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Learn About the Culture of Kenya through These Festivals

Home to 70 different tribes – each with its own unique culture, Kenya is an East African country where you can experience aboriginal tribal culture. The country celebrates many cultural events Kenyaand festivals all throughout the year that are a wonderful treat to be a part of.
Here’s the list of a few of them:

Lamu Cultural Festival

Lamu Cultural Festival is the most popular event of Kenya celebrating both the past and the present beliefs and practices of the Lamu Community. An ancient Swahili township, Lamu is a famous world heritage site in the country known for its rich tradition and culture. The festival is celebrated in November every year and is visited by many people to get an insight into the popular beliefs and practices of the Lamu people. Activities like Swahili poetry, henna painting, donkey races, and dhow sailing are the major draws of the festival.

KenyaThe Mombasa Carnival

Believed to be the biggest and the most engaging festival of Kenya, the Mombasa Carnival celebrates the traditions and ethnicity of tribes in the country. The event is celebrated in Mombasa, a prominent cultural hub in East Africa and is held annually in the month of November. You can enjoy here colourful parades by the tribal communities along with a number of multicultural floats, folk music and dance performances. There are many stalls as well where visitors can buy a wonderful range of items such as woodcarvings, bootlegged reggae CDs and more.

Marsabit Lake Turkana Festival

Known to be one of the most popular cultural events in Kenya, Marsabit Lake Turkana Festival is a fusion of 14 different communities drawing a large number of visitors from different parts of the world. The festival is usually held in the month of May, and aims at overcoming stereotypes and creating a mutual understanding for the peaceful coexistence of different communities and tribes. You can enjoy numerous folk performances and traditional dances throughout the festival.

Maulidi Festival

Lamu’s another popular cultural festival, Maulidi Festival is celebrated on every third month of the Muslim calendar. Marking the birth of Prophet Mohammad, the festival has been celebrated on the island for more than 100 years and draws thousands of Muslims from all over the world including East Africa and Middle East. Visitors can indulge in various activities and events here such as swimming, donkey and dhow races, henna competitions and the famous tug of war game.

Maralal Camel Derby

An annual event held midyear just outside of Maralal town, Maralal Camel Derby is gradually becoming a popular festival drawing people from different parts of the world. It is the most popular and prestigious camel race festival of Kenya that draws both local and international competitors, and is a major draw for spectators as well as racers. Every year the festival brightens the streets of Maralal with camels and activities. It is more than just a race bringing the small desert town to life with its lively vibe.


5 of the Best Holiday Experiences in Kenya


Kenya remains one of the finest holiday destinations in East Africa with a delightful combination of a rich culture, incredible natural beauty and exciting wildlife beckoning travellers from all over the world. While the country offers plenty of thrilling experiences for adventure enthusiasts, there are a few that must not be missed by visitors on holidays to Kenya.

Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride


Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve is known all over the world for its rich wildlife and what better way than a hot air balloon ride to discover the nature’s true riches here! It is an experience of a lifetime, treating you to the bird’s eye view of the best of the country and the mesmerising setting of the Great Rift Valley. Along with enjoying this lovely ride in hot air balloon, experience a range of other exciting activities here such as bush walks, village visits, game drives and more.

Go Skydiving above Diani Beach

The Kenyan coastline is an ideal place for skydiving. The lush greenery neighbouring the beach, and turquoise waters and sparkling white sands of Diani Beach all make for a sight to behold, appearing even more beautiful as you float in the sky momentarily before hurtling down. The trained instructors guide you all the way and you also get to explore the beauty of the Shimba Hills National Reserve.

Enjoy Whale Watching in Watamu


Famed for its Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, Watamu is a small coastal town with stunning natural beauty. The sandy beaches and coral gardens here are perfect picnic spots for tourists. Hundreds of tourists flock to the town to spot the humpback whales in the Watamu Protected Area. You can spot other species of whale and dolphin as well.

