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Eating at the Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport: Top Picks

Tickets to IndiaDelhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) is India’s busiest gateway. Each year, millions of travellers from all corners of the globe, with air tickets in their pockets, land at the two runways. The airport has been recently upgraded and is now a fine specimen of modern architectural brilliance of India, boasting all kinds of traveller-oriented amenities and services for those holding flight tickets to and from the city. Elaborate eating arrangements are available for users who fancy a fine dining experience within the premises of the airport. Take a fleeting look at some of the popular restaurants at the Terminal 3 (international terminal) of IGI.

A fine place to treat the tummies with a complete continental meal or an Indian fare or a quick lunch, Connexions is a sort of versatile eatery when it comes to food credentials. The casual charm of the venue is likely to calm down jittery travellers who have flights to catch.

Cricket fans and sports bar patrons, in general, will love the Delhi DareDevils Bar at the IGI. Those who visit the joint will find the ambience relaxing and refreshing. The interiors are well thought out and all the memorabilia and the constant appendix to gentleman’s’ game is going to take care of die-hard cricket lovers. Food and drinks aren’t bad either. Surely, a fan of the game would love to explore the place after having hands around flight tickets to India’s capital.

The 24-hour open Foodies Bar is an apt venue for those who have tickets for odd-hour flights to and from India. It has multiple locations across the Indira Gandhi International and it serves signature cocktails apart from the traditional ones. The food menu of the eatery complements the lip-smacking liquids!

Grid has an infectious, cosy vibe that makes guests at home in an instant. Located in the Departures area, the place has a wide variety of snacks for those clutching air tickets on flights taking off from the airport. There is a smoking lounge as well in this classic looking joint.

Dining in Goa – Beachside Restaurants in the Region

Tickets to IndiaIndia is a country with several communities and each of those communities has its own cuisine and style of preparation. The northern part of India’s Mughlai cuisine stands in stark contrast from that of South. Punjab’s lavish spread usually makes use of liberal doses of ghee and butter while Gujarati are more into the sweetness of it. West Bengal’s fish preparations are perhaps its biggest offering even as Rajasthan’s staple has nothing to do with seafood. Just like Indian geography and its many dialects, Indian food too is highly diversified, allowing tourists to discover a wealth of tastes on their trip to India.

Goa isn’t different from the rest of India and flaunts its very own cuisine and a distinct preparation style. Those booking air tickets to Goa would definitely feel so. Vindaloo, xacuti and cafreal are among the most loved dishes by locals in the smallest state of India. Also, fish curry and rice has to be the most staple fare for the people here. Tourists who land here will find that apart from the main dishes, the side offerings are remarkable as well with chutneys, curries and pickles accentuating the eating experience in the region.

Beaches, of course, are the biggest temptations of Goa that push many leisure vacationers to consider booking tickets on flights to this Indian holiday destination. Understandably, not many vacationers are willing to let go the sides of their favourite beaches. Fortunately, Goa has a host of beach restaurants at different popular shore stretches of the area.

At Anjuna, foodies will have the option of dining at different restaurants. Sublime, Basilico, Blue Tao, Dhum Biryani and Kebabs, German Bakery and Zoori’s are some top haunts that offer tickets to the epicurean heavens of India’s coastal marvel. Calangute has several beach restaurants as well. They are Souza Lobo, Tibetan Kitchen and Waves. Down south, at Margao tourists will find a fine parade of restaurants like Venice, Bombay Café and Gaylin.

Holiday makers would surely find tickets to their flights of food fancy at the glittering shoreline of India.

Top 3 Beaches in Australia

Australia is one nation that has enough sightseeing avenues to please the most judicious of travellers getting hold of tickets on flights to the country. There are architectural wonders, natural vistas, cultural flair, great shopping and adventure activities for people to enjoy. But perhaps the beaches of this country are most well-renowned as tourist pleasers in Australia. Take a look at top beaches of the country, the ones that have been known to push vacationers to seek seats on Australia bound flights.

Flights to Australia

Sydney’s Bondi is perhaps the most popular in the region with almost every leisure tourist landing on its shore. More than the beach itself, the surrounding and the aura of place is attractive for those who spend money on air tickets to take in the charm of the destination. There are host of dining options such as cafes and restaurants around the area that add to the popularity of the neighborhood.

