Most Beautiful Places to Explore in Jordan

Presenting an ancient world in the seclusion of Middle East, Jordan impresses with a desert landscape, World Heritage Sites, busy beaches, stunning monuments and tourist-friendly towns. A holiday in the country can transport you to an Arabian fantasy where you can enjoy lavish camping, swimming and mud bath experiences, incredible water sports adventures and a lot more.
Read on to find out about five most beautiful places in Jordan:


One of the seven new wonders of the world, Petra is a famed historical and archaeological city with breathtaking splendour and terrific ruins. Also popular as “Rose City” because of its structures carved out of stones, it is a wonderful place nestled in a secluded valley. Petra was Petraestablished in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Every year a large number of tourists visit the city to explore the timeless beauty of its 30 metre wide and 43 metre high Al-Khazneh temple and some nearby historical attractions such as Dead Sea and Madaba.

Dead Sea

Bordered by Jordan to the east and the West Bank and Israel to the west, Dead Sea is a salt lake and officially the lowest place on earth – 428 metres below sea level. One of the most intriguing lakes in the world, Dead Sea offers a relaxing holiday experience amidst breathtaking beauty Dead Seaand soothing rich mineral spas. The high salt content makes it possible for people float freely in the sea! A series of amazing hotels and spas in the surroundings are a wonderful treat to explore here.

Wadi Rum

Also known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness boasting of dramatic sandstone mountains, golden dunes and small dessert camps. This unspoiled natural Wadi Rumwonder has the most colourful sunsets in Jordan that can be best enjoyed on an off-road drive through the heart of the desert. Enjoy camel rides, enjoy an overnight in the desert, try traditional Jordanian food or pass through the region in open-backed jeeps!

Mount Nebo

Lying in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mount Nebo is an elevated ridge approximately 2,330 above sea level, and is known to be a prominent sacred spot. As per the Hebrew Bible, the location of the ridge is a place where Moses was granted a view of the Promise Land. Mount NeboVisitors would love to discover the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape including the areas of the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, the West Bank and even Jerusalem from the top of Mount Nebo.


Among the best-preserved Roman cities in the world, Jerash boasts plenty of ancient ruins surrounded by green mountains and valleys. Situated 50km north of the capital Amman, the city is the perfect illustration of the grand, formal provincial Roman urbanisation through the Jerashsoaring hilltop temples, paved streets, spacious public squares and plazas, and classic theatres. Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Apollo, the preserved Roman Amphitheatre and the Forum complete with its semi-circle of elaborate columns, are some of the major attractions to explore during a visit to the city.