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Popular Black Sand Beaches in the World


Usually formed by volcanic eruptions and eroded lava, black sand beaches may not seem as romantic as the pink sand ones, but they still seem to attract tourists in large numbers. Mostly found in the tropical and Mediterrean regions of the globe, these beaches certainly deserve a visit.

Lovina Beach, Bali, Indonesia

A beautiful island paradise on the north-western side of the island of Bali, Lovina Beach is one of the most stunning black sand beaches along the coast of Pacific Ocean. Formed by the flowing lava from Mount Agung, this beach is perfect for those looking for some quiet time away from the city life. The volcanic hot spring and the nearby fishing villages are the key attractions around here. Watching sunrises and spotting dolphins are much loved tourist activities.

Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Known for its fascinating black iron sand, Piha Beach is among the most famous beaches in New Zealand. Located a few miles from Auckland, it is quite popular among swimmers and surfers from across the world. KiteKite Falls and Waitakere Ranges, located very close to the beach, are great spots to enjoy some family time. Also, enjoy the stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape from the around 100-meter tall ‘Lion Rock’.

Black Sands Beach, Whitethorn, California

Situated on California’s Lost Coast trail, Black Sand Beach gets its colour and tone from greywacke (dark coloured sandstone) and remains a popular attraction among hikers. You can spot the giant gray whales on the beach between the periods of September and January and March and June.

Anse Chastanet Beach, St Lucia

Anse Chastanet Beach is a must visit attraction in the Caribbean island nation, St. Lucia. Owing to the clear ocean waters and the nearby hidden corals, swimming, snorkelling and deep sea diving are some of the few interesting activities you can enjoy here. Fort Charlotte, Soufriere Marine Management Area and Le Pavilion Royal Museum are the popular nearby attractions. Numerous walk-up vendors serving on the go food can be found almost everywhere on the beach.

Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

Nestled on the Caribbean Coast, Cahuita Beach is one stunning beach in the town of Cahuita. The presence of Costa Rica’s biggest and the only living reef ensures that snorkelling and deep sea diving remain popular activities among visitors here. The nearby Cahuita National Park Bird is terrific spot for the travellers to spot some interesting flora and fauna.

7 Superb Beaches in South Africa

Beaches in South Africa are among the best in the world. The dramatic setting of the beaches here offers a unique seaside experience to travellers coming in from all corners of the globe.


While there are plenty of impressive beaches in this country, heeding the cause of brevity we can only list some of the most popular ones among them.

Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Situated in a tiny cove called Logies Bay, Llandudno Beach is a beautiful secluded beach in Cape Town. Renowned for its white sand, turquoise water and numerous hidden corals, the beach is ideal to indulge in beach sports and different other adventure activities. Several small restaurants and eateries, serving lip smacking food, line up the beach.

Lappiesbaai Beach, Stilbaai

Also known as ‘The Bay of Rags’, Lappiesbaai Beach is a stunning beach. Situated along the Garden Route in the town of Stilbaai, the beach is an ideal spot to relax under the sun and rejuvenate. Along with all the beachside fun and watersports activities, you can spot whales and dolphins here during the months of December and January.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

Camps Bay Beach is a famous Blue Flag beach in South Africa (Blue Flag beaches are operated as per strict ethics that respect the environment as well as the visitors). Camps Bay Beach is loved by the visitors for its sparkling blue waters, soft white sands, tall palm trees and the majestic mountains that stand in the background. The place has some exciting cafes and restaurants where tourists can enjoy great food and a warm environment.

Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town

Stretching along the False Bay coast, Muizenberg Beach is a spectacular family beach in Cape Town. The beach has fine golden sand and balmy ocean water, making it easy for the visitors to enjoy different water sports activities, such as surfing, deep sea diving, scuba diving and kiteboarding. Gateway Shopping Centre and Sibaya Casino are the two tourist attractions here.

Grotto Beach, Hermanus

Grotto Beach is another Blue Flag protected beach in the region. Located almost halfway between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, the beach is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from the busy city life. Beachfront restaurants are best to enjoy traditional cuisines. Between September and November, Southern Right whales can be sighted from Grotto Beach.

