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Some Wacky, but Exhilarating Global Festivals You Should Attend in 2015

What do you like about a festival? The gifts? The decorations? The food? How about enjoying fun gambols like throwing tomatoes, of course the squeezed ones, at random people or dressing up as boogieman? There are many such wacky and wild fests, celebrated around the globe, which offer fun experiences of their own. If you are looking for something incredible, here are some festivals you can plan to attend.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin, Texas

Everyone loves to attend a birthday party. But what if it is of a donkey? Each April, Austin, the capital of Texas, USA, celebrates one such party and that too with wonderful enthusiasm. Thousands of people, locals as well as tourists, who have spent on air tickets for the metropolis, gather in Pease Park and enjoy live music, dance, horrid costumes and various weird activities. The event is usually held on the last Saturday of April and is named in honour of Eeyore, a depressed donkey from the AA Milne’s Winnie-the-pooh stories.

Mud Festival, South Korea

Mud Festival by Shawn Perez/ CC BY

Mud Festival by Shawn Perez/ CC BY

Wondering why tons of travellers board flights to South Korea during summers? It’s because of the marvellous Mud Festival that takes place in Boreyeong in mid July! A feast for the eyes, the event features many enchanting shows and lively street parades with bands, dancers and jugglers. But the real thrill is created when everyone is smeared with gray mud!! The mud, despite being filthy, has various medicinal properties and hence is beneficial for skin. People who plan to experience this unrivalled thrill should buy tickets for Seoul, from where Boreyeong is about 200km away.

La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

Another crazy fest that draws people from various parts of the globe, La Tomatina is held in Spain’s city of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August, every year. People throw tomatoes on each other and enjoy music and dance in large tubs full of tomato juice. Make sure to get your full body wax done, if you’re hoping to buy tickets for flights to partake in this wonderful event!!

Lath-Mar Holi

Lath-Mar Holi  by gkrishna38/ CC BY

Lath-Mar Holi by gkrishna38/ CC BY

Holi is a festival in India where people throw coloured water on each other. But how about playing it with bamboo sticks? Balloons or tomatoes were fine, but bamboo sticks? Don’t worry; you don’t need to take part in it! Just come to India to witness this exhilarating form of festival! People around Mathura, a small town in Indian state of Utter Pradesh, gather to play Lath-Mat Holi, every year. As per the rituals, men from Mathura and nearby villages go to Barsana to throw colours on the village ladies. But, they are chased away, or beaten if they choose to stay, by the village women holding sticks. The entire scene is truly exhilarating and worth the money spent on travel tickets and holiday deals. Many cultural programmes can also be enjoyed during this fest in India.

With Jaisalmer Desert Festival, India Adds Extra Zing to the Rajasthani Spirit!


JaisalmerThe Golden City of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is a star holiday destination of India and entices millions to grab air tickets for the nation. The city is further vying for attention with yet another irresistible offering of a vibrant and exciting feast, ‘Jaisalmer Desert Festival’ (1st – 3rd February, 2015). This three day long gala event is sure to take merrymakers into the colourful world of Rajasthani festivities. With sparkling decorations, grooving live performances by tribal and spicy food amidst the golden sands and perfect weather, the festival ought to be your perfect jaunt during winters in India!

Cultural Activities

During the three days of celebrations, a plethora of fascinating competitions and unique performances are to be held, which promise typical Mela (carnival) style fun and frolic. Holidaymakers may catch a glimpse of artistic performances like snake charming and acrobatic shows by popular gymnasts belonging to the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan. Jugglery, puppet shows, turban tying and longest-moustache competitions, and camel races are some popular features that depict a distinct yet entertaining facet of ‘nautanki’ world. Indeed, there is no doubt that Jaisalmer Desert Festival is one of the most popular cultural festivals of India.

