Canadian Halloween at Its Scariest Best!

Canada is always buzzing with excitement around the Halloween and this year is no different. If you do happen to visit Canada during Halloween, there are several interesting places to visit


Halloween by Professor Bop CC BY

and things to do here. Have a look at some of the most popular Halloween events across different Canadian provinces.

British Columbia

There are extremely interesting events you can be a part of such as Festival of Fear Galey Farms Corn of Maze, Cornfield of Horror, CarnEVIL, Haunted Crazy Train, and Madame Isabella. Right from spooky tales to monsters and ghouls, the adventure here never ends. You can participate in themed parties where you dress up in your scariest best and make the most of this amazing holiday with family and friends.


People in Manitoba are big on the Halloween and you can visit the Fort la Reine Museum to witness the glorious spooky past of the region. The awe inspiring and realistic decoration around the Halloween is going to transport you right into a real scary movie and you are going to wince every so often!


One of the most famous Halloween events here is the Haunted Halloween Weekend at Mew Lake. The trick or treating, wolf howl, pumpkin carving and several other theme-special activities are going to enthral you and keep you extremely interested. This is a place you can visit with your entire family and have the best of times.


Boo Town, in the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon, is one of the most thrilling, haunted places you can visit. From games to rides, you can explore a world full of possibilities here. Do make pre-bookings so that you can have fun without having to wait in long lines. The Haunted Corn Maze in Haunted House is another place you can visit this Halloween for the best games and events. The Ghost Walk is one of their most famous activities and you can become a part of it here.


The Aquarium du Quebec is one of the best places to be this Halloween. One of the best Halloween parties ever, the Great Pumpkin Ball at the Montreal Space for Life is something you shouldn’t miss if you’re around. The fireworks, the giant leaf fight, and the longest maze in the country are some of the things to look forward to at the L’Halloween a La Pocatiere.