portuguese homes, mist-laden meadows, a large population of migratory birds and friendly locals – this quaint little island in the heart of North Goa exemplifies the gratified way of life. Take a ferry from Pomburpa ferry point to go and delve into the Chorao’s interesting history and culture. Meet the locals and listen the fascinating stories of the island-living. Peaceful beauty of beaches and lagoons here is just soul-soothing. Furthermore, you can trek up the surrounding hills to experience more of serenity and solace, and make most of the money invested on flights’ tickets and holiday packages.

Stellenbosch – Another Jewel in South Africa worth Exploring

Blissful environment, amazing wine farms, classy restaurants, crowded street cafés, rich history and of course, the famous university – Stellenbosch is packed with diverse attractions that make it one of the best places to visit in the Winelands of South Africa. This vibrant university town is more than just a small place that makes wines, it is full of rich cultural heritage and history. A large number of holidaymakers book flights tickets every year to visit this beautiful destination of South Africa. Here is a quick look at what Stellenbosch has to offer.


Stellenbosch by Michiel Van Balen/ CC BY


Stellenbosch offers a myriad of indoor as well as outdoor attractions and activities that are diverse and suitable for all ages. Whether you are in for a few days stay or it is a long-term you are planning for, the town has all it takes to entertain you throughout your sojourn. One of the most popular attractions here is of course its quality wines and the wine farms that make them. One such wine farm is the Yonder Hill Wine Estate. It is among the most visited wine farms in Stellenbosch. The town is also popular for its wildlife conservation. Eagle Encounters South Africa is the place for anyone who loves to explore the wildlife. There are also some fascinating museums that tourists can visit such as Rupert Museum and The Village Museum. Apart from wine farms, fascinating museums and arts & crafts centres, there are a number of other attractions and activities. Swimming, fishing, canoeing, abseiling and adventure camping are some of the most popular activities here.

Few Great Places to Dine

Though almost all the places in Stellenbosch offer great food, there are few that travellers call unique. Raphael’s At Asara is one such place. The seasonal flavours at this restaurant are sure to win your heart. The Restaurant at Clos Malverne is also among the best restaurants in Stellenbosch. Serving international cuisines, it is the most favourite restaurant among the foodies who book tickets aboard flights to travel to Stellenbosch. If you are pizza lover and the craving to have one during your stay, Mulderbosch Vineyard is always ready to welcome you with its fantastic pizzas.

Top Three Destinations That are Perfect to Celebrate the New Years Eve if You are in Thailand

New Years Eve is a time when the world basks into glorious celebrations. Of course, every country has its own way of celebrating this international festival and Thailand is no exception. Holidaymakers who are planning to book their trip to Thailand in the last week of December might want to stay there to enjoy the New Year as the ‘City of Angels’ has a number of destinations to offer unforgettable New Year celebrations. Here is a quick look at just three of them.


bangkokCountless restaurants, extravagant shopping malls, pumping nightlife and luxurious river cruises – there is no dearth of entertainment in Bangkok. A large number of party animals from all around the world book flights tickets to Bangkok each year to join the adrenaline pumping fun. Though there are many venues that are popular to celebrate but the best one is of course the Central World shopping mall. The celebration features marvellous fireworks, a beer garden and live entertainment with DJs and Bands.


pattayaHailed as one of the top destinations to enjoy New Years Eve in South East Asia, Pattaya offers an amazing blend of ancient culture and modern world charms. Bali Hai pier is where it is all happening. It is the centre of attraction in the New Years Eve as all the major events and activities will be held here. One thing that you should not miss the magnificent firework; do remember to choose the right spot to enjoy the view at its best. Visitors must also take a walk along the Pattaya Beach Road to catch the best of the celebrations.


phuketThe largest island of Thailand cannot be ignored when it comes to New Year celebrations. Those who love beach parties would be delighted to know that Phuket throws some really insane beach parties, especially on the advent of New Year. Surin Beach is, of course, the hot spot as this is where the crowd will be and this is where it is all happening. Star studded night, top DJs playing; amazing fireworks and an unforgettable experience are all you can get in Phuket.

A Brief Guide to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, USA

International-Airport-USAChicago’s O’Hare International Airport is a major aviation hub and is considered one of the world’s busiest airports. Almost every prominent airline has flights to Chicago, allowing easy connectivity to several millions of passengers booking air tickets to and from the city, every year.  On its part, the O’Hare International Airport is well maintained, offering a wide array of services and facilities for travellers who make use of it. Get a fleeting overview of the kind of amenities available for fliers, who arrive at or depart from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Shopping: The airport has an incredibly large number of shops and stores for people who wish to make a purchase. It is not just the usual bookstores and newsstands the airport’s terminal boasts of! Almost everything is on offer at shops at the airport. Swatch, the Field Museum Store, Emporio Armani, Harley-Davidson, Salvatore Ferragamo and Oakley are some of the well-known brand stores that maintain presence at the Chicago airport. And if you feel lucky, you can even try out the Illinois lottery!

Food & Beverages: There is a general opinion that food served in flights is not really something you would like to call “delicious”. However, when you get to Chicago airport, this opinion is usually turned on its head! Indeed, this American airport has a large number of options for foodies who wish to taste something delectable. While household names like Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks Coffee and Subway can easily be found at the airport, even at more locations than one, there are several other independent eateries that are remarkably good.  Several bars can also be located at the terminals.

Lounges: O’Hare International Airport is a massive property with multiple terminals. A number of airlines here offer lounges for travellers who are booking tickets on flights operated by them.