Trafalgar Beach, South Coast

Situated near Port Edward, this terrific beach is quite popular among divers and surfers. Owing to the 90 million year fossil bed featuring fish, shellfish, plants and planktons, snorkelling is a favourite activity among the guests here. Treat your taste buds to freshly prepared seafood and other traditional delights at the beachfront restaurants and eateries.

Lucien Beach, South Coast

Located in the beautiful resort town of Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, Lucien Beach is a splendid Blue Flag beach. Due to the warm ocean waters along the Hibiscus Coast, swimming is the most enjoyed activity here all throughout the year. Spotting whales and dolphins during the winter months is quite an attraction among the visitors. Small tuck shops, selling handmade goods and paintings, can be visited by tourists who wish to buy some sort of souvenirs of their holiday in this beautiful country.

Six Interesting things to do in the Maldives


The Maldives is best known for its pristine beaches. But, there are several other interesting things to do in this archipelago. Read on and find out about them!


The Maldives is blessed with some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Offering visitors a fabulous opportunity to enjoy the best of both sun and sand, beaches on the island are truly picturesque. Hulhumale’ Beach, Bikini Beach, Reethi beach, Cocoa Island beach and Nika Island Beach are among the most popular beaches here.

Whale Watching

An island country rich in flora and fauna, the Maldives is home to over 23 species of whales and different varieties of dolphins. Watching these beautiful water animals swirl and swim in their natural habitat is a popular activity among most tourists. Spinner Dolphins are the commonest species found on the island. Special dolphin excursions and whale watching tours are organised for the visitors.

Relaxing and Rejuvenation

Turquoise blue waters, perfect weather, stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape, and warm hospitality – each element is here to make this tropical paradise an ultimate holiday destination to relax and rejuvenate your senses. Scattered across the length and breadth of the country, nearly every resort and hotel here has its own spa and treatment centre. Thai-style massages, Balinese massages and herbal therapeutic treatments are popular here.

Water Activities

Not surprisingly, the Maldives is a hub for water activities and adventure sports. Snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, catamaran sailing, jet skiing and wakeboarding are among the most popular water sports here. Parasailing is another thrilling adventure that people love to experience. Most of the hotels can organise these sports for their guests but there are many independent operators as well.


The country is teeming to the brim with tourist interest sites. From museums to mosques and from markets to art galleries, the island has a lot in store for the travellers who wish to explore its different charms. National Museum, National Art Gallery, Old Friday Mosque, Fish Market and the Islamic Centre are among the top attractions to visit in the Maldives.


The Maldivian food remains a big hit with the tourists who come here from all parts of the world. With generous use of coconut oil in dishes, the Maldivian food offers visitors a real taste of native spices. While local dishes are available all across the island, some of the resorts serve a wide range of international delicacies as well.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Mexico For Your Next Holiday!!

Mexico is among the hottest tourist destinations in North America.  Nestled along the Pacific Coast, the beautiful coastal paradise has something to offer to everyone. For the ones planning a holiday, here are a few reasons why you should aim your dart on Mexico!



Owing to its extensive and attractive coastline along the Pacific Ocean, the beaches in Mexico are among the best in the world. These calm and sandy beaches in Mexico are perfect for those hunting a quick escape from the city life. Visitors here can indulge in a wide range of interesting adventure activities such as surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Whale watching and dolphin spotting are other interesting things to do at some of the beaches here. Tulum, Playa de Akumal, Playa del Carmen, Zipolite, Playa La Ropa and Cancun Beach are few of the most popular beaches in the country.


Mexican cuisine is delicious and has a lot more than just tacos and tamales. A perfect fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican spices mixed with European herbs and Spanish elements, food in the country is perhaps the best in this part of the world! Bringing in some vibrant and flavourful dishes from different regions are popular dishes including chayote, barbacoa (special type of meat), birria (spicy stew made from goat meat or mutton), cabrito (roast goat kid), carnitas (roast goat kid), mole sauces, tacos with different fillings, and sub-like sandwiches known as tortas. Seafood in the coastal region is a big hit too. To enjoy the country’s finest wine, make your way to Baja California and its nearby areas.


