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5 Most Popular Chinese Temples in George Town, Penang


George Town is one of the most beautiful cities in Penang, Malaysia. Home to a large Chinese community, the city has some of the oldest Chinese temples on the island. Read on to know more.

Wat Chayamangkalaram

A popular Thai Buddhist temple in George Town, Wat Chayamangkalaram is a must visit attraction in the city. Built in 1845, the structure holds the famous reclining statue of the Buddha. Along with the 108 ft long statue of the Buddha there are several other smaller shrines and sculptures dating back to the early Buddhist period. The colourful dragons (Chinese cultural symbol) and the beautiful pagodas around the temple make it even more visually appealing.

Khoo Kongsi Temple

Known for its beautiful architecture and modern design, Khoo Kongsi was built in 1851 by a group of Chinese traders. Today, it is a UNSECO World Heritage. The main entrance of the temple is decorated with gold plated pagodas and other sculptures and paintings depicting important instances from the life of Buddha. The 36 divine guardian-statues next to the main shrine is a famous attraction at the temple. A traditional feast is held during the Chinese festivals for all visitors.

Dhammikarama Burmese Temple

Located on Burmah Lane, Dhammikarama Burmese Temple is the first kyaung (Burmese monastery temple) in the city. Built in 1803, by Chinese pilgrims, it is home to ancient relics and items dating back to the beginning of Buddhism in Malaysia. The wishing pond and the standing statue of Buddha are among the major attractions here. Chanting sessions are held regularly within the temple complex.  During Wesak Day and Thankyan festivals the temple is packed with devotees.

Kong Hock Keong Temple

Built in early 1880 by Chinese settlers, Kong Hock Keong Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in George Town. Dedicated to Goddess Guanyin, the temple features several statues of Buddha along with numerous other idols, paintings and sculptures. The beautifully carved entrance gateway and the courtyard leading to the main shrine add to the elegance of the temple.

Hainan Temple

Dedicated to the Sea Goddess, Hainan Temple is one of the most visited temples in George Town. Built around 1866, by members of the Hainanese community (one of the oldest Chinese communities), the temple complex is home to ancient Buddhist sculptures, paintings and objects. Daily chanting sessions and meditation classes are organised at the temple premises.

Holidays in Orlando: USA’s Dream Destination!

The reputation of Orlando being a dream holiday destination is one that needs hard work to maintain. This city never stops amazing you. From the endless fun that you can have at SeaWorld, Disney World and Universal Studios, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Epcot and Magic Kingdom to the excellent shopping arcades that are going to make you want to splurge, Orlando is a holidaymaker’s paradise. There is something for everyone here and there won’t be a single dull moment.


When to visit

Relax on idyllic beaches with cocktails and indulging in water sports or attend food festivals and concerts and other colourful events around the city. There are several festivals you can attend such as the Mount Dora Art Festival, Downtown Food and Wine Festival and the Orlando Wetlands Festival, besides others.

Orlando has ideal weather to visit all throughout the year and this is what makes it one of the most interesting destinations. However the months from January to April are considered the best months to travel here. In terms of affordability, you may want to book tickets between the months of August and September. On the other hand if you plan to be here for the major events and festivals, the best time to plan your travel is around Christmas, Independence Day and Easter.

Art, culture and history

If you wish to learn about the city and its origin, visit the beautiful museums and local exhibitions to get a whiff of the true spirit of Orlando. The art and creativity is such embedded into the veins of the city you will be thrilled. What will also amaze you are the rich social and cultural backgrounds that have amalgamated to become one here. There is a large Hispanic population here; and hence there are a number of Latin events and cultural programs conducted here.

Eat your heart out

Orlando has the best options when it comes to food. If you are a foodie you are going to be spoilt for choice. Besides cuisines available from different parts of the world, you must also try some typical local dishes which will give you the true taste of Orlando. Italian, Irish Mediterranean, Irish and Argentinean cuisines are famous and prevalent here. Some of the best places to eat here are Chatham’s Place, Norman’s, the Melting Pot and Shula’s Steak House.

