Events and Festivals Not to Miss in Canberra

Be it the food, light shows, thrilling activities, flower displays or even hotted-up cars, the event and festival calendar of Canberra has it all to offer something for all sorts of travellers. Here is the list of some of the top events and festivals in Canberra:

The Truffle Festival

Held every year from the month of June to August, the Truffle Festival is an ultimate foodie event celebrated in the capital city of Canberra, which is also fast turning into the Truffle capital. Foodies can savour the flavours of wonderful truffle creations at local restaurants, bars, cafes and wineries. During the days of celebration, one would also get to enjoy the activities of specially-trained dogs sniffing the ground and discovering the hidden mushrooms with their unique senses. Events like travel hunts, tastings and degustation dinners are also held during the festival.

CanberraCanberra Day

Held on the second Monday in March, Canberra Day is celebrated as a public holiday for all people in the Australian Capital Territory since 1913. This day gives people an opportunity to bask in the beauty of the city and its rich diversity. One can delight in music, dance, various activities and exhibitions during the festival. Besides, the street food served on this day is truly a treat for foodies.

Winter Festival

A national event held over 3 weeks usually between June and July, Winter Festival is Canberra’s biggest celebration of winter. From ice skating and toboggan rides to slides and many other activities, the festival offers thrilling adventures for all age groups. There are a number of European style pop-up food stalls where foodies can try a variety of delicious cuisines. The entry to the festival is free for all but you will be charged for ice skating and other rides.


Australia’s biggest celebration of spring, Floriade is a flower and entertainment festival held annually between September and October in the Commonwealth Park of Canberra. It is considered the most popular regular event for tourism in the Australian Capital Territory. Visitors get a chance to learn here superior gardening skills. Other attractions of the festival include demonstrations of culinary talent by famed chefs, musical performances and various kid activities. Besides, there are a number of affordable accommodation options close to the venue to stay at.

Nara Festival

Held one night in October each year, Nara Festival is a much-anticipated event in the Canberra community that celebrates the long standing relationship between sister-cities Canberra and Nara. A total of 2,000 candles are lit as the sun sets, forming a rich centrepiece at the event to show affection towards the sister city. Everything is presented here in true Japanese style by the people of Canberra. While traditional Japanese food and music are the major draws of the celebration, there are arrangements for Sumo wrestling as well.