The Grand Palace, Bangkok: As Grand as it Gets

The glittering and glorious Grand Palace is an attraction that you simply can’t afford to miss, while visiting Bangkok. Located in the heart of Bangkok, Grand Palace is a fascinating maze of historical buildings, halls, open lawns and courtyards, which are considered among the finest examples of Thai architecture.


Thousands flock to this marvellous palace to get awed by its intricate details and grand historical importance. Here, we offer a quick rundown of the key highlights of the Grand Palace.

Temple of Emerald Buddha

For an unforgettable cultural and spiritual experience, head to this 18th century shrine dedicated to the Lord Buddha. Here, you can pay homage to the highly revered Emerald Buddha, a dark green statue in a standing form. Carved from a single jade stone, the statue is a potent religio-political symbol of Thai society. The external decoration of the main shrine and the surrounding portico are also a fine display of Thai craftsmanship. Visitors must remove their shoes before entering the temple.

Royal Reception Halls

You cannot help but be awed by the impressive interiors of the Royal Reception Hall. Boasting spectacular architecture and ornamental décor, the hall is now used for important ceremonial occasions. Visit the large European style reception room to closely admire its elaborate detail and historical importance. There is also a museum that houses scale models, Buddha images and several other objects depicting the restoration of the Grand Palace.

The Outer Court

Situated in the northeast of the palace, near the entrance, the Outer Court was once the seat of the royal government and is now a popular attraction inside the palace complex. It houses a number of government offices, and other important buildings including the barracks for the royal guard and headquarters of the Grand Palace. You can also visit the museum here that showcases Regalia, Royal Thai Decorations, ornaments used in the royal courts, and the ancient Thai coins.  Entering the Phimanchaisri Gate will take you to the Middle Court that has many impressive buildings such as Phra Maha Prasat group.

Boromabiman Hall, Amarinda Hall, and the Hall of Justice are a few other must-visit sites inside the Grand Palace Complex. It is noteworthy that the palace is a revered site and you must be dressed modestly. No see-through clothes, shorts and sleeveless tops are allowed. Women must cover their head while entering the temples and pagodas inside the palace. Tickets are sold between 08:30 and 15:30.