World’s Top Food and Wine Shows No Connoisseur Should Miss!

Food and wine are two things that complete the essence of a satiating gastronomic stint. Several food and wine shows take place in various parts of the world where epicureans get an opportunity to taste and appreciate the lip-smacking local delicacies coupled with well-aged wines. If a foodie resides in you, it’s time to explore the aromatic and scrumptious magnificence of these renowned food and wine shows.

Good Food and Wine Show, South Africa


Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban are the three most notable cities for tourists booking flights to explore the grandeur of South Africa. And all of these cities host Good Food and Wine Show, every year. In other words, you get three chances annually to gorge on South African delicacies and sip wines of varied flavours. If you have missed the first two shows in Gauteng and Cape Town, you can still catch up with the exhilaration of the Durban Show. You just need to book flights to Durban for the month of October as this event is scheduled from 24th to 26th October, 2014.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

This is one of the most iconic food and wine events not only in Victoria but in the entire Australia. Since 1993, this annual festival is enticing several gluttons from across the globe. To experience the effervescence of this event book tickets aboard flights to visit in February-March. In 2015, Melbourne is celebrating this fiesta from 27th February to 15th March. The event features several international chefs representing their unmatched cooking and serving skills. Moreover, several plush hotels and snazzy restaurants participate in this event.

Food and Wine Classic

Food & Wine Magazine is among the most celebrated magazines for the gastronomes in the USA. Every year, in the month of June, the team of this publication heads to Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado along with several foodies and wine experts. This event features several workshops, dinners, wine tasting competitions and a never-ending party. Yearning to be a part of this feast? Seek availability of tickets to be there at Aspen between June 19th and 21st, 2015.