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Top Summer Events and Festivals in Canada

Canada comes alive with sound, music and loads of fun during summer. Scores of tourists flock to the destination to join the different events and festivals held during the season.


We have listed the top six festivals/events celebrated in Canada during summers.

  1. Caribbean Festival Ontario:  Celebrate the immense diversity, culture, cuisines and music of the Caribbean held in Toronto from July to August. It has attained significance as North America’s most important and anticipated cultural festival. The festival will enter its 48th year this summer.
  2. Jazz Festival at Montreal:  Montreal can proudly claim to be the host of the largest jazz festival in the world. Hundreds of jazz concerts attract revellers in millions and the best part is that most of the concerts don’t require entry tickets. Apart from jazz, the festival also hosts concerts of different genres such as blues, reggae and electronica. This year, it will be held from 29th June to 9th July.
  3. Vancouver Fireworks:  Fireworks, pyrotechnic show and music is what this festival in Vancouver is all about. The sky lights up with a spectacular display of fireworks. This annual celebration of light has since 1990 become one of the best in the world and pits the best designers and competitors against each other. For three nights, Vancouver’s sky dazzles with lights and sound.
  4. Halifax Busker Festival: This festival lasts for 6 days and is held in the month of July and August. The world’s top street performers display their exquisite skills and showcase their talents, leaving the audience enthralled and amused. Musicians, comedians, acrobats and dancers perform to the best of their abilities.
  5. Toronto International Film Festival: The Toronto Film Festival is held every year in the month of September. It is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and ranks only below the Cannes in terms of the presence of film stars. In fact, you are highly likely to spot your favourite film celebrity here.
  6. Cobuerg Sandcastle Festival: This annual festival is held in the month of July and is known for bringing together both amateur and professional sand sculptors. You can learn the nuances of sand sculpting or just laze around treating your eyes to the spectacular creations of the best artists.

Gear up for the Festivities of Canada Day

Canada will celebrate its 149th birthday on 1st July. Popularly known as Canada Day, the event is marked with lots of fun, complete with music, family events, fireworks and live performances throughout the entire country.


The day, formerly celebrated as Dominion Day, acquired a more popular character, when it was rechristened as Canada Day later on. It is celebrated as a national holiday across the country.

How is it celebrated?

A host of activities and events are organized by the local governments, which include parades, carnivals, music shows and activities for all age groups. A sense of patriotism engulfs the mood of people and the national flag is on display at all places. Ottawa, being the capital city, celebrates the day in a somewhat more popular and grand manner. Most business establishments and government offices are closed and traffic is minimal. This year is expected to lure around a quarter of a million revellers in Toronto alone to mark the festivities.

If you plan to visit Canada, during this time of the year, then Ottawa is the place to be. Important places like the Parliament Hill and Jacques Carter Park organise huge parties that are flocked by hundreds of people. Cultural activities, entertainment shows and performances are a special feature of the celebrations. The evenings are marked with stellar performances by top artists of the country followed by a thunderous display of fireworks.

Celebrations at Canada Place

Canada Place is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city of Vancouver. The celebrations here are a tribute to the values, heritage and legacy that the country stands for. Watch out for the parade and colourful fireworks later in the evening at the waterfront area of Vancouver. Festivities will include Expo 86, pogo stick demonstrations, food carts, street hockey and a lot more.

Canada Day in Toronto

Like all previous years, this day will be celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto with live music, performances by dance troupes and brilliant display of fireworks. Also enjoy special water cruises at the harbour or visit Queen’s Park to indulge in a fun filled affair with activities and games.

Top Four Camping Sites in British Columbia

British Columbia, the last unspoiled frontier of North America, is not just any other tourist destination, but offers an experience in itself.


Camping in this region will gift you with rich memories and also make you a stronger and more resilient person. Here are the top four camping sites in Columbia.

Mount Robson Provincial Park

An ice capped mountain in the heart of the Rockies, Mount Robson stands majestically. With several beautiful lakes like Kinney Lake and Berg Lake in the picturesque landscape, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding your camp site from a range of 77 official camping grounds. The camp sites are open for reservations from May to September. One can catch a flight from London to Vancouver and from there on to Prince George Airport followed by a 300 kilometre drive.

Tofino, Vancouver Island

Canada often conjures images of cold icy terrain which is not entirely true. Tofino, a district located in the Vancouver Island just off the city of Vancouver experiences warm winters and mild summers. Fancy camping along the beach? Tofino is the place for you as it offers a world of other exciting activities too. You may even sight humpback whales cavort in and out of the ocean.

