Four Most Stunning Architectural and Historical Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is a treasure trove of historical monuments and architectural wonders, and one can spend months unearthing its glorious historical gems, which range from royal palaces to brawny forts and admirable ruins. If you too are a history-buff and are on a quest for cheap flights tickets’ to this Asian country, here is a list of four must-visit attractions for you!

Lahore Fort

Lahore-FortDating back to the 16th century, this wonderfully-preserved historical fort is a reminder of the grandeur and opulence of Mughal emperors. It is located in the heart of Lahore and contains several imposing structures including Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-e-Khas and Naulakha Pavilion, all offering a peek into the city’s rich history and culture. Very close to the fort is famous Badshahi Mosque, another must-visit attraction for history-enthusiasts boarding flights to Lahore.

Jinah Mausoleum

Jinah-MausoleumSituated in Karachi, Pakistan’s cultural capital, the mausoleum is where Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was buried. Now it’s popular tourist spot and attracts a good number of holidaymakers, especially those inclined towards history, netting tickets to visit Karachi. Inside the mausoleum is a small museum that displays various artefacts depicting the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah!

Ruins at Moenjo-daro

Discovered in 1922, Moenjo-daro is a world-famous archaeological site that symbolises the great Indus Valley civilization. People who visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which carries more than 5000 years of intriguing history on its shoulders, are blown away by its well-planned street grids and an intricate drainage system. The Indus River flows close by the ruins, adding more to its grandeur that draws archaeologists from across the globe, encouraging them to spend on travel tickets and holiday deals for Pakistan.

Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi

About 80kms from Peshawar, this Buddhist monastic complex is a wonderful showcase of elaborate Buddhist architecture. Apart from the Court of Stupas, there is a temple and a tantric monastic complex that give flights to the fancies of history enthusiasts and Buddhists. Nestled on a high hill, the ruins are among the most imposing relics of Buddhism. Not too far away from the site is Sahr-i-Bahlol, a tiny fortified town dating back to the 1st century.