Visit Hamilton to Explore the World-class Natural Beauty of New Zealand

Located in the North Island of New Zealand, Hamilton is a beautiful place known all over the world for its rich history, warm and welcoming spirit and contrasting splendours.

Hamilton New ZealandIt is the largest inland city of New Zealand that straddles the superb Waikato River and thus, comprises an array of picturesque natural delights.

HamiltonHere we’ve collected some prominent natural attractions of Hamilton.

Hamilton Gardens

Spread over 50 hectares southeast of the city centre, Hamilton Gardens are run by the Hamilton City Council in New Zealand and are a sight to behold. Consisting of a large park, restaurant, cafe and extravagant themed enclosed gardens, this place is an ideal escape for travellers of all age groups. With Maori as well as Japanese influences in their style of construction, the gardens appeal to art and architecture lovers from different parts of the world.

Waitomo Caves

Lying under the green hills of Waitomo – a village on the North Island, Waitomo Caves are visited by nature enthusiasts flying in to New Zealand from all across the globe. The caves have thousands of glow worms that lighten up the aura entirely. Visitors will find a number of small waterfalls and limestone formations within the caves that capture the attention with their matchless beauty. The easiest way to discover the caves is with a walking or boat tour.

Hamilton Zoo

The largest zoo in the North Island of New Zealand, Hamilton Zoo is a wonderful wildlife spot with more than 600 native and exotic animals. Set amidst 25 hectares of lush and tranquil surroundings, the island ensures an ideal time with the largest walk-through aviary in New Zealand dedicated to native birds and plants. You can also explore some scenic picnic areas, an al fresco dining area and an on-site cafe within the park.

Parana Park

With a unique Kowhai theme, Parana Park draws the attention of nature lovers from all around. There are many wonderful walking paths to discover that offer stunning views of the Waikato River. The park comprises interactive bird sculptures and water features ensuring a perfect picnic time for all age groups. Besides, there is a playground area and a water park within the park where kids can have an ideal fun time.

Waikato Museum

A regional museum that captures the attention of history, architecture as well as nature lovers, Waikato Museum is one of the major draws of Hamilton. Visitors can have an insight into the arts and culture of the region through exciting exhibitions and activities here. There is a gallery within the museum presenting an array of tour exhibitions and a varied and interesting permanent collection of artwork by famed New Zealand and regional artists. Surrounded by various natural delights, the museum promises a perfect picnic time for visitors.