Camel Performances

Camels play an integral part of this extravagant festival as an entire day is dedicated to camel related activities. The Dedansar Stadium of Jaisalmer is flooded with hundreds of camels where competitions like camel decorating, camel fur cutting, and camel polo are organised to keep the visitors amused for several hours. After a short interval, the action turns to Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium where the Border Security Force Camel Tattoo, world’s only camel mounted band, gives a spellbinding gymnastic performance over on camel backs!

Shopping Scene

Shopping is yet another alluring aspect of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival which makes flights tickets to India sell like hot cakes. The intricate patterns and designs, vivacious colours, and the extensive assortment of objects for home décor undoubtedly set shopaholics on a mad quest to buy everything! And the list just not ends here. Visitors may further shop for the daintiest pieces of apparel which are on sale and are available on discounts. Luckily, currency exchange is not a problem for tourists as there are dozens of mobile currency exchangers available. Also, several stalls accept credit cards thus making shopping a memorable experience here at Jaisalmer.

The Bay Regatta – A Sailing Event to Admire the Beauty of Southern Thailand!

How would it feel to be in and around the waters for four days while sailing through the refreshing waters of Southern Thailand? Great, of course! If you are game for an invigorating adventure, book tickets aboard Phuket flights to be a part of the Bay Regatta. This annual race allows you to excurse through three prominent destinations in Southern Thailand, namely Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.


The Bay Regatta 2015 is scheduled from 04th to 08th March. Every day, you will find yourself at a new resort to revitalize your senses. Also, with an impressive range of parties and presentations, you will get a slice of quintessential Thailand!


Here’s a list of venues where you would be staying at during your sailing stint in Thailand.

Chandara Resort and Spa

After disembarking flights at Phuket, you can reach Chandara Resort and Spa, one of the most popular resorts in Phuket, in around 20 minutes. The resort is peppered with 49 villas including family villas and villas for private pool parties. You can register for the Bay Regatta between 1200hrs and 1730hrs. At the end of the registrations, attend Skippers Briefing to get details on this event. Briefing is followed by party where you can drink and dance before embarking on a sailing trip to Phang Nga.

The Paradise Koh Yao

This splendid venue is the starting point of the race. At 0900hrs, you will hear the first party signal. After race, you will be back at the resort to join the party. When it comes to facilities and amenities of this resort, the rooms depict the resort’s elegance. You can choose from hilltop pool villa, Jacuzzi studio, plunge pool deluxe studio etc. Yoga and spa are the two activities that should be on your list.

Arayaburi Resort

This resort makes for an interesting option for honeymooners buying air tickets to Krabi. This romantic haven is located by the captivating waters of Andaman Sea. Take your pick from Deluxe Villa and Grand Deluxe Villa to enjoy your stay here. Beach is just few steps from your room. One must also consider dining on the sands at beachfront restaurant, located in the property.

Top Two Havana Events to Mark on Your Calendar For February!

The cultural warmth of Havana is sure to captivate your senses and you might find reasons to spend few more days amidst the enchantment of this charming Cuban capital. February is the month when Havana hosts few notable events. To be part of these festivities, several culture vultures have already booked air tickets. If you have missed out on grabbing a deal, check last minute flights to Havana to experience the magnificence of these popular annual events in Cuba.

International Festival of Havana Cigar

Cigar is one thing everyone buys before boarding return flights!! Cuban cigars make for an interesting and impressive souvenir. And arguably, the Habano is the best cigar in the world. This festival allows you to find various known-unknown aspects related to Habano. Havana is hosting this annual event from 23rd to 27th February, 2015. This event also marks the 17th edition of Habanos Festival. Its menu comprises visits to symbolic Habanos factories and Vuelta Abajo’s tobacco plantations. The best part of this event is considered to be the master class where one can learn the art of rolling cigars. In 2015, Montecristo Habanos brands will also complete their 80th year.