Reflecting the country’s rich and complex history, the Mexican culture is truly fascinating. From Mesoamerican to Spanish and European, the country is a beautiful amalgamation of different traditions and customs from across the world. The Mexican food, festivals, languages, handicrafts, and architectural wonders reflect the beauty of the existing diversity in the country. Diez y Seis, Day of the Dead, Lent and Easter, Dia de la Raza and Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe are among the most celebrated festivals in Mexico. Those interested in the region’s tribal aboriginal culture, head to the Oaxaca or the mountains of Jalisco and Chihuahua.


Influenced by diverse cultures and different traditions, music in Mexico is exceptional. Mariachi (ensemble consisting of guitarrón, vihuela, guitar, violins and trumpets), Corrido (narrative poetry), Conjunto de marimba (ensemble specializing in folk music and consisting of marimba, double bass and drums), Mexican Son music (mixture of Spanish and indigenous music) and Tamborazo Zacatecano are among the popular musical forms in the country. In order to enjoy folk music and dancing, make your way to the tribal villages and native communities located in the interiors of Mexico.


From museums to markets and from archaeological wonders to national parks, Mexico has it all. Offering visitors a chance to enjoy the best of both the worlds, the country is home to modern cities and ancient sites. Some of the buildings and monuments in the country are hundreds of years old. Monte Alban, San Miguel de Allende, Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Great Pyramid of Cholula, Museo Nacional de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology), Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, and Copper Canyon are among the must visit attractions in the country.

Top Rated Natural Attractions in Indonesia


Straddling the equator and flaunting a fabulous melange of traditions and modernity, Indonesia is truly a traveller’s delight. Blessed with the best of the Mother Nature, this fascinating tropical paradise has rich wildlife, incredible rainforests, magnificent corals, stunning beaches, volcanic mountains, and underwater caves. Read on to learn about some of the country’s most interesting natural attractions.

Raja Ampat Islands

Popularly known as ‘The Crown Jewel of the Bird’s Head Seascape’, Raja Ampat is a famous Indonesian archipelago.  With a location between Pacific and Indian Ocean, the beautiful island is famous for its pristine beaches, intriguing caves, lush mangroves and hidden lagoons. With over 540 different types of corals, 1000 coral fishes, over 700 different types of molluscs, and mantra rays and epaulette sharks living near the coast, Raja Ampat is among the top diving and snorkelling destinations in the world.

Komodo National Park

Located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores, Komodo National Park is home to over 5000 giant and endangered lizards and a variety of marine animals including blue whales, sperm whales, seahorses, manta rays and octopuses. Not surprisingly, scuba diving remains a popular activity among the visitors here. But the biggest attraction at the Komodo National Park is certainly watching the largest lizards stroll on the coast!

Mount Bromo

Spread across a massive 800 square kilometres, Mount Bromo is a striking, active volcano. Located in a vast plain called the “Sea of Sand’, this mountain is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java. You can visit the mountain from the nearby village of Cemoro Lawang. Thereon, you can walk to the volcano. It can take your around 50 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for an organised jeep tour, which could include a few interesting stopovers.

Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra

Comprising three famous national parks namely Gunung Leuser National Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra tops the list of most visited places on the island. Designated the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004, it is home to an estimated 10,000 plant species, more than 200 mammal species, 580 bird species, and reptiles and amphibians. The critically endangered Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran elephants and leatherback turtles are big hits with the tourists.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Established in 1982 and designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1977, Tanjung Puting National Park is another popular attraction for nature lovers in Indonesia. Located on the coast of Java Sea, the park is known for being home to orangutans, clouded leopards, civets, cavort, darting kingfishers and regal hornbills, wild boars and sambar deer. Also, Tanjung Puting is home to different species of crocodiles, dozens of snakes, and frogs.