Shuswap Lake Provincial Park

Sandy pebbled beaches, numerous creeks, grassy areas, and hiking and nature trails – all vie for your attention in this extremely popular location, which opens from July till September. If you are lucky, you may even spot the “Shuswaggi”, a serpentine creature. With over 274 camping sites allotted on ‘first come first serve’ basis, this destination should definitely figure in your camping plans. You can easily book a flight from London to Kamloops Airport, from where the lake is just a 1.5 hour drive.

Bowron Lake Provincial Park

Do you find camping in rugged, rough mountains irresistible? If so, you will love the Bowron Lake Park. Turquoise blue lakes and bright sunshine as well as heavy torrents of rain elevate the joy of camping here. An additional attraction is the 116 kilometre canoe circuit through the Cariboo Mountains. Direct flights are available from London to Quesnel airport followed by a 105 kilometre drive.

Highlights of Calgary Stampede, 2016

Gear up to embrace the truly thrilling and fun-packed Calgary Stampede from 8th to 17th July this year. This festival encompasses parades, rodeo shows, stage coach races and a fair. This mega-event is annually organized by a volunteer-supported, not-for-profit community organisation of the same name, i.e. Calgary Stampede.


This 10-day celebration will be held at the Stampede Park, Alberta and feature awe-inspiring sports and activities such as bareback bull-riding, steer wrestling, amusement park rides and livestock shows. So, if you are booking tickets for your holidays, you have another good reason to consider Canada.

Registration and Attractive Packages

Witnessing the world’s richest tournament-style rodeo will simply be amazing! Fortunately, tickets are still available on their website. Interested individuals should book them quickly. To entice more people, the concerned organisation is offering attractive discounts to youngsters and groups. There are several packages available too. These include Lady Antebellum Concert Package, Parade Day Kick-Off Package, two Day Thrill Package and Ticket Bundle.

Sports, Shows and Attractions

The exciting and overwhelming atmosphere of the venue will win the hearts of all the attendees. Elaborating on the shows, there will be Rodeo Show, Evening Show, GMC Rangeland Derby and TransAlta Grandstand Show. Musical concerts will also be held. These include Stampede Showband and Coca-Cola Stage. Other attractions will be Western Oasis and Indian Village.

Travel Hacks for Calgary

Firstly, all the travellers are advised to carry a wind breaker jacket as the weather of Calgary is variable. This is applicable on sunny days too. Secondly, wearing jeans is the best way to blend in. Thirdly, bottled water from grocery stores is much cheaper than the ones sold at the ground. Fourthly, if the travellers are planning to stay in Stampede for at least two days, they may consider attending the Chuckwagon races on the evening of the first day and the rodeo events on the afternoon of the second day.

General Perspective

Founded in 1912, Calgary Stampede is often termed as ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’. This mega-event was attended by 1.1 million people last year. Needless to say, it is highly popular! Also, Rodeo and chuckwagon racing events are televised across Canada every year. The festival is organised by thousands of volunteers and backed by civic leaders. There’s a tradition of pancake breakfasts which has been followed since 1923.

Three Highlights of May International Festival, Memphis!

The spectacular ‘May International Festival’ in Memphis will unveil the month-long grand celebrations with its colourful events. The events will start from 29th April with the Beale Street Music Festival and will last till 1st May.


Next in line is the International Salute to Canada from 2nd to 9th May, followed by the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest from 12th to 14th May. At the end of the festival, medals will be given out at the Great American River Run on 28th May. You can browse the festival calendar to know more about the events, their specialties, timings and tickets.

The Beale Street Music Festival

‘The Beale Street’ is truly an extraordinary musical event of May International Festival in Memphis. It features a three-day music festival that includes big names as well as local musical acts. The highlight of the event is different music and performers participating together and featuring their best. Last year, 100,000 people attended on the first two nights of the event and typically there was a large crowd for the ending big-name finales on Sunday night. It is a warm sociable destination and offers great value for money.

International Week

If you want to experience something different, visit the International Salute to Canada, also known as International Week from 2nd to 9th May. The festival has different themes from different countries. It showcases the local food and entertaining facets of different places. It is a great learning experience for the community and aims to teach students about the customs and cultures of twelve different countries from around the world.

The Great American River Run

The Great American River Run is yet another fascinating event of May International Festival. The event is scheduled for 28th May, the last day of the festival. It features two local bands, the North Mississippi Allstars and Dead Soldiers. You can enjoy drinks, food and music after the race is complete. Get the advantage of registering with The Great American River Run and get free entries to the 901 Fest, which will be held right after the run on 28th May.

Most Popular Cultural Festivals in Vancouver, Canada!

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Admired for its spectacular sights, attractions, and outstanding entertainment, the city is highly popular among travellers.


