Grab a Souvenir at These Top Places in Amman, Jordan

Jordan’s rich heritage and culture can be traced at several markets spread across the capital city of Amman. These markets, apart from being windows into the local life, also are excellent places to take home some souvenirs. Here are our top five:

Al Afghani Bazaar


How often do you come across souvenir shops with almost 150 years of history stacked along with precious trinkets? At Al Afghani Bazaar in Amman, you will find valuable insights into the culture of the country vis-à-vis clothing, ceramics, jewellery, lamps, beauty products and several other shopping delights.

Wild Jordan Centre

For a unique shopping experience, head to Wild Jordan Centre, containing nine nature shops; set to support the communities from Jordan’s eight natural reserves.


You can purchase crafts and jewellery items, local herbs, as well as locally-produced jams as souvenirs while also contributing to sustainable development of the natives of these reserves. Once you have shopped to your heart’s content, grab a coffee at the Wild Jordan Centre’s renowned cafe that overlooks the entire city.

Al Balad

Visit Al Balad or the Downtown for a typical flea market experience, bringing you closer to the city and its natives. A wide array of shops is lined here, selling everything from clothing, accessories, intricate jewellery, herbs, and various edibles. Bargaining is the norm here, with some places selling the item for half the price they initially quoted.

Soap House Trinitae

A beautiful old villa and its garden, located up an alley at the bottom of the Rainbow Street, set the tone for a great experience. As you enter, the heady scent of local herbs, fruits and essential oils tell you that you’ve found the right address. Welcome to the Soap House Trinitae, where you can find some of the best organic soaps and skincare products in the city. These products make for excellent souvenirs, capturing the essence of Jordan in their dizzying scents.

Souk Jara

One of the most exciting places in the city to shop or to just be at is the Souk Jara market, lying right next to the Rainbow Street. Amongst the items available for sale here are handicrafts, antiques, crafts, food, clothing, art and traditional products from around the country. The market, however, is seasonal, available only from mid-November to early March between 10PM-2AM.  It is also one of the few markets in the city where you might also catch a film screening, a concert or an impromptu cultural performance.