Like Bondi, Manly too is a much renowned shore side that tempts leisure tourists in great numbers. The place is known for its invigorating aura that seems to complement the area’s lively crowd. Those who book flights tickets to land here will find the place full of screeching seagulls, sandy stretches, wonderful restaurants and the ubiquitous Australian Beer. Bondi is hugely popular among surfers, who assemble here to ride the scary waves!

Broome’s Cable is one of the finest options available to tourists looking for some sun, sand and surf in Australia. A long shoreline accentuated by a colourful crowd and romantic ambience make this one a particular favourite with honeymooners who invest on tickets aboard flights to Australia the Land of Oz. Enjoying a drink with the picturesque view of the sun descending in the water and sunset camel rides are among the most popular tourist activities at Cable Beach. Surely, a must try for all.

A host of other beaches make up a just case for Australia being the biggest beach paradise on the earth. Check them out too on your trip to the nation.

Top Attractions to visit in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, the most populated city in South Africa is notable for its past worth exploring, nature worth admiring and adventure worth experiencing. The majestic city is not only famous for its chivalry but also for its grandeur of spectacular architecture, extravagant nightlife, world-class infrastructure and stunning shopping arenas. Read on to know about some of the most top attractions in Johannesburg:

Flights to South Africa

Carlton Centre

Shopaholics booking flights to Johannesburg cannot ignore visiting Carlton Centre, the tallest structure not only in South Africa but in the entire continent. The 223 metres tall structure has presence of notable retail brands and sophisticated eating joints in addition to numerous office suites. The 50-storey building offers captivating 360º views of the city from 50th floor also known as Top of Africa. The skyscraper also features a restaurant at the top floor that allures tourists to experience the deliciousness of cuisine of South Africa while admiring the enthralling scenic sight.

Apartheid Museum

South Africa cannot be explained without the mention of Apartheid. Travellers interested in knowing about the racial segregation grab cheap flights to take a look at the supporting artefacts in Apartheid Museum. The museum was established in 2001 and since then it is the prime attraction in Johannesburg. Most prominent attraction in the museum is the exhibition that features 121 noses of political prisoners who lost their lives during the movement. The memorabilia of Apartheid is preserved as films, audio, text and variety of documents.

Market Theatre

Arts is an integral part of Johannesburg culture. Tourists fond of performing arts net flights to watch moving shows based on anti-apartheid theme at Market Theatre. The facility has three sections where multiple plays can be arranged at the same time. The Main Theatre with capacity of 387 people is the largest section. Other two sections are known as the Laager Theatre and the Barney Simpson Theatre and can accommodate 120 spectators each at any given point in time. A darkroom, a lecture room, an auditorium and a gallery are few other highlights in the theatre that reflect a clear image of the past of South Africa.

Revitalizing Beaches of Cape Town

Cape Town, a fascinating city in South Africa entices nature lovers, history cravers, adventure enthusiasts and wildlife aficionados from different parts of the world. Beaches in the legislative capital are another highlight that insists tourists to find cheap flights. The city is home to some of the most refreshing beaches in the world and they have been segregated into following three regions:

Flights to South Africa

Atlantic Seaboard

Beaches in this region draw attention of travellers spending money on flights to Cape Town to admire the natural beauty of the Cape Town. The white sand is well complemented by different hues of blue and green sea waters. Kommetjie, Hout Bay, Llandudno and Sea Point are the popular beaches in Atlantic Seaboard. However, Clifton Beach is the most prominent one. It has four coves namely 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The last one receives largest number of visitors because of its top rated facilities and abundant eating options. Camps Bay is also a priority among families planning a trip to the capital city of South Africa. Being bigger in size than Clifton, kids find enough space to be frolic and make sand castles.

False Bay

Tourists netting flights to enjoy an idyllic beach holiday in Cape Town must add the beaches of False Bay to their schedule. The waterfronts in this region are known for the serene ambience and laid-back culture. Macassar, Kalk Bay, Glencairn and Strand are well-known water bodies in False Bay. However, Boulder Beach is the lure that outshines other beaches in the area. Besides being a complete family escape, Boulder also serves as a conservation area for penguins. Fish Hoek Beach has a unique appeal to lure numerous families all through the year. Its white sand is stretched for miles with rock pools at one end offering astounding ocean views.

West Coast

Heart-pumping marine adventure discerns West Coast from other beach regions in the city. Flights to experience the thrill of aquatic activities in Cape Town sell like hot cakes. The beaches offer apt condition to enjoy surfing and kite-surfing. Bloubergstrand is hot choice among divers as it provides habitat to Humpback Dolphins, Killer Whales, Cape Fur Seals and Cape Rock Lobster. Sunset Beach, Milnerton and Melkbosstrand are other outstanding beaches not only in West Coast but in the entire South Africa.