Nightlife and things to do

Besides the numerous pubs and bars here, that are cosy and inviting, there are all sorts of other interesting places that you can visit. The ICEBAR Orlando is one famous lounge you have to visit while you are here. Orlando boasts of some of the best wineries and breweries in the world and you have to try their freshly made blends. If it is adventure that you are looking for you can try open cockpit biplane rides; and when you crave a quiet time you can go fishing in any of the wonderful Orlando Lakes.

Holidays in Mexico: Popular Events & Festivals in the Country


Home to numerous tribes, ethnic groups and indigenous communities, Mexico is a vibrant nation with a calendar packed with celebrations and festivals all year round. Here is a list of some of the popular festivals of Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo

Held annually on the 5th of May, Cinco de Mayo is one of the most famous festivals in Mexico. It marks Mexican Army’s victory over the French troops during at Battle of Puebla under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza. Military parades, processions, mariachi music performances and dance shows are the popular attractions of the festival. Street plays and theatre shows recreating important scenes from the war are held in every part of the country during the festival.

Las Dias de los Muertos

Officially known as ‘Day of the Dead’, Las Dias de los Muertos is another famous Mexican festival. Held in the month of November, the festival celebrates the spirit of the deceased. During the 3 day festival, it is believed that souls of the dead return back to earth to visit their family members and bless them. The festival is celebrated with music and feasting. Visiting cemeteries and offering prayers on the graves of the ancestors are the popular traditions of the festival.

Las Posadas

Recreating the tale of Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethlehem, Las Posadas is a prominent religious festival celebrated by Mexicans across the world. Beginning on the 16th of December every year the festival continues for nine days and is marked by numerous activities and processions. Theatrical enactments and stage shows are held in different parts of the country.

El Grito de Independencia

Also known as ‘the Cry of Dolores’, El Grito de Independencia is celebrated on the 6th of September every year. The event is popularly celebrated as the Mexican Independence Day. The date actually marks the formal declaration of the struggle for freedom from the Spanish rule. Decorating homes with national colours, band performances, military parades and processions are held across the country during the festival.


Celebrated in the city of Oaxaca, Guelaguetza is an annual indigenous cultural event in Mexico. The celebration takes place on consecutive Mondays at the end of July and is a symbol of diverse traditions and practises followed by ancient tribes and indigenous groups. Costume dancing, group singing, parades and processions accompanied by folk dance and music are the prominent traditions of the festival. Numerous street shows and events are organized in different parts of the country during the celebrations.

Festival Del Centro Histórico

Also known as ‘Mexico Festival’, Festival Del Centro Histórico is an important cultural festival in the country. The 18-day festival hosts over 280 concerts, shows, and educational events spread across 60 venues. The Palace of Fine Arts, The Metropolitian Cathedral, National Museum of Art and the Theatre of the City are among the famous venues where celebrations and activities take place.

Vive Latino

Usually held in the months of April and May, Vive Latino is one of the most prominent rock en Español music festivals in the world. The event has served as a platform for upcoming artists and new bands. Every year, the grand event showcases talent from different genres and hosts guests from across the world. Live acts and musical performances are the major highlights of the festival.

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit George Town, Penang

A colourful, multicultural city located in the Malaysian island of Penang, George Town is one amazing holiday destination.


A former Malacca trading hub, the town today is the capital of Penang and is popularly known for its British Colonial buildings and other architectural wonders. For those of you heading to Malaysia, here are five reasons why you should visit the beautiful George Town.

Architectural gems

Named after the King George III, the city is known for its fine colonial architecture. Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is home to several tall and beautiful buildings. Most structures here are as old as over 100 years. Penang Museum, Fort Cornwallis, The Old Town Hall and Saint George’s Anglican Church are among the popular architectural attractions in the city.

Unique Chinese temples

With a large Chinese community, George Town boasts the best and the oldest Chinese temples on the island. Featuring terrific architecture and design, these temples are a must visit in the city. Built during the beginning of Buddhism and Chinese Taoism, most temples here preserve elements of history and elements related to Buddhism and its practices. Khoo Kongsi is one of the oldest and the most beautifully carved of all Chinese temples in George Town. Yap Kongsi, Teochew Temple and Khoo Kongsi Temple are among other popular temples in the city.