USA airlines like Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines all maintain their lounges at the Chicano airport. Also, international carriers like Air France, British Airways and Korean Air have their lounges at Terminal 5 of the airport. Of course, different airlines have different criteria for allowing accessibility to these lounges.

USA’s Upcoming Light Events Cast a Magical Spell on Christmas Holidays!

christmasThe much awaited Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and there’s nothing like a marvellous display of glittering colourful lights to charge up everyone for this festive season. And arguably, the USA is the one destination in the world that does the ‘holiday lights’ in the finest manner! From East to West, boat parades to Disney displays and city skylines to coastal drives, the nation is completely covered with a sparkling blanket that promises a shimmering dose of over-the-top holiday zeal. Take a quick look at two hottest destinations of the USA that holidaymakers may think of buying air tickets for after disembarking flights in any part of the country.

New York City

USA’s ‘Big Apple’, New York is best known for doing things bigger and brighter than others, and holidays are certainly no exception. Along with wondrous holiday concerts and events, incredible window displays, lively holiday markets, bustling street vendors and impressive ice-skating rinks, the stunning illuminations of the city are simply not to be missed. Vacationers may start with the much celebrated Rockefeller Centre’s Tree that is set aglow with over 30,000 bulbs (and counting), glistening down upon the ice-skating rink. Others to be included in the list are South Street Seaport Tree, lit from November 25th, the Metropolitan Museum of Art Tree, lit from November 29th, Washington Square Park Tree, lit from December 7th and Lincoln Centre Tree, lit from November 28th.


Yet another compelling holiday destination of USA that sets travellers on a mad quest to grab flights’ tickets to the nation is Chicago. The city hosts a myriad of colourful light events throughout the Christmas holidays which never cease to impress. The city’s wonderful holiday spirit is best reflected through its striking frosty winter weather, glamorous festive events and glittering lights that line up the entire Christmas holidays. Do not forget to visit Macy’s 45-feet-high Great Tree which is decorated with rainbow lights and remains lit till March 1st. The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival is also a popular attraction that catches the fancy of most visitors. The event features over a million lights on 200 trees flank placed on the well known shopping strip. Thousands of shops’ windows display adds to the event.

Join the Fun at India’s Enchanted Valley Carnival 2014: Music, Adventure & Camping!


Booking tickets to Maharashtra, India’s western coastal province, in the month of December? If you are a music lover, you might want to know about the Enchanted Valley Carnival. It is a unique music festival that offers incredible music performances combined with camping and a myriad of adventurous things to do. A large number of artists, international as well as local, spellbind the crowd with their breathtaking performances. The genres include Techno, Rock, Trance, D&B (Drum and Bass), Pop, Fusion, Folk, Dubstep and much more. But it is not just music that captivates the crowd; Enchanted Valley Carnival is a 3-day festival of sheer fun, immersed in music, camping and loads of fun activities. Holidaymakers, who are booking tickets on flights to Mumbai for a December holiday and are ready for a new experience, should certainly check this event out!

A little about the Line-Up 2014

The line-up of India’s Enchanted Valley Carnival is quite impressive. Highlight of it, is of course, the king of genre-busting hits: David Guetta! Fans will be delighted to know that he will be hypnotizing the crowd on 20th December. This two-time Grammy winner does not need an introduction, his music speaks for itself. Apart from Guetta, New World Punx, Aly & Fila and Solarstone are some of the hottest performers in the line-up 2014. There are a number of local talents as well that are sure to win your heart.

A dash of Fun Activities

After partying insane, should you choose to do some sightseeing or participating in some adventurous activities, there are a plenty of options to choose from. Quad-biking, jungle safari, bungee ejection, rappelling and zorbing are some of the popular adventurous activities here. Visitors can also indulge in water sports like jet skiing, kayaking and much more.

Camping in the Enchanted Village

When it comes to camping, there are three options available – Classic (for maximum two people), Club (maximum four) and BYOT (you can bring your own tent). Those who come with their own tents have the option to rent or purchase the sleeping bags, mattresses etc. Sanitation facilities are decent. Visitors can enjoy bonfire, jamming sessions, yoga sessions and many other entertainment activities here.

India as a Transit Hub: Important Info & Useful Advice


India is a wonderful place. The country’s cultural and historical lineage is overwhelming and has ound many suitors all across the globe. India’s spiritual aura is remarkable and appeals to people from all corners of the globe. Further, the country’s famous wildlife offers yet another reason for people to get hold of tickets on flights to India. With such a wide entourage of beguilers in its kitty, it is not surprising India is such a popular holiday destination. But there is another aspect of India that seems to have grabbing the attention of air travellers. India is almost a perfect transit hub. The geographical location of the country, right in between the Far East and Western Asia, has allowed it to mushroom as a choice stopover destination. With better infrastructure and more and more airlines offering flights to the country, the deal is getting even better for travellers.

Especially among European flyers travelling to Fareast and Indian Ocean destinations like Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Singapore, India remains the most popular transit point. Even those who are headed to Australia will find Indian cities viable stopover choices. Considering the availability of number of flights to India from top European airports like London Heathrow, the proposition of availing cheap tickets on the route isn’t discounted either.

Few Important Tips for transiting Flyers

Make sure you address the issue of transit visa before planning your travel via India.

India is a large country with several major airports. If you wish to create your own flight itinerary, make sure you opt for the route that’s most convenient to you.

From London, a host of airlines offer flight services to India. Delhi and Mumbai airports are perhaps most preferred as transit hubs in India.

India is a colourful country and it would be a wasted opportunity if none of it is explored on your trip to the nation, even though it is a fleeting one. Plan your travel in such a way that you have at least a few hours, if you have the time, in India.