Best Bicycle Tours in the World That Every Bicycle Enthusiast Must Try At Least Once

Exploring new places, finding new adventures are not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who have passion, Mother Nature offers a myriad of destinations to explore. Some are breathtakingly beautiful, some are risky and some are simply both. People who have a love for bicycle tours, there are some really amazing tours not to be missed. Here are just four of them.

Connemara, Mayo and Galway Safari (Galway, Ireland)

Galway by Bike week /CC BY

Galway by Bike week /CC BY

The eight day tour round trip from Galway is one of the reasons why people from around the world book flights tickets to Galway. As the area of West Ireland is far from the hustle and bustle of cities and tourist crowds, one can witness the unspoiled views of nature en route. Organized by Cycling Safaris, the trip includes seven nights’ stay with the traditional Irish cuisine breakfast and evening meal, a bike rental, a guide in support van, route maps and many more.

Tasmania East Coast Classic Cycle Tour (Tasmania, Australia)

Tasmania  by LeeAnne Adams/CC BY

Tasmania by LeeAnne Adams/CC BY

Known for its lush farmlands and wine regions, Tasmania is a great place to explore. As you depart from Hobart, you will traverse a number of beautiful plains and vineyards. A number of coastal fishing towns can also be spotted. If you wish to stop over, there are some really nice beaches en route and finally, there are magnificent granite mountains of Freycinet National Park. Island Cycle Tours are the organisers of this tour.

Vermont and New York’s Lake Champlain (Vermont and New York State, USA)

Lake Champlain  by Alison and Fil/CC BY

Lake Champlain by Alison and Fil/CC BY

Being one of the largest lakes in USA, Lake Champlain offers a spectacular experience to its visitors at the time of the fall. The lake is situated between the Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains which make it even more beautiful to look at. Sojourn Bike Tours hosts this event and the trip includes a five nights’ accommodation, lavish meals, a cruise across the lake and lot more. There is always a van support available.

Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour (Catalonia, Spain)

Pyrenees  by Nelson L /CC BY

Pyrenees by Nelson L /CC BY

Start the journey at the stunning Barcelona and you will never be the same again, as the tour offers a number of attractions that are nowhere to be seen. Watch the pros train for the Tour De France as you pass the breathtakingly beautiful routes to French Pyrenees, climb and descent one of the highest paved roads in the Pyrenees (La Collada de Toses), savour the Catalan fusion cuisine – Bicycle enthusiasts who are blocking tickets on flights to Catalonia will find no dearth of attractions here.