Australia’s Top Festivals That are Popular All over the World

While Australia is popular as one of the world’s best tourist destinations due to its awe-inspiring scenery, seeming eternal shoreline and varied metropolis areas, the festivals and events here festivalare a major draw. Huge crowds of people from different parts of the world visit the country to be a part of some tremendous festivals and cultural events celebrated here.
Take a look at some of the top festivals celebrated in Australia:

Tropfest Australia

Founded in 1993, Tropfest Australia is renowned as the world’s largest short film and first global film festival attended by more than 70,000 spectators. It started as a screening for 200 people at the Sydney’s ‘Tropicana Caffe’ and is held at Parramatta Park every year. The event delights visitors with the screening of 16 finalists and red-carpet arrivals, and an award ceremony where the Tropfest winner is decided by a panel of industry and celebrity judges.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Celebrated to promote the food and wine culture of Melbourne and Victoria, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is held annually in March since 1993. A number of food lovers from far and wide visit the country to become a part of this fantastic gastronomic celebration. The festival continues for ten days and comprises 300 events throughout Victoria. Visitors can enjoy regional lunches, sample gourmet fare, attend master classes and explore an array of pop-up restaurants during the festival. A number of celebrity chefs and famous personalities also become a part of the celebration.

Perth International Arts Festival

Celebrated every year in Western Australia, Perth International Arts Festival is the longest running cultural festival of Australia popular all over the world. Visitors get a chance to enjoy a wonderful program of art without borders during the celebration. It is the oldest international arts festival in Australia comprised of contemporary and classic music, dance, theatre, visual arts and opera. You would love to enjoy several wonderful performances by an array of talented international and national artists drawing around 500,000 people each year.


WOMADelaide (World of Music, Arts and Dance) is a world-renowned open-air festival held in Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park. Introduced in 1992, this award-winning celebration draws acts

Music Fest

from across the globe to come and play, and takes place every year for four days. Around 20,000 people become a part of this exciting festival every year and delight in amazing performances by up to 500 artists from across the globe. KidZone, Taste the World, The Planet Talks, the Global Village and the Electro lounge are some major highlights of the festival.

Woodford Folk Festival

The most celebrated folk festival of Australia, Woodford Folk Festival is held near the semi-rural town of Woodford. Every year around 125,000 people and over 2000 local, national and international performers become a part of the festival. The festival continues for six days from 27th December to 1st January with a tremendous fire event on New Year’s Day. It comprises more than 430 events, ranging from street theatre, concerts, films and writers’ panels to folk medicine, debates, parades and craft workshops.