Magical Miami – Satiate Your Fantasy for Best of Beach Fun and Food


The ever-glowing city of Miami is such a destination where sparkling beaches and food are obsessions. Loads of holidaymakers buy tickets aboard USA flights with the agenda of sunbathing and treating their taste buds with the best of the world. Miami is a paradise on earth with sunny weather and crowded cool beaches accurately delivering the perfect holidaying experience. The locals in this modern city of USA are very friendly who pile up the oddity of America and take you to an all new world. Sand lovers and epicureans taking flights to the destination are truly rewarded with the wonderful coast and delicious food after landing here. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stamping ground to relish the ultimate of beaching and finest of eating!

South Beach

The quintessential South Beach is a compelling halt for every sand lover boarding flights to the beautiful city of Miami. Located on the Ocean Drive, the beach definitely defines glamour and glitz with its lively crowd spotted all over. You will witness legions of celebrities drunk in intoxicating flavours of Miami. This white sand-covered stretch is very popular amongst the models for fashion shoots as well. This trendiest era is just not restricted to sun’s grace, but the holidaymakers can even savour the eclectic flavours of USA. They can make way for Big Pink, a classic American place known to regale with exotic American cuisines or check out the other eating joints like Cheeseburger Baby, La Sandwicherie and Puerto Sagua.

Virginia Key Beach

The historic Virginia Key Beach is segregated into two different sections holding two distinct entrances. Travellers taking Miami flights are immensely impressed with its picturesque vistas. With a very decent crowd visiting the place, this remains a busy destination for family holidaymakers. An important part of the spot is also highlighted by the Virginia Key Park. The park remains much occupied during the weekends when families come to relax. Within the proximity of the destination are a countless dining options that lure the epicureans to treat themselves with a blend of international and local cuisines. Some of the best bets are Jimbo’s, Vero’s By the Bay and Atlantica Fish House & Market in Bayside Hut.