High Performance Rodeo 2016 Calgary, Canada (07th Jan to 31st Jan, 2016)

Festivals and events are just another reason to party. Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, ‘The High Performance Rodeo’ embraces theatre, music, dance, comedy and interdisciplinary art.


Many local, national and international performers together share stage for this four week festival. It will be held from 7th Jan’16 to 31st Jan’16. If you appreciate art, then you must visit Calgary to experience High Performance Rodeo festival.

One Yellow Rabbit Theatre

The High Performance Rodeo festival features a variety of live performances, majorly from one of Canada’s best known theatre companies, One Yellow Rabbit. Their award winning performances have original plays and are exceptionally noted for their intricate physical movements and musicality. The theatre is a resident company of famous Arts Commons and offers an exceptionally good time to guests.

Laycraft Lounge

The Laycraft Lounge, known as the Rodeo Bar, is the official festival hangout. They offer pre show drinks and post show parties to visitors. The lounge is right across the building of Arts Commons, overlooking the scenic Olympic Plaza.  The ambience is charming and urbane. Have a drink, meet new people who share your interest in art, and enjoy your time at the High Performance Rodeo Festival.

The Trees, Bankers Hall

Stroll under the ‘Galleria Trees’ on Stephen Avenue. Introduced by Calgary Cassette Preservation Society, this concept is a tribute to the city’s musical heritage. It comprises of 30 song playlists that celebrates 30 years of music in Calgary. The High Performance Rodeo festival gets even more engaging and beautiful with music wafting from towers to trees and throughout the downtown area.

Cathedral Church of Redeemer

The Cathedral Church of Redeemer is a beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Calgary’s cultural district. One can explore the work of talented new performers in the intimate settings of the Cathedral Church of Redeemer. The melodious choir and piano performances truly gives an authentic Calgary musical experience to visitors.