Heaven for food lovers

The delicious Indian curries, traditional Malay delicacies and the authentic Chinese cuisine make George Town a heaven for food lovers. There are numerous restaurants and cafes in and around the city that serve a wide range of cuisines and delicacies prepared with real spices and herbs. During cultural festivals, markets are packed with stalls and shops serving mouth-watering local delicacies.

Street art

Apart from the beautiful temples, great food, and architectural marvels, it is the town’s street art that appeals most to the visitors. Images and depictions from ancient historical texts are painted on walls across the town.  While most of these paintings are drawn by the locals, few of them are prominent works by famous artists like Natthapon Muangkliang, Louise Low and Tang Yeok Khang. A bicycle ride around the town is the perfect way to enjoy this street art.

Fantastic mix of cultures

George Town is home to people of different ethnicities, such as the Chinese, Malays and Indians. It makes this town one of the most vibrant ones in Malaysia. Festivals and events are great times to take a peek into the region’s rich cultures and traditions.

5 Packing Tips You Should Know

Planning a trip can be all fun and games till you land in your destination and realise you didn’t pack the essentials!


Imagine being on a beach where the sun is burning your skin and realising you forgot to pack your sun block; or hiking up to a picturesque sight and realising you don’t have your camera to capture the beauty of that place.

Here are some handy tips for your next holiday!

1.    Pack light- Yes you love choices and yes you pack a hundred outfits even for a weekend’s trip; and then realise when you are dragging huge bags of clothing when you are actually going to wear the same pair of jeans and a couple of tees in the course of your trip. According to the days you are going to spend and the type of activities you are going to indulge in, pack the bare minimum plus a few choices. You will thank yourself for keeping it light.

2.    Check the weather forecast- Been to a holiday and realised you should’ve brought more warm clothes with you? Or did you miss your shorts on a hot summer day? It seems like an obvious thing to do to pack according to the weather at the destination of your holiday; but when you skip to remember it; you may end up messing up your entire trip. Do check out the weather forecast, it will help you pack only the kind of clothes and shoes you will need. For example if there are rains expected around your visit you might want to pack clothes and shoes suitable for the same.

3.    Must haves- No Matter what part of the world you are travelling to, these essentials will never fail you. A good pair of sunglasses, a chap-stick for dry lips, a good camera( if you are into photography), moisturisers and sun-blocks, chewing gum and a small first aid kit that can help you deal with cuts and bruises on your own.

4.    Comfort over style- Packing for a holiday can be tough. One can go ahead and pack unrealistic outfits and shoes, that turn out to be uncomfortable according to the weather and the conditions of the place you are visiting. This is why it’s essential that you always choose comfort over style, so that you thoroughly enjoy your time off and don’t have to worry about a thing.

5.    Strategize your packing- So you pack your shampoos in your handbag and they leak and spoil your bag; while your socks were in your luggage when you most needed them! Don’t we all face problem when we pack up the most essential things in our suitcases and trivial stuff in our handbags?  One has to understand that packing according to what you are going to use the most is important. This way everything you need will be handy and you won’t have to unpack and restack your clothes.

A Look at Some of the Famous Markets around the World

Shopping at every market in the world is impossible, so here is our list of the most recommended ones from the lot. Take a look!

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. Located in the heart of Istanbul, the ancient market is home to over 4000 shops and numerous other stalls and outlets. Established shortly after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the bazaar is often regarded as one of the first shopping malls in the world. Rugs and textile are among the biggest sellers here. Apart from shopping, most tourists come here to appreciate and admire the architecture and design of the building which is home to the market.

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok


Along with other attractions of Bangkok, traditional markets are big favourite of the tourists. One of the largest markets in the city, Chatuchak Market is a must visit. First established in 1942, the commercial shopping area today has over 8000 stalls divided across 27 sections. Plants, antiques, pets, ceramics, furniture, home decor, clothing, books, and food and drinks are available here. Most of the goods sold here are reasonably priced.

Camden Market, London


If you are looking to buy clothes and accessories in London without burning a big hole in your pocket, Camden Market is the place to be. Established in 1974 as a local foodstuff marketplace, the market today is a popular attraction among visitors and locals. Open mostly on Sundays, products sold here include crafts, clothing, bric-a-brac and other daily essentials. Originally known as ‘Buck Street Market’, it is best known for its jewellery and antiques. There are as many as 200 stalls and outlets here.

