Discover the Many Charms of the Seychelles with these Wonderful Experiences


The Seychelles is a tropical heaven in the Indian Ocean with more than 100 islands blessed with divine beaches fringed by translucent warm waters, isolated bays, terrific mountain areas and lush green spaces. Along with having a good time at the beaches of the country, travellers can have an exciting time enjoying the different unique activities here. Take a look!

Hike on the Mahe Island

Most of the inner islands of the Seychelles like the Mahe Island are made of granite. Enjoy amazing hikes on the Mahe Island and take in the stunning views of the natural beauty of the region. Mount Copolia, Anse Major Trail, Morne Blanc and Morne Seychellois are some major hiking spots here and will take you across cinnamon and rubber tree forests, mosses and ferns while presenting many thrilling experiences.

Kayak through the mangroves

The ideal way to explore the calm turquoise waters is to kayak through the mangroves across the islands. With so many islands in close proximity to each other, the Seychelles is a perfect sea kayaking destination for adventure seekers. North Island is one major kayaking destination here where families and couples can enjoy a gentle work-out, paddling in the light swell while taking delight in terrific views of the crystal clear waters all around.

Ride a horse

Tourists are seen enjoying a horseback ride on the stunning Seychelles beaches and through the captivating island forests all throughout the year. Turquoise Horse Trails, located on the west coast of Mahe Island, are extremely popular with the travellers, promising them a scenic ride through forest, mangrove marshes, and along the shores Barbarons and Grand Anse beaches.

Witness turtle nesting during daytime

You will be surprised to know that Seychelles is one of the very few places in the world where the Hawksbill turtles can be spotted nesting during the day. October and January are the two months to enjoy this scene in Seychelles. Come along with your whole family and witness these incredible events on North Island!

Enjoy Moutya dance

Moutya is a slow, traditional dance originated on the Seychelles among Creole slaves but is now celebrated all across the island. A number of hotels across the island offer Moutya nights where many traditional dancers perform this bare-feet cultural dance. The music, played usually with three goatskin drums of different sounds and sizes, during the dance performance is a wonderful treat to the senses as well!