Havana Book Fair

This event is another chance to explore a differentiating vibe of Havana. This annual event is again enticing book lovers to browse through thousands of books in addition to participating in poetry readings, art exhibitions and children activities. Each February, this cultural extravaganza creates a buzz in Havana before bringing the city of Santiago de Cuba to limelight. This year, the fair is set to commence on 13th February and you can participate in various events of this 23rd edition of the book fair till 20th February. Intellectuals and academics from Cuba attend the book presentations and lectures in large numbers. Besides books, you can also enjoy the power packed performances of live bands and gorge on delicious authentic delicacies at dedicated counters.

Top Three Restaurants in Santiago that offer Best Chilean Cuisine

After sightseeing at and around all popular spots in Santiago, it is inevitable that you would want to be at a good place to eat. Surely there are a number of great restaurant that will offer your taste buds a heavenly treat but if you are first time traveller, you might want to explore the dishes that are quintessentially Chilean, or at least inspired. Here are just three of the restaurants that serve the purpose.

Santiago  by you know patrickcoe/ CC BY

Santiago by you know patrickcoe/ CC BY


Known for its quality selection of fine wines, Bocanariz is a fabulous restaurant started by a wine specialist. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Santiago. A large number of customers, mix of locals and tourists, consider this restaurant the best place to taste local wines. The interior is urbane and contemporary and you will find the seating arrangements quite comfortable. From bare brick walls and wooden tables to tasteful crystal chandeliers, the restaurant promises a comfortable dining experience. The Chilean menu includes some of the most delectable dishes that you must try. Bocanariz is visited by many foreign travellers who book their flights tickets to explore Santiago.

Bar Bajo Llave

Away from the usual life of a bustling city, situated in the cool neighbourhood of Barrio Lastarria, Bar Bajo Llave is a perfect spot to enjoy your meals peacefully. At first glance, you might find it ‘small’ and not that appealing, but as you enter, you will find a lot to like about this cosy place. The place is dark, peaceful, and soothing; perfect for an evening meal that you can enjoy with your favourite wine. A large number of Chilean dishes are served by the restaurant, all of them prepared with dedication and passion. Do not be surprised if you find the restaurant packed by locals in the evening as this is when the office workers drop by to enjoy a beverage. Of course you can have other dishes here, but if you are first time visitor, try the local favourites.

Santiago  by José Antonio Gil Martínez/ CC BY

Santiago by José Antonio Gil Martínez/ CC BY

Bar Restaurant Victorino

Bar Restaurant Victorino is a place for epicureans. A major number of hedonists who book their tickets on flights to Santiago come to this place for a fine dining experience. Bar Restaurant Victorino features, as considered by many, a menu that boasts some of the most scrumptious dishes of South America. The chefs are admiringly passionate about the dishes they prepare; the ingredients are made sure to be of finest quality and exquisite. While you might not get dazzled by the ambience, the simple yet classy décor will surely give you impressed.

Upcoming February Events Give More Reasons to Book Flights to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi hosts numerous events all year round. No matter whether you are a fan of Arabic culture, fond of Arabic food or just want to cheer the sportsmanship at notable sporting events, Abu Dhabi would have a perfect menu for you. Abu Dhabi’s February is full of fiestas as well. If Abu Dhabiyou have booked tickets to be at the capital city of the UAE during the month, here are two popular events you can consider adding to your travel plan.

Abu Dhabi Food Festival  

Foodies disembarking flights in Abu Dhabi between 05th and 21st February can catch the scrummy action of Abu Dhabi Food Festival. Three of its major highlights are The Emirati Kitchen, StreetFeast and Gourmet Abu Dhabi. The Emirati Kitchen is scheduled from 05th to 07th February at various venues across the city. Visit any venue to gorge on authentic delicacies of the emirate prepared by top rated chefs.