Castries Central Market, St. Lucia


Castries Central Market is one of the largest markets in St. Lucia. The market has authentic goods and other interesting items, which are loved by the tourists who are looking for souvenirs. If you plan to laze around the beach, you can also pick up some fresh fruits and other essentials from the shops here. There are several restaurants and bars around the market offering visitors a chance to enjoy local cuisines along with other delicacies.

La Boqueria, Barcelona

La Boqueria is the largest covered market in Barcelona. Initially a travelling market for stallholders from Catalonia (tiny administrative region in Spain) and other far off countries, the market today features a fine range of fruits, vegetables and spices. A special area dedicated to fishmongers and butchers is perfect to pick up fresh sea-food and other items used for daily cooking. Once you are done exploring the market and picking up your favourite stuff, treat yourself to a sumptuous range of local cuisines and authentic food delicacies at the nearby restaurants and cafes.

Top things to see in Fujairah, UAE

A city away from the glitz and glamour, Fujairah is the youngest and among the most industrious emirates in the UAE.


Located on the East Coast, it is home to some of the pristine beaches, terrific monuments and beautiful landscape. Indeed, the city is teeming with wonderful tourist spots and attractions; here is a list of the most popular ones.

Al-Bidyah Mosque

Also known as ‘Ottoman Mosque’, Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest mosque in the UAE. Built in 1446 AD, the structure is known for its beautifully crafted four helical domes. Each dome here consists of several small domes mounted one over the other. The entrance gate and walls here are dotted with beautiful decorative carvings and paintings. After a full day of exploring the beautiful site, you can enjoy a sumptuous range of authentic cuisines and delicacies at nearby food stalls and restaurants.

Fujairah Fort

Situated in the old village, Fujairah Fort is among the oldest forts in the UAE. Built in 1670, the fort stands as a classic example of traditional Arabian architecture. Constructed at an height of about 20 meters above sea level using locally available materials like stone, gravel, clay, hay and alsarooj substance (gypsum), the fort is a must visit. The entrance gate of the fort is dotted with beautifully crafted paintings and carvings. It has three major sections, several halls and a square tower preserved and maintained by Fujairah’s Department of Archaeology and Heritage. The weapons and items used and possessed by the royal family are among the most prized possession of the museum.

Fujairah Museum

Located in the heart of the city, Fujairah Museum is one of the most important museums in the UAE. Constructed in 1991, the structure is divided into three halls and is known for featuring some of the most ancient artefacts and antiques excavated during the time of the discovery of the city. While the first hall is designated to tools used by early humans for agriculture, fishing and trade, the second hall includes ancient weapons and utensils used by people in the past. The ancient rifle called Khedewi is an important possession of the museum.

Al Bithnah Fort

Nestled between Fujairah and Masafi, Al Bithnah Fort is another famous tourist spot. Excavated in 1987, the structure houses some of the ancient petroglyphs created and crafted during the war era. Constructed using stone, mud-brick, adobe bricks and palm-wood planking, it is a must visit attraction in the city. Some of the weapons used by the army at the time of the war are displayed here. Interestingly, there are a series of paintings and sculptures put on display from the entrance till the main hall.

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Shop till You Drop! Five Popular Markets in Penang, Malaysia


Also known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang is a beautiful island state off the northwest coast of Malaysia. Featuring a wide coastline and beautiful landscape, the city is a world renowned holiday destination. While most people visit Malaysia for its beaches and nightlife, few others like to enjoy and explore the colourful markets and bazaars in Penang. Take a look at some of them.

Little Penang Street Market

Open only on the last Sunday of every month, Little Penang Street Market is a famous flea market in Penang. Often referred to as a shopper’s paradise, the market is flooded with goods and antique items from the country and beyond. Homemade jewellery, dolls, pottery and painted tiles are among the popular items available here. Art works of prominent visual artists are also put to display at some of the shops. Interestingly, there are music and dance performances throughout the day. Food lovers can enjoy a sumptuous range of authentic cuisines and delicacies at the nearby restaurants and bars. Furthermore, there are designated spots here for hourly book reading and interactions.

