Five Jamaican Attractions You Can’t Miss Visiting

One of the most famous travel destinations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is an island of absolute beauty that is reflected in its surroundings, its customs, its culture as well as the local way of living. If you are looking to explore this paradisiacal island, start at these top five stunning places:


Montego Bay

Sir Herbert Baker, a great British architect, brought Montego Bay to prominence when he declared that swimming in the waters near the Doctor’s Cave in the bay results in wonderful health benefits. Snorkelling and other water adventures are more pleasurable in the warm Caribbean waters of the bay that are oozing with diverse marine life as is beachcombing with perfect, transparent sand between your toes. Do not let this trick you into thinking that the bustling city life presenting a slice of Jamaican culture and customs evades you in the Montego Bay. The serenity of plush seaside resorts provides a sharp contrast to the bustle of the Hip Strip.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

We have spoken about the apparent medicinal qualities of the waters that wash over the Doctor’s Cave Beach; what we haven’t told you is that the beach boasts perfectly white, crystalline sands along the stretch. One of the most popular beaches in Jamaica, Doctor’s Cave Beach attracts hordes of visitors looking to bask in glory of the tropical sunshine, overlooking cerulean waters and verdant trees that line the shore. Part of the Montego Bay Marine Park, one can snorkel to stunning coral reefs from the beach.

Luminous Lagoon

A breathtaking natural phenomenon, the Luminous Lagoon can be explored on a night tour from the city. The lagoon is home to microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated and as your boat approaches the lagoon, you will be able to see many fish in the water and their outlines illuminated from the glow. The boat tour also let visitors swim in the glowing waters with light all around them and as they make splash in the water, more light is emitted by the microscopic organisms that live here. An experience that cannot be missed, a trip to the Luminous Lagoon is one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Rastafari Indigenous Village

If you are looking for an unparalleled experience in Jamaica, a visit to the Rastafari Indigenous Village is the one for you. Lying just outside the city limits, the main habitants of the village are the indigenous Rastafari people who practise Rastafarianism, a religious movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1930s. You will learn a lot about deep-seated values of equality, healthy living and connectedness with nature on your visit here. You can take a tour of organic vegetable and herb garden, meet with traditional drum makers as well as buy a souvenir in the form of traditional handicrafts and jewellery.

Martha Brae River Rafting

Adventure enthusiasts will tell you that rafting on the Martha Brae River is going to be one of the best rafting experiences of your life. Most of the rafting expeditions start from the embarkation area called the Rafter’s Village. The serene beauty of the six acres of beautifully manicured lawns situated of the village is an additional perk of the trip. One can also explore Miss Martha’s Herb Garden, representing local medicinal herbs before the trip. The exhilarating raft ride takes over an hour to cover a three mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River and has seen many celebrities line up for enjoying it.