Visit these Souks in Morocco for a Memorable Shopping Experience

Morocco, along with other things, has a colourful and vivacious shopping scene that’s sure to impress bargain hunters! Even if you are not big on shopping, exploring the busy souks is a nice way to unravel the country’s rich culture. Check out some of the country’s most wonderful traditional markets.

Souk el Had


The biggest souk in Moroccan city of Agadir, Souk el Had is a bustling shopping spot, welcoming visitors for a memorable shopping experience amidst its traditional Arabian aura. From furniture, fashion and crafts to olives, spices and household equipment, the market has everything to offer to the visitors. There are a number of craft shops here, selling interesting souvenirs, and several food stalls to try scrumptious local delicacies.

Carpet Souk


If you love collecting rugs and carpets in unique traditional designs, this is the place to be in a country that many refer to as carpet heaven! You will come across many unique designs here at the Carpet Souk, Marrakesh. If haggling is one of your skills, you might get away with a top quality rug at extremely low prices. Along with some shopping, try glasses of sweet mint tea and local dishes; you will love it!

Souk el Arbaa


Souk el Arbaa, in Kénitra Province, is a lively Wednesday Market promising a terrific time to everyone identifying themselves as a ‘shopping lover’! It is one of the most popular souks in the country that witnesses huge crowds – a mix of locals and tourists – every week. Every Wednesday, the area brims with stalls and hawkers, selling all sorts of stuff. It is a nice place to buy a colourful souvenir for your friends and family back home.

Souk el Tieta

The best Berber souk in the region, Souk el Tieta is a weekly market where thousands of craftsmen, farmers and other vendors sell their products. Every Tuesday in the evening, the place brightens up with acrobats, street vendors, storytellers and musicians all coming together here, promising a unique experience to all those present.