Lorong Kulit Flea Market

Lorong Kulit Flea Market was established in 1992 and offers a wide range of electronic goods and items at terrific prices. Along with electronics, you can buy watches, shoes, used goods, antique items and other knick-knacks. On weekends the market is usually flooded with tourists and locals, so you may want to avoid the place if you are not too fond of big crowds. Most of the items sold here are available in limited quantities, so it makes sense to reach early and grab the best deal.

Pasar Chowrasta

Pasar Chowrasta is a well stocked marketplace in Penang and one of the best places to buy groceries, fish, meat etc. Besides groceries, the market is stacked with Indian spices, Chinese goods and other products like dry fruits, and cheap clothing and fashion accessories. There are several bookstores as well as old shops selling paintings and furniture. Interestingly, several shops and stalls here are over 100 years old.

Macallum Street Night Market

Operating every Monday from 7 am to 11 pm, Macallum Street Night Market is a remarkable night market in Penang. Having earned the reputation of offering some of the cheapest products and goods in the region, the market sells clothes, fashion accessories, homeware, decoratives, bamboo table mats and several other items of daily use. A few stalls and shops even offer electronic items at dirt cheap prices.

Batu Ferringhi Night Market

With an extensive range of items and goods on sale, Batu Ferringhi Night Market is one of the finest road markets in Penang. There are a total of over 100 stalls selling a range of classic and beautiful handicrafts and antique goods. Home ware and decorative items like lacquer plates, embroidered pillow cases and bejewelled accessories are sold here. The market is open from dawn to dusk.

Famous Hill Resorts in South India

Hill stations are among the top tourist attractions in India. While most of them are clustered in North India, there are few lovely ones in the Southern part of the country as well. Majorly spread across the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, these hill stations offer much needed relief from the notoriously hot Indian summers.



Located in the state of Kerala, Munnar is a toy-town hill station. Fondly called the ‘Swiss of South India’, the tiny hill town is home to beautiful tea gardens, lakes, valleys and waterfalls. It has a subtropical climate and offers an exciting range of wildlife, including grizzled giant squirrels, Nilgiri wood-pigeon, elephants, the Nilgiri langurs, and the sambars. Some of the major attractions here include the Tea Museum, Echo Point, Kundala Lake, Anamudi Peak and Attukal Waterfalls.



Also known as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Ooty is located in the state of Karnataka and is famous for its thick forests, extensive grasslands and miles of tea gardens. The toy train, known as Nilgiri Mountain Railways running from Mettupalayam to Ooty is loved by families. The Ooty Lake, Botanical Garden, Rose Garden, Wenlock Downs, Pine Forest and Pykara Dam are among the popular attractions here.


Located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range, Chikmagalur is another well-known hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is known for its vast coffee gardens, green forests and soaring mountains. For coffee in India was first cultivated here, it is also known as the coffee land of Karnataka. Hirekolale Lake, Amruthapura, Baba Budangiri, Mulliyangiri, Ayyanakere Lake, Kemmangundi and Manikyadhara Falls are among the noteworthy attractions here.


Located 6000 ft above sea level, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills after Ooty. Featuring some of the best ravines and valleys, the hill town is famous for its landscapes. Providing a panoramic view of the Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor is visited in large number by tourists from all over the world. Sim’s Park is a must visit attraction here. Lambs Rock, Dolphins Nose, Law’s fall and St. Catherine Falls are the other important sites to visit in Coonoor.



Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill town in South India. Established in 1845, the city today is a hub for youngsters and the newlyweds. Kodai Lake, Bryant Park, Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Pillar Rocks and Coaker’s Walk are some of the popular attractions here. Most tourists visit the city in the summer months of April and June.


Located in the north-eastern end of Kerala, Wayanad is one of the most affordable hill stations in South India. Founded in 1980, the town is home to several waterfalls, dams, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Kanthampara Falls, Pookote Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam and Karappuzha Dam are among the must visit attractions here. The Brahmagiri and Chembra Peak are the perfect spots for hiking and trekking.