London Beckons with Christmas Plays and Dances

Come Christmas and scores of special events and shows further liven up the festive mood in London. These shows are full of razzmatazz of the theatre and take you on a trip to a land of fairytales, enchant you with their stories, and bring a smile to your face.


The festive season is marked by a lot of shows in London. Theatre groups from all over the world come to perform here and help people create fond Christmas memories.

Check out some of the most famous Christmas shows in London!

All the Angels

This is a beautiful depiction of a musical journey with lights, colour, and sentiment. Once you see this play with your family, you are sure to get entwined in the culture milieu of the tales set in the year 1972. The stunning songs, the display of emotions, and the camaraderie among the actors is brilliant. The play will leave you enthralled.

The Little Match Girl

This is another classic Christmas play written by Hans Christian Anderson and is played in London during Christmas time. It is a tale that casts a glance on the poor and the homeless who are struggling to make it through the cold winter nights when we are cosy in our snug beds and heated homes. It is a sad tale and makes you think how you can do your bit for the betterment of society. The musical leaves you questioning your choices as a person.


This one is more for the younger audience. It’s a modern take on the age old classic fairy tale villains hated by kids – The Big Bad Wolf, The Ugly Sisters, Captain Hook, and so on. The freshness that this new take has brought to the classic fairytales that we all grew up watching and reading is the fun element of this play. It’s a hit amongst kids and grownups alike! If you’re in London looking for a fun show to watch with your family, this could be a great option.
Besides, many ballets, ballads, and pantomimes are hosted across London. These shows are entertaining and tend to bring families closer together.