Lesser Known, Small Eateries in Delhi Dishing Out Authentic Fare

We all know that Delhi is India’s food capital with a wonderful entourage of fine dining joints that are hugely popular with foreigners who invest on air tickets to Delhi. But what most people are not aware of is the city’s’ wealth of few spectacular small eating joints that serve the most lip-smacking fare available to mankind. They do not have the fine cutlery and crockery and a ‘oh so classy’ ambience but the fare served at such joints is manna from heaven!

flights to India

Chengazi is one such restaurant in the shambolic central-west part of Delhi where the culinary gods come together to create savoury dishes for the betterment of the man. Huge crowds can be seen here at the dinner time. Of course, most of them are locals and it is very seldom that a foreigner is seen here jostling with the locals, but then not many are aware of this paradise in Delhi. The kinds who pick up premium class tickets on flights and want everything corresponding to that in-flight experience better avoid the place as it isn’t cut out for them. There could be pushing, there could be shoving and the crowd could be dodgy but once you sit down and start relishing the Chengazi Chicken with khameeri naan, you will only think how soon are you going to visit the eatery next! The prices are very cheap but surprisingly that is not the talking point. Dozens of luxury sedans and SUVs on the roadside give you an idea of the clientele.

Being in CP, Kake Da Dhaba is well-off location-wise but the ambience and interiors (if any) compete with that of Chengazi. Same goes for the food. Foreign tourists are not a rarity here as the place is pretty visible. Often, there is a large crowd that waits for their tickets to table outside the small place, giving an impression of some brewing trouble! But no, this is just a flourishing business with lip-smacking food being its only saleable product. Spending money on air tickets for a tour of Delhi seems worthwhile once the diner finds a table at Kake Da Dhaba and starts gorging on the butter chicken.

First Timers’ Guide to Melbourne’s Popular Eateries

The metropolis of Melbourne is among the top urban attractions in Australia but sightseeing is only a part of the holiday experience. Australia and specially Melbourne is renowned globally for the wide selection of cuisine on offer and a lively restaurant scene. Gourmands aboard international flights to this city have numerous restaurants and cafés to choose from that ensures the choice of cuisines in this part of Australia is unmatched. Following are the popular eating joints at this leading urban haunt.

Flights to Australia

Lady Bower Kitchen

This eatery is located in the suburb of Melbourne and provides the quintessential feel of hospitality that visitors seek after landing on flights in this metropolis of Australia. All recipes are prepared from locally sourced products and reasonably priced too. The leading choices at this establishment include salmon cured with salt, grilled Tasmanian Mersey Valley as well as the chicken and avocado.


The premier Japanese restaurant in town, Machi, has been making waves since it opened its doors. Located strategically close to the business centre of the city, it is a favourite haunt among business travellers looking to party or have a business lunch in between meetings and long haul flights. The popular dishes at this leading Melbourne eatery include omakase, miso soup and a range of lamb recipes.


This famous Mexican restaurant of Melbourne has been a top favourite among those who seek authentic cuisine from Central America. A perfect place to chill out after a day of sightseeing, Mamasita is perfect for both intimate meetings and group get-togethers. Those interested in sampling Mexican cuisine ranging from tacos to tostadas can ill afford to miss out on the tasty food on offer before they board their return flights.

Railway Club Hotel

For more than two decades this joint has been a favourite among the locals and with good reason. A lot of restaurants serve good food but only a few like Railway Club Hotel delight their customers in such a fashion that the waiting line keeps on growing year in year out. This premier steak house is an extremely popular destination for non-vegetarians booking flights to Australia and its delicious barbeque dishes are not to be missed.

Ashes 2013-14 in Australia – Exciting Cricket & Enriching Holidays

The Ashes is perhaps the fiercest cricketing rivalry that exists today. There have been cricketing battles like India-Pakistan that has grabbed more eyeballs over the years but none has the history and none generates the continuing interest like the Ashes between Australia and England. The first segment of the 2013 Ashes is underway in England and the series is already in the bag for the English cricket team. However, the story isn’t finished yet. England will soon be boarding flights to Australia for the next instalment of the rivalry. The 2013-14 Australian series will start on 21 November 2013 and will go on till 7 January 2014. For the Australian cricket team, it is an opportunity to give it back to their adversary. For the English, it is a chance to further their dominance over their traditional rivals and beat them on their home turf.