5 Top-rated Attractions in Krabi, Thailand


Blessed with over 150 islands and featuring a long and extensive coastline, pristine beaches, hidden corals and numerous mangroves, Krabi is a beautiful coastal paradise near the Andaman coast in Thailand. Here is a list of must see attractions in the resort town of Krabi.

Wat Tham Sua

Locally known as the ‘Tiger Caves’, Wat Tham Sua is one of the famous temples in Krabi. Situated close to the main town, the temple offers visitors a spiritual experience amidst the ocean waters and the stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape. A total of around 1237 steps lead you to the temple. The ancient ‘footprint of Buddha’ is a major attraction here.

Koh Hong

Perfect for those mid week breaks and quick getaways, Koh Hong is group of tiny islands along the coast of Krabi. Featuring miles of soft pristine white sand beaches, corals and mangroves, the place is best to indulge in numerous water sports and adventure activities including kayaking, swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling. Also, hiking on the limestone mountains around the island is a must-do for the visitors. Several restaurants and shacks, serving a wide range of delicacies, can be spotted along the islands.

Railay Beaches & Caves

Popularly known as ‘Rai Leh’, Railay Beaches & Caves is a popular tourist attraction in the city. Nestled amidst numerous cliffs and rocks, these beautiful caves are ideal for the ones looking to spend some peaceful time on the beaches. The cliffs here are quite famous among rock climbers. Visitors can enjoy several amazing and interesting water sports and other adventure activities especially snorkelling. The aqua blue ocean water, white sands, limestone cliffs along with the stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape make this attraction a huge hit with the couples.

Phi Phi Islands

Featuring beautiful tropical beaches, giant rock formations, stunning corals and numerous hidden mangroves, Phi Phi Islands are among the loveliest group of islands in South Asia. Located a few kilometres from Krabi, it is a paradise for those looking to experience the best of both sun and sun. Offering an authentic taste of the traditional cuisines and other delicacies are some amazing restaurants here.

Klong Thom Hot Springs

Therapeutic, soothing and relaxing, Klong Thom Hot Springs is among the top attractions that must be explored in Krabi. Ideally located under small canopies, these cascading waterfalls make for a perfect spot to relax and enjoy amidst natural surroundings. The flowing water here originates from the thermal springs and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Once you have finished enjoying the water, trek to the nearby hills and explore the rainforests.

A Look at Popular Museums and Art Galleries in Singapore


Singapore is teeming with museums and numerous independent art galleries. For those heading to the ‘Little Red Dot’ for their next holiday, here is a list of must visit museums and art galleries.

National Museum of Singapore

Also known as ‘Singapore History Museum’, National Museum of Singapore is one of the oldest, iconic structures in the city. Built in 1849, this Renaissance-styled structure is home to a wide collection of old books, photographs, negatives, stamps, images, paintings, sculptures and other artefacts dating back to the early 14th century. The portrait of Frank Athelstane Swettenham, the hearse of Tan Jiak Kim, a Peranakan coffin cover, William Farquhar’s drawings, and the portrait of Shenton Thomasver (the former governor of Singapore) are among the popular exhibits here.

ArtScience Museum

Opened to the public in 2011, ArtScience Museum is one of the recent additions to the growing list of museums in Singapore. Generally referred to as ‘The Welcoming Hand of Singapore’, this beautiful museum features works of prominent artists from across the world along with other ancient paintings and photographs. There are three different galleries at the museum – Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression. Numerous educational activities, guided tours, permanent and temporary exhibitions and animated series are held here.

Singapore Art Museum

Located in the heart of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum is one of the must visit attractions in the city. First opened in 1995, this grand structure is known for preserving some of the ancient works, sculptures and numerous other vital items. Sea-slab (Tight Bed) by Jeremy Sharma, White Elephant Expostulation by Tang Mun Kit, and Crowd of Bystanders by Zhou Xiaohu, Cloud Nine by Sakarin Krue-On and Paradise Danger Dancer by Jeremy Hiah are the among the museum’s most loved possessions.