Moreover, Vancouver celebrates a number of exciting events and festivals. Here we have narrowed down a few top cultural events.

Eastside Culture Crawl

Eastside Culture Crawl’ is organized to educate people and boost their interest in visual arts through exhibitions, presentations and displays. More than 250 new comers and professional artists display their works. One can view and even purchase the fabulous art work pieces exclusively designed by potters, photographers and furniture makers.

The Folk Musical Festival

Vancouver celebrates ‘The Folk Musical Festival’ in July at Jericho Beach, where local as well as global artists perform together on one stage. This three day festival attracts a large crowd, especially the tourists staying in the city. There is another highlight, which may well change your approach towards folk music and cultural fest. It is ‘The Little Folks Village’, which is set up inside the venue where you can enjoy craft-making, singing, face-painting and story-telling sessions.

The Vancouver Writers Fest

The Vancouver Writers Fest brings people together to share their thoughts, and participate in intellectual conversations. Since 29 years, the Writers Fest has inspired thousands of lives by creating a medium for authors to connect with readers and by contributing an excellent swap over of ideas. We recommend, one should not miss this festival of stories narrated by authors, poets, and novelists.

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival presents innovative work in the field of live performing arts. Every January, for three weeks, the festival is organized together with acclaimed global and local artists who inspire viewers as well as new artists and create productive relationships between artists and the general public around the globe.

Artswells Festival

The four day Artswells Festival has always been a favourite event amongst locals and tourists alike. From across the country, artists travel to this little mountain town of Vancouver to participate in this inspiring association. One can see more than 100 musical performances on 12 stages, including folk, hip-hop, pop, and last but not the least, jazz.

Walk Back in Time at the Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary


If you are planning to buy tickets for a family holiday to Canada, you should definitely keep aside a couple of days to visit the Heritage Park.


Situated about a twenty minute drive from Calgary, the Heritage Park has more than 180 exhibits and attractions that throw some light on the victories, challenges and overall way of life of the various generations of people who made Western Canada their home. Heritage Park is home to more than a thousand historical materials from Western Canada.


Different attractions aren’t the only highlights of this fun filled theme park. A number of other factors such as guided tours, demonstrations and live performances contribute in adding extra zing and zest to the atmosphere. It is said that no two days at the Heritage Park are the same. Every day, various costume-clad interpreters amuse as well as explain the visitors about the economic, cultural and social scenario in the past which led to the development of Western Canada.

Food & Dining

With so many things to see and do, one surely gets tired. The Heritage Park has a plethora of restaurants, eateries, parlours and saloons specialising in a number of different delicacies which bring back the tastes of the old times. Find out about the various flavours that have passed through extremely harsh tests of time. Some of the most prominent establishments are Ticket Booth, Alberta Bakery, Wainwright Hotel, Railway Café, Gunn’s Dairy Barn, Club Café and one of the hot favourites, Selkirk Grille. After filling up your belly with vintage dishes, head over to the Vulcan Ice Cream Parlour for ice-creams that were a rage in the past.

Self-Guided Walking Tours

If you want to go on walking tours on your own, you may try out self-guided walking tours that allow you to explore the area freely. The unique exhibits and attractions of the Heritage Park mark the history of Western Canada from the 1860s all the way to the 1950s. Here it seems that the iconic history of Canada has not just been preserved but actually brought back to life. The self-guided walking tour features some of the most admired exhibits. Alternatively, you can also download the audio guide in seven different languages from around the world.

Get charged up at Igloofest 2016, Montréal


If you are planning to visit Montréal this winter, and are in love with the upbeat Electro music, you should definitely book tickets for Igloofest at Old Port.


With a gigantic playground and the unique competition of winter apparels known as Iglooswag, the festival has become one of the most happening events in the city and the most loved and attended event of its kind in Canada. Because of the fun-filled events and festivals along with the beautiful snowy winter, Montréal is the place to celebrate your holidays this January and February.

History and features

For the past 9 years, Igloofest has been drawing tens of thousands of music lovers together to cheer and dance to the rise and fall of groovy and soulful beats. With the beautiful ambiance of star-lit skies above and the impressive architectural projections by way of steel structures and the icy decor of the stage, you are bound to get into the euphoric energy of the crowd at the Old port.


Like every winter, the people attending the Igloofest will witness the extreme ecstasy of music this year too. The programs include performances by the best of international as well as local DJs and artists such as Bonobo, Lunice, Paul Kalkbrenner, Lexis & Dr Love, Mistress Barbara, Dave Clarke, WYLN, Rue De Bois and B2b Mlb. Furthermore, attractions like the “One piece” contest and the Igloo Village is enough to pull people from everywhere.