Flights to Australia

As far as the fans are concerned nothing more could be at stake. Expect the Barmy Army to book their seats on flights landing in Australia to cheer loud for their teams. The five venues for the bilateral series will be Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. This allows the visitors to not only experience thrilling on-field action but to also explore the different parts of the country. November to January is easily the best time to board Australia bound flights as the warm weather contrasts the biting cold of the Great Britain.

Indeed, as a tourist destination, Oz is one of the favourites in the world. There is so much to do here. Outdoor activities run in large numbers, sightseeing is heart-pleasing, lifestyle and food is amazing. Seriously what is there not to like? Several travel and tour operators are offering specific holiday packages that include flights, tickets to the games as well as sightseeing opportunities. And while in Australia, what about grabbing flights to the exotic Fiji after the cricketing excitement faints away! Great culture, beautiful beaches and wonderful weather are few temptations of the Fijian islands.

A Night in Delhi – Nocturnal Lures of the City

flights to delhiAs the black of nature engulfs Delhi, the bright of man-made blankets the Indian capital! A beautiful city any time of day, Delhi shifts its gear of appeal a notch or two during the night time. For those who are visiting the city for the very first time, it makes a luring prospective to unravel the capital’s night façade after making use of tickets for flights and landing at Delhi international airport.

One of the most popular night spots in Delhi is the bisecting Raj Path, an enormous road that leads to the President’s House from India Gate. It sure is privilege to stand next to the towering, floodlit India Gate and arrest the very essence of Indian patriotism. Even foreigners will love the place. The area is very lively in the night, with street side vendors and colourful performers going on with their business, which is to lure the dozens who are present here. Surely, a fine place to squeeze out the maximum juice of Indian favours after investing on tickets for flights to the city!

Those who are a bit more adventurous can plan a trip to the Old Delhi in night. Check out the beautifully-lit Red Fort and Jama Masjid in the area. Also, make sure to explore the night markets of the place.

Nightlife in Delhi is not the best in the country but there is still a lot going on in the Indian capital that becharms night revellers into boarding flights bound to Delhi. There are numerous discos and nightclubs in the metropolis that gift a wonderful time to the party-lovers. Some of the best known night joints include F-Bar & Lounge (Ashok Hotel), CJ’s (Le Meridian) and Kitty Su (The LaLiT).

For culture vulture among those boarding flights, the city offers countless cultural performances and shows. Check out places like the Indian Habitat Centre for them.

Entry Tips for Travellers Taking Flights to Visit Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, the mystical city of ancient pyramids and pharaohs is packed with numerous attractions that provoke number of tourists to look for cheap flights to the city. Also known as ‘The City of Thousand Minarets’, Cairo is located near the Nile Delta in Northern Egypt. Tourists often board flights to this historical city for a gratifying holiday. But before boarding flights, it is advisable to know about the entry requirements for travelling to different parts of Egypt, including Cairo.

Flights to Cairo

FCO’s Advice for Britons

As per Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Britons normally need visa for travel to Egypt, with an exception to those travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts who receive a free entry permission stamp upon arrival for up to time of 15 days. But to get the permission to enter Cairo, you must obtain a visa. Tourists can obtain a visa from the Egyptian Consulate in the UK before taking flights to Cairo; they may also purchase a visa upon arrival in Cairo for stays of up to a month by paying in Sterling (GBP), US Dollars or Euros.

Business Visa

Travellers visiting Egypt for business purposes also need to satisfy the usual visa requirement. Business visas must be applied for before travelling to Egypt, hence all those travelling to business must ascertain visa requirements before booking flights. Additionally, the website of Egypt Consulate states the requirement of an official letter for any business travel to the country.

Visa Fees

Tourist and business visas can be applied for single entry or multiple-entry into the country which entail varying fees that is given on the website of Egypt Consulate. Britons applying for tourist visa to Cairo/Egypt need to pay £15 for single-entry and £18 for multiple-entry visa. If you are applying for business visa, it will cost you £53 for single-entry and £91 for multiple-entry. For latest and updated information on visa fees please consult with the Egyptian Consulate or visit

Visa Extension

Flyers arriving on flights here and need to extend the visa for any reason can do so at the Egyptian Passport and Immigration Office. You will not be allowed to leave Egypt if the visa is out of date by more than 14 days as per FCO.