Witness Thousands of Pink Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru, one of the Rift Valley soda lakes in Kenya, is an ideal spot to spot pink flamingos. Every year, a large number of tourists choose to head to the lake that is home to a large gathering of long-necked and long-legged flamingos. The hot months of January and February are the ideal times to visit the lake when flamingos visit the lake to feed on the algae.

Explore Hot Springs and Unique Geysers in Lake Bogoria

A hyper saline lake in the Rift Valley region of the country, Lake Bogoria is a great place to see geysers in Africa. Boasting approximately 200 springs that combine to form geysers, the lake appeals to the nature lovers from all over the world. The major draw of the lake is the fact that it gets water only from the hot springs and some perennial rivers. You’ll also get a chance to see many beautiful flamingos in and around the lake.

Must-Visit National Parks in Kenya


Come and experience the beauty of nature at its wildest best in the jungles of Kenya. These lush jungles have fascinating landscapes and are home to plenty of exotic birds and animals. Much of Kenya’s famed wilderness is recognised and protected as national parks and reserves.


In fact, there are so many of them that it gets difficult for travellers to pick the best ones to visit. So, we have listed some the most highly recommended national parks and reserves in Kenya.

Maasai Mara National Reserve

One of the most popular and often considered to be one of the best national parks is the Maasai Mara National Reserve at Narok County in Kenya. The reserve offers excellent wildlife safari experiences across the country. Experience the thrills of spotting the Big Five; rhinos, elephants, lions, leopards, and buffalo. And, if you visit between the months of July and October, you can get lucky enough to see the incredible annual migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra in search of greener pastures.

Lake Nakuru National Park

A spectacle in its own right, the Lake Nakuru National Park is a haven for bird watchers. The park’s famous shallow alkaline soda waters of Lake Nakuru is home to thousands of pearl-white pelicans, pink flamingos, and more than 400 species of birds. Travellers are often awe-struck by the picturesque surroundings of the park – the lake, waterfalls, and majestic cliffs. The park is accessible year-round and is home to exotic animals including white rhino, giraffe, lion, hippo, warthog, and ostrich.

Amboseli National Park

Enjoy picture-perfect views of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru from the stunning Amboseli National Park, which is located in Kajiado County, Kenya. The park is famous for being home to some of the largest elephants in the country. Apart from gigantic elephants, the park is also inhabited by hippo, cheetah, leopard, and over 50 species of mammals and 400 species of birds.

Nairobi National Park

Explore the amazing Nairobi National Park located near Kenya’s busy capital city of Nairobi. The park is considered to be an important black rhino sanctuary and is inhabited by more than 400 species of birds. The well-maintained walking trails and picnic spots keep visitors entertained. Wildlife safaris are also great fun here and you can easily spot rhinos, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and wildebeests.

Mount Kenya National Park

Adventure lovers should head for the Mount Kenya National Park, which is a UNESCO designated World Heritage site. Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa. Explore the park to spot some rare species of animals and birds and to experience the pristine beauty of its lakes, mineral springs, glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and forests. The park offers amazing opportunities for hiking and mountain climbing.

Interesting Activities for an Enjoyable Holiday in Kenya


Experience the best of nature and adventure at one place – the East African country of Kenya. Have a thrilling time on wildlife safaris across its lush jungles or trek tall mountain ranges.


Discover the secrets of the Great Rift Valley, climb the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, go trout-fishing in pristine waters and explore caves, natural geysers, and hot springs at Hell’s Gate National Park. Take a look to know more about some of the popular activities of Kenya.

Exotic Wildlife Safaris

Enjoy thrilling wildlife safaris at the jungles and nature reserves of this country. Get amazed watching throngs of wildebeest and zebra migrate over land, during the Great Migration in Maasai Mara, see playful wild elephants at Amboseli, and dabble in some bird watching at Lake Nakuru. Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Tsavo East offer some of the best wildlife safaris across the country.

Water adventures

You can enjoy snorkelling and scuba-diving in its coastal waters to explore the abundant underