Top 10 Restaurants in New Zealand

Influenced by the Maori culture mainly and culinary traditions from North America, Southeast Asia and Pacific Rim, New Zealand cuisine is a gift for the food lovers. Whether it is the traditional Maori delicacies, seafood, desserts or candies, you can have it all in this country.

RestaurantThen you have all the wonderful wines of this beautiful nation. You can enjoy it all at some of New Zealand’s most popular restaurants that are scattered all over. Take a look!

Logan Brown Restaurant

Offering the rich and inspiring taste of authentic New Zealand cuisine, Logan Brown is one of the most popular restaurants in Wellington. Famed for its full menu of sizzling signature dishes such as seafood and steaks, this place is a must visit for an avid food lover. Rabbit & Pork Rillette, Horseradish & Green Apple, Horopito & Preserved Plum and Fresh Pressed Coconut Cream are just few of the must try dishes here. Also, make sure you try out the refreshing freshly-prepared wine at Logan Brown.

The French Cafe

Awarded for its service and decor, The French Cafe is a wonderful restaurant in Auckland. With a menu that includes rich gastronomic delights, it is a fine spot to enjoy a perfect evening with your loved ones. Raw Kingfish, smoked duck, organic lamb, butter poached crayfish and cured venison are few of the best dishes served at the cafe. Also, there’s a separate private dining area within the cafe.

Boulcott Street Bistro Restaurant

Serving some of the finest traditional and modern dishes from New Zealand, Boulcott Street Bistro Restaurant is a splendid upscale bistro in Wellington. Known for its freshest seasonal delicacies and contemporary flavours, this place is a big hit among the food lovers. Roasted Aubergine, Crème Brulée, Seared Lamb Loin, Aged Fillet of Beef, Roasted Aubergine and Pan Roasted Market Fish are among the popular dishes served here. A special selection of wine and cocktails surely adds to your dining experience.

The Grove Restaurant

Renowned for its world class cocktails and delicious food, The Grove Restaurant is a famous multi-cuisine eatery in New Zealand. Serving traditional New Zealand delicacies with a pinch of French Restaurantsflavours, the place has quite a following among the locals here. Crispy chicken skin, Black Périgord truffle and confit egg yolk are some of the must try dishes here. Wine tasting events, food festivals and other events are frequently held at the restaurant.

One80° Restaurant

A great spot to enjoy dining along with taking in extraordinary views of the surrounding landscape, One80° is a beautiful fine dining restaurant in Wellington. Featuring a range of exquisite dishes and traditional delicacies, this place is a perfect paradise for a true food lover. Pulled lamb shoulder filo, Ora King Salmon, Slow Cooked Free Range Pork Belly and Preston’s Local Lamb are among the must try dishes here.

Shed 5

Known for its freshest seafood and exclusive wines, Shed 5 is a premier restaurant in Wellington. With a menu that includes gluten free bread, oysters, sashimi salad, calamari salad, crab and lobster tian and whitebait, dining here is always a pleasant experience. The restaurant has a cellar bar that offers terrific wines and cocktails.

Emporium Eatery & Bar

Established in 1932, Emporium Eatery & Bar is one of the oldest restaurants in the city of Naples. Offering contemporary fine dining amidst picture perfect surroundings, this place is a popular attraction among those who like experimenting with different cuisines. Beef rendang, Maple almonds, Grilled beef fillet, fresh bay fish and organic chicken are some of the most ordered dishes here.

Pacifica Kaimoana Restaurant

Delighting its patrons with a wonderful dining experience and a romantic aura, Pacifica Kaimoana Restaurant is an ideal spot to enjoy traditional delicacies in New Zealand. Venison carpaccio, parmesan polenta, frozen lemon parfait, warmed kingfish, Steamed mussel and scallop mousse are the top highlights at Pacifica Kaimoana.

Fleurs Place

Known for its exquisite dining and unbeatable decor, Fleurs Place is another well known restaurant in New Zealand. Located on the harbour, this is a great spot to savour tantalizing local delicacies alongside enjoying the stunning surrounding vistas. Prepared using freshest local ingredients and natural spices, food especially seafood here is simply a delight.

Dutch Delight

One of the oldest Dutch restaurants in New Zealand, Dutch Delight is a popular dining place in Auckland. Famed for its delicious food and romantic ambience, the restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy some of the best Dutch delicacies. Do order the pancakes, poffertjes and broodje frikandel here.