Asian Civilisation Museum

With a focus on pan-Asian culture, Asian Civilization Museum was established in 1997 and preserves the cultural heritage of the continent through its numerous collectables and valuables. Fine Dehua porcelain figures, Taoist and Buddhistic statuary, works of calligraphy and other decorative art forms are among the popular exhibits here. The head of a Gandharan Bodhisattva, dating back to the 4th century and Bronze Age masks are the major draws at the museum.

National Gallery Singapore

Located in Downtown Singapore, the National Gallery Singapore is one of the largest museums in the city. Established in 2015, this contemporary gallery today features over 8000 artworks focussing and highlighting the cultural richness of the city. Works of prominent Singaporean artists like Georgette Chen, Chen Chong Swee, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng and Liu Kang are key attractions here. Several international exhibitions, lectures, interactive sessions, and studio based workshops are held at regular intervals for those visiting the museum.

5 Popular Pink Sand Beaches across the World

Straight out of a Disney movie, pink sand beaches are perhaps the most romantic things in the world! Few in number, these beaches, unsurprisingly, are among the most popular attractions in the world. Getting their colour and tone from corals, algae and offshore shells, here is a look at top five pink sand beaches from across the world.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Named for its curving shape, Horseshoe Bay Beach is perhaps the most famous beach in Bermuda. Lying along the coast of Atlantic Ocean, it is known for wide stretches of pastel pink hued sand, crystal clear waters and numerous attractive corals. Along with the hue of its sand, Horseshoe Bay Beach is loved for facilitating different adventure water sports, such as snorkelling and bodysurfing.

Pink Beach, Komodo, Indonesia

Also known as ‘Pantai Merah’, Pink Beach is one of the most striking attractions on the Komodo Island. Located right in the heart of the island, the beach’s pink hue sand is rather its additional charm. The main attractions in the Komodo Island are surely the massive lizards! The Komodo Dragon National Park is situated very close to the beach, so make sure you pay a visit.

Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece

Balos Lagoon Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in Greece. Featuring miles and miles of pink and white sand along the azure ocean waters as well as numerous attractive corals, the beach is a major hub for water sports and adventure activities. The surrounding cliffs and rocks create a picture perfect view for anyone with an eye for natural beauty! Numerous restaurants and shacks serving a wide variety of traditional delicacies line up certain parts of the beach.

Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach is one of the most outstanding beaches in Barbados and among the top ten beaches in the world. Situated along the east coast of the island, this paradise is dotted with jagged cliffs, rocks, rolling dunes and miles of soft coral pink sand. Owing to the less erratic waves, adventure sports such as boogie boarding and deep-sea diving are popular here.

Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Located along the east coast of Atlantic Ocean, Pink Sand is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas. Stretching for over three miles across the coastline, the beach is a perfect destination for holidaymakers seeking both fun and solace. The sand is strikingly pink and remains a much loved spot among the honeymooners.

5 of the Most Popular Attractions in Bahrain


Comprising of over 30 islands along the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a terrific travel destination, boasting a long, rich history. The country is home to some ancient museums and several other interesting tourist attractions. Read on to learn about some of them.

Bahrain National Museum

Possessing a rich and varied collection of artefacts, Bahrain National Museum is one the oldest public museums in the country. Located in the city of Manama, the museum is home to a wide range of ancient collectables including traditional handicrafts, documents, pictures, sculptures, artefacts and manuscripts. Seals from the early Dilmun period and the Assyrian Clay Coffin, dating back to the 6th century, are the most popular attractions here.

Qal’at al-Bahrain

Also known as ‘Bahrain Fort’ or ‘Fort of Bahrain’, Qal’at al-Bahrain is a famous archaeological site. Founded way back in 2300 BC, the site is home to numerous structures and buildings used for residential, public, military, commercial and religious purposes. Items made of metal like copper pieces, fishing tools, socketed spearhead, steatite bowls, carnelian beads, a stone weight and a few potsherds are among the key attractions here.

