Monterrey: Art and Cultural Hub of Mexico

Monterrey, ‘Sultan of the North’ and Mexico’s third largest city is truly a surprise when it comes to art and culture.


This modern city is full of cultural offerings with a blend of American and Spanish culture. It is famed for its fine museums and galleries, along with numerous public squares and parks that host a variety of cultural events and festivals.

MARCO: The Museum of Contemporary Art

The stunningly designed MARCO, also known as Museo de Arte Contemporaneo is a must visit place for those curious about the Mexican art. The museum hosts many fascinating exhibitions and boasts an extensive collection of modern art from across the country. It features 11 galleries which includes numerous fine paintings, sculptures and installations from leading Latin American artists. The building itself is a marvellous piece of art with gardens, reflective mirror fountain and fascinating courtyard.

The Museum of Steel

One of the largest museums in Mexico, the Museo del Acero is a must visit when in Monterrey. This fascinating attraction is built within a former steel mill and celebrates the city’s long tradition as a steel manufacturing hub. It is built around the massive 70-metre tall blast furnace and features numerous exhibits dealing with the production of steel. For those curious to know the city’s history, this museum is definitely worth visiting.

Mexican History Museum

Museo de Historia Mexicana boasts an exclusive collection of Pre Columbian artefacts. This hi-tech museum allows visitors to explore Mexico’s rich history by showing them vast collections and interactive displays. The museum is spread across four large halls that exhibit the country’s cultural, economic and political history. The museum also has a man-made river with facilities of boat rides. By way of food, the onsite restaurants dish out pretty good fare.

The Obispado and Regional Museum

Perched high on the hill called Cerro del Obispado, stands the former Bishop’s Palace, Obispado. This splendid old palace is home to the Regional Museum, Museo Regional de Nuevo Leon. The museum’s exhibits largely pertain to the state’s cultural and economic development. It has numerous artefacts from the time of ‘Mexican war of independence’ and also a carousel for kids.