If upscale hospitality tops your list, Gourmet Abu Dhabi is your kind of event. The magnificence of this gastronomic extravaganza is highlighted by the captivating presentations and culinary delights by Michelin-star chefs. This upscale event is taking place at various hotels across Abu Dhabi from 11th to 20th February. StreetFeast is first of its kind in the Gulf region. In this event, food trucks make a kitchen caravan where you can taste the delectable street food of the UAE.

Qasr Al Hosn Festival 2015

History lovers and culture vultures have already grabbed tickets to Abu Dhabi to participate in one of its oldest fiestas, Qasr Al Hosn Festival. If you want to take a closer look at the traditional character of the UAE, find last minute deals on tickets bound for its capital city. From 11th to 21st February, an array of cultural, historical and traditional events as well as exhibitions will take place at the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi. Besides, the festival also boasts hordes of activities for families such as traditional workshops and visual and performing arts programmes.

Most Exquisite Natural Places in Jamaica That Every Romantic Couple Must Visit

If the word ‘Jamaica’ reminds you only of Bob Marley and those perfect athletes and their bright yellow & green t-shirts that say Jamaica, wait till we tell you about the place. Jamaica is a breathtakingly beautiful place that boasts gorgeous beaches, lush mountains, swaying palm trees, turquoise seas, exquisite coral reefs and lot more that can turn even a blasé traveller into a romantic heart who sings on the beaches and dances in the forests!! A large number of honeymooners book tickets on flights to Jamaica each year to celebrate their romance in this tropical paradise.

If you are couple and are planning to explore Jamaica, here are just three of the places you should not miss.

Dunn’s River Falls

A gaze distance away from Ocho Rios, the most popular town of Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls is a place that never ceases to soothe the visitors’ eyes. The falls are considered to be a living

and growing phenomenon. It stretches across 180 meters of terraced waterfalls, tumbling over rocks and limestone ledges into the Caribbean Sea. Couples can hire a guide to climb the beautiful tiers to the top and explore the raw beauty of the place.

Negril Beach

If you are in Jamaica, you cannot miss the Negril Beach (also known as Seven Mile Beach). Hailed as the most appealing stretch of white sand and turquoise sea, the beach is sure to awaken the lover in you. Adventure couples can also participate in many water sports here.

Negril Beach

Negril Beach by Abir Anwar/ CC BY

Glistening Waters

‘Surreal’ is the only word that suits this place perfectly. If you were to go to only one place on your trip, choose this one and you will never forget your trip. Glistening Waters is the popular name for the luminous lagoon that bewitches the visitors with its unique beauty. The best time to explore this place is of course, night.  The naturally glistening water, the almost too-romantic-to-be-real views, and the amazing atmosphere will surely make you want to stop the time. To make the most of night, opt for a cruise; your experience will be unforgettable.


Most Popular Caribbean Events Tourists Can Explore In January 2015

Aruba, Grenada and Barbados – If any of these countries is your holiday destination in January 2015, this one is for you! Below listed are just three of the most popular Caribbean events that are celebrated in January and you would really like to be a part of them!

Aruba Carnival Celebration

True lovers of carnivals should certainly experience this one at least once in a lifetime! Addictive music, colourfully decorated places, luxuriously costumed groups of revellers of all ages, and a

Carnival Celebrationlot more await those who are booking tickets on flights to the island country of Aruba. With an action-packed schedule, the celebration lasts more than month. It features many parades that include Children’s Parade and Grand Parade (the finale).  Tumba, Calypso music and steel bands of the English Caribbean fill the warm atmosphere with a vibe of celebration mode. If you are in Aruba in January, or even February, you should not miss this one.

Spice Island Billfish Tournament             

From January 20th to the 24th, the beautiful island of Grenada swells with anglers from not only the Caribbean but across the globe. This annual Billfish Tournament of Grenada features attractions such as a boat parade and dinner, competitions, prizes for top boats and heaviest fish (including Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Dolphin) and more.