Manama Souq

One of the oldest markets in the country, Manama Souq is a top attraction among travellers, especially the shopaholics. First set up in 1965, this popular old bazaar is home to a wide range of goods including souvenirs, electronics, clothes, spices, herbs, nuts, sheesha bottles along with other daily essentials. Moreover, there are numerous sweet shops and eateries serving some authentic cuisines and traditional gastronomic delights.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Built in 1987 and named after the founder of Bahrain, Al Fateh Grand Mosque is among the largest mosques in the world. Located in the heart of the capital, it is known for its architectural design and is home to around 7,000 books, chronicles and other printed materials dating back to the country’s early inception years. Copies from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, the Global Arabic Encyclopaedia, the Encyclopaedia of Islamic Jurisprudence and Al-Azhar journals are among the most famous items found here.

Riffa Fort

Offering a glimpse into the royal life of the 19th century, Riffa Fort is one of the oldest structures in the country. Built in 1812 during the reign of Shaikh Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Al Khalifa, it is a major tourist attraction known for its Islamic design and architecture. Wall cravings, paintings, sculptures, stone figures and figurines belonging to that era are among the major draws here.

Holidays in India: Visit These Vintage Car Museums!


India is home to several well-maintained vintage car museums which are full of rare Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Lincolns, Cadillacs, Pontiacs and other classics. These cars were used by the royal families, the Maharajas, Nizams, British officers and Bollywood superstars.

Here is a list of five vintage car museums you should definitely visit when you are next holidaying in India.

Classic and Vintage Car Collection – Udaipur, Rajasthan

There can’t be a better place for a museum of vintage cars driven by the Indian Maharajas than a royal palace, and the Classic and Vintage Car Collection in Udaipur is just that! Opened for visitors in the year 2000, this museum is home to cars used by the kings of Mewar. The exotic car collection here includes cars dating back to the 1920’s. The popular ones include a rare 1946 Buick, a 1938 Cadillac, a 1925 Rolls Royce and a 1959 Morris Minor.

Ashvek Vintage World – Goa

A rare two-engine Vandall Tempo,  a 1931 Peugeot, a 1939 Mercedes 170,  a 1948 Chevrolet Fleet Master along with a couple of other brilliantly maintained vintage beauties await classic car enthusiasts at the Ashvek Vintage World in Goa. Many of these vintage cars have been used in a number of Bollywood movies. Situated in Salcete, Goa, the museum also organizes vintage car rallies in the country. The Vidal Tempo of 1936 showcased here has actually been sourced from the royal family of Sawantwadi.

Heritage Transport Museum – Gurugram, Haryana

Located at a distance of approximately 53 miles from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, the Heritage Transport Museum in Gurgaon has a splendid collection of 75 vintage cars, a restored 1930s BBCI Railway Station, vintage motorcycles and rare trucks. The impressively recreated Indian street scene and vintage petrol pump scene will take you back to the yesteryears. You can also watch films based on the evolution of transportation in India at the museum’s auditorium.

Chowmahalla Palace – Hyderabad

The Chowmahalla Palace Vintage Cars Gallery consists of the classy automobile driven by the Nizam family of Hyderabad. The list of vintage cars on display at the Chowmalla Palace includes a 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, a Fiat limousine, a Napier, a Packard touring sedan, a Wolseley and more.  Don’t miss the Hyderabad’s Nizam family’s Insignia engraved on all the vintage cars.

Manjusha Museum – Karnataka

Located at a distance of 47 miles from Mangalore, the Manjusha Museum in Karnataka is a treat for the classic car enthusiasts.  The list of vintage cars on display here include a 1936 Adler, a 1926 Mercedes Benz, a 1931 Fiat, a 1947 Frazer, a 1947 Ford Jeep, a 1930 Morris-Oxford, a 1924 Rolls Royce,  a 1929 Vauxhall and more. Photography inside the museum is not allowed, however you can buy a booklet that explains most all about the classics on display.