Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

Bordered by Laos to the north, Vietnam to the east and Thailand to the northwest, Cambodia, a Southeast Asian nation captures attention with its ideal blend of ancient and modern. From stunning temples and tropical beaches to colonial buildings, Cambodia has it all to present a perfect holiday filled with many exciting experiences. Check out some of the top-rated travel destinations to visit in the country.

Angkor Wat


Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia which was built around the first half of 12th century and draws many tourists every year. It was originally designed as a Hindu temple but progressively turned into a Buddhist temple by the end of 12th century. With a 65-metre high central tower lined by four smaller towers and a series of enclosure walls all around, the layout of Angkor Wat replicates the image of Mount Meru which is known as a legendary place in Hindu mythology lying beyond the Himalayas and known to be the home of Gods.

Koh Ker

An old capital of Cambodia, Koh Ker is another ancient archaeological site in Northern Cambodia. It is home to around 96 temples, each having its own importance and beauty. Built by King Jayavaraman to worship Treypuvanesvara, the god of happiness, Koh Ker Temple is situated on Chhork Koki highland and looks like a small hill. It faces west towards Ankor City and amazes visitors with its 36 metres’ height and appearance of a seven-ventured stupa.

Phnom Penh


Situated on the banks of the Bassac, Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers, Phnom Penh is a city loved for its rich colonial architecture, culture and modernity. Royal Palace, Independence Monument and Tuol Sleng Museum are some of its attractions reflecting true French panache and history. Serving as the royal residence of King Norodom Sihamoni, Phnom Penh Royal Palace attracts visitors with its splendid colours and dazzling piece of Khmer styled architecture.

Bokor Hill Station

Built by the French in the 1920s, Bokor is a mysterious resort perched atop Bokor Mountain, providing a stunning backdrop to the serene riverside town, Kampot. Designed as a luxurious retreat for colonial residents, this resort and its abandoned buildings have an eerie, ghost-town feel and thus, it captures the attention of large number of adventure enthusiasts from all around.

Tonle Sap

A tranquil place with a number of natural attractions under one roof, Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The dimension of the lake changes dramatically with the seasons. During dry season, from November to May, the lake drains into the Mekong River at Phnom Penh whereas the flow of the lake changes directions and a huge lake is formed during rainy season from June to October. Housing a number of ethnic Vietnamese and Cham communities residing in floating villages around the lake, Tonle Sap is a delightful holiday destination to explore in Cambodia.