Some of the Most Popular Towns around Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in the world. Located in the southern end of North Island, this popular capital city is known for its arts, heritage and culture.


Moreover, some of the city’s neighbouring towns are big tourist draws as well. Each of these towns offers its visitors numerous things to do along with other attractions. For those of you heading to Wellington, here is a list of popular towns around the capital.


Located in the north of Wellington, Wairarapa is a certainly a popular holiday destination. Featuring a spectacular coastline and wide valleys and nestled in the heart of the classic New Zealand Wine Trail, the town is best loved for wine tasting tours. Moreover, there’s the famous Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre, which is home to one of New Zealand’s most rare and endangered species, White Kiwi’s. Don’t forget to enjoy an extensive range of authentic delicacies at the nearby restaurants.


Nestled between the Tasman Coast and Tararua ranges, Levin is a secondary urban centre in New Zealand. Featuring a long beautiful coastline and the giant mountain range, the town is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Visitors here can indulge in numerous water sports and other adventure activities including mountain climbing.

Kapiti Island

Located 50 kilometres north of Wellington, Kapiti Island, off the coast of the city, is home to a number of native birds and numerous endangered species including takahe, brown teal, stitchbird, tomtit, fantail, morepork and weka. Visitors can also spot a brown kiwi and little spotted kiwi on the island.


Located in the South, Martinborough is a famous wine town in New Zealand. Known for its 20 odd vineyards, the city is popular among wine lovers from across the world. The popular town features numerous vineyards producing world class wines including Pinot Noir. On your next trip to the city, don’t forget to pair up your meal with world class wine for a perfect holiday experience.


A small town in the north, Paraparaumu is a major commercial and residential centre of New Zealand. Known for its urban culture and metropolitian character, it is among the most visited towns in the country. Paraparaumu beach is the most popular holiday attraction in the town, where visitors can enjoy swimming and water sports.


Located just an hour from Wellington, Greytown is one of the most beautiful towns in New Zealand. Featuring some of the restored Victorian buildings and ancient shops, the town is popular among historians and archaeologists. Established in 1854 by early settlers of Wellington, the town is perfect to take a walk back in time and experience the rich history of the country.

Cape Palliser

Situated on the southern coast, Cape Palliser is a coastal city much loved by the tourists. Popularly referred to as a seaside village, the settlement features some of the most beautiful beaches and ancient structures. Cape Palliser Lighthouse is extremely popular with travellers.


Located in the north western end, Paekakariki is another popular town in New Zealand. Featuring black sand and a beautiful coastline, the town has numerous bars and restaurants spread across the beach, serving authentic delicacies to the guests.