Schedules and Tickets

Igloofest, in its ninth edition, plans a huge extravaganza spread across four long weekends, including Fridays, Saturdays and of course, Sundays. So, in effect, you there will be as many as 12 charged up frosty night-enders. The weekends fall on the 16th-17th-18th, and then on the 23rd-24th-25th and 30th-31st and 1st February, followed by 6th-7th-8th February.  You can buy your tickets from Iglooboutique, which will remain open from Monday, 21st December to Thursday, 24th December, 2015 and then from Wednesday 6th January to Saturday 6th February, 2016, from Wednesday to Saturday only. You must be at least 18 years old to attend the event.

High Performance Rodeo 2016 Calgary, Canada (07th Jan to 31st Jan, 2016)

Festivals and events are just another reason to party. Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, ‘The High Performance Rodeo’ embraces theatre, music, dance, comedy and interdisciplinary art.


Many local, national and international performers together share stage for this four week festival. It will be held from 7th Jan’16 to 31st Jan’16. If you appreciate art, then you must visit Calgary to experience High Performance Rodeo festival.

One Yellow Rabbit Theatre

The High Performance Rodeo festival features a variety of live performances, majorly from one of Canada’s best known theatre companies, One Yellow Rabbit. Their award winning performances have original plays and are exceptionally noted for their intricate physical movements and musicality. The theatre is a resident company of famous Arts Commons and offers an exceptionally good time to guests.

Laycraft Lounge

The Laycraft Lounge, known as the Rodeo Bar, is the official festival hangout. They offer pre show drinks and post show parties to visitors. The lounge is right across the building of Arts Commons, overlooking the scenic Olympic Plaza.  The ambience is charming and urbane. Have a drink, meet new people who share your interest in art, and enjoy your time at the High Performance Rodeo Festival.

The Trees, Bankers Hall

Stroll under the ‘Galleria Trees’ on Stephen Avenue. Introduced by Calgary Cassette Preservation Society, this concept is a tribute to the city’s musical heritage. It comprises of 30 song playlists that celebrates 30 years of music in Calgary. The High Performance Rodeo festival gets even more engaging and beautiful with music wafting from towers to trees and throughout the downtown area.

Cathedral Church of Redeemer

The Cathedral Church of Redeemer is a beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Calgary’s cultural district. One can explore the work of talented new performers in the intimate settings of the Cathedral Church of Redeemer. The melodious choir and piano performances truly gives an authentic Calgary musical experience to visitors.

Toronto Christmas Market – Experience Holiday Fun at this Popular Christmas Market in Canada

Once again Toronto is all set to host Toronto Christmas Market, an annual holiday street market. With colourful musical performances, beer gardens and an array of family friendly stalls, this street market reflects the joyous celebratory mood of Christmas.


In 2015, the Distillery Historic District will host this holiday street market from 20th November to 20th December. On Mondays, the market will remain closed but on other days, you have a lot to enjoy and experience. Let’s check out a few highlights of this lively annual event.

White Spruce Christmas Tree and Magical Lighting

One of the most prominent draws of this street market is the massive Christmas Tree. This 45-foot high tree is donated by Forests Ontario & Ontario Wood.


Besides this tree, the market also allures visitors with its magical lighting. The streets and squares of the historic district are lit up with colourful lights and while walking around, you can listen to a variety of festive sounds and taste scrummy dishes at various food counters.

Beer Gardens

Toronto Christmas Market features numerous Hospitality Lounges where you can sit back, relax and enjoy authentic Christmas Market beverages. A few popular lounges here include Mill Street Beer Garden, Holiday Spirits Square presented by William Grant & Sons, and Pure Spirits Gluehwein Terrace. At these beer gardens, you can choose from a range of traditional beers and wines. Glühwein is perhaps the most popular beverage that you can enjoy at this Christmas market. This wine is available at almost every hospitality lounge.


Every moment at this annual street market is packed with entertainment. You can enjoy live music and dance performances. Each day features themed entertainment. You can enjoy bluegrass music on Traditional Tuesdays, and world and folk musicians will rock the stage on World Wednesdays. Choirs, carollers, ensembles and co-presentations with SING! Festival are major highlights of A capella Thursdays. Fridays offer spectacular performances for Jazz lovers. If you want to check out the upcoming music talent, buy tickets for Rising-Star Saturdays. Instrumental bands and dance groups will perform on Ensemble Sundays.

Entry Requirements

Toronto Christmas Market is open for people of all ages and kids (0-2 years) are entitled to free entry. You don’t need to buy tickets to visit this street market on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tickets are available online and if you want to buy same day tickets at the venue, visit Toronto Christmas Market Ticket Sales Tent located on Trinity Street.