FishingAnyone who has a thing for fishing should certainly experience Grenada’s great fishing spots. Enthusiasts can be seen competing for the prize, enjoying the feast and celebrating the best of the festival. And yes, if you think you have what it takes to break the record during the competition, you can also win cash prizes here.

Barbados Jazz Festival

Music lovers among those booking flight tickets to explore the most popular attractions of Barbados in the month of January should certainly join this musical highlight of the country. It is a week-long celebration that features locals as well as international artists. Jazz performers attract their fans from all around the world to join this event. The performances take place in many places of the country.

Three of the Most Spectacular Hiking and Walking Trails in Seychelles

For those with a penchant for the adrenaline rush, the Seychelles has many unanticipated surprises waiting to be unravelled. Apart from an unending string of beaches that offer a plethora of water sports, the island nation in the Indian Ocean has many exciting treks passing through some of the most incredible facets of nature. Next time when you board flights for a Seychelles holiday, add any of these trekking trails in your itinerary and relish an adventure of a lifetime!


The Morne Seychellois National Park

Brimming with an array of natural wonders, ranging from lush woodlands to virtually deserted dunes, the Morne Seychellois National Park is a true delight for trekkers. There are different day hiking and walking trails that promise various enthralling experiences – witness exotic flora & fauna on Glacic to Anse Etoile route, camp along the rocky coastline while trekking from Danzil to Anse Major or see the fantastic historic section of Victoria on Victoria/Beau Vallon route. The best thing is that some of the trails here are short enough for a weekend trip!

Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve

One of the richest tropical forests in the world, Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve is pretty impressive. People who spend on flights and holiday deals get to see the rare Coco de Mer palm trees and many endangered species of birds including the black parrot. The nature reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and allures a fair share of travellers who book tickets for Seychelles holidays.

La Passe to Grand Anse  


Either on foot or by bicycle, the trek allows you to enjoy stunning oceanic views, along with various French colonial era houses and woodlands. Winter is the best time for this excursion. The cool and dry weather allows you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this wonderful pass. Avoid the rainy season, December and January, as the weather tends to be very humid and sticky. At any other time of the year, the spectacular beauty of Grand Anse beach makes it worth the effort and money spent on travel tickets and holiday package!

Most Popular Places in Antigua That a First Time Traveller Must Visit

AntiguaAntigua is one-stop destination for stunning beaches, all-inclusive resorts, water sports, spas, and much more. Considered to be the driest island of the Caribbean, Antigua offers tranquil atmosphere with a number of sightseeing and entertainment options to explore. Beaches, shopping, natural wonders, entertainment, and nightlife – there is no dearth of options here. Planning to visit Antigua? Here are just three of the most popular attractions that you should not miss.

Stingray City

Home to a large number of stingrays in their natural habitat, Stingray City is a beautiful place that is a must visit for those who have booked their flights tickets to visit Antigua.  The crystal clear shallow water makes the area, where Stingray City is situated, ideal for small children and those who cannot swim. Explore these amazing creatures as your guide shares interesting facts about the beautiful snorkel on colourful coral reef- the experience is amazing!

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

If you are in Antigua, you got to visit this one! Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is one of the most sought after attractions in Antigua and a potent reason why people book their flights tickets to the island! Offering rich history, the park is a perfect place to visit if you are done (or need a break from) exploring the beaches of Antigua. It would need more than one trip for you to explore all of the dockyard but some of the best ones that you must visit are Dockyard Museum, Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre, and of course any of its restaurants (or cafés).

Shirley Heights

Are you a hiker? If you are, you cannot miss Shirley Heights while in Antigua. You can make the hike from English Harbour in Nelson’s Dockyard National Park to the peak of Shirley Heights. If you are lucky, and the day is clear, you will witness some of the most breathtaking views. As this is the place where locals gather to party, so expect some Caribbean music, barbecues, and pumping crowd in the evening. Do remember that if you are travelling to the summit of Shirley Heights, do not stop at any other place to eat or drink as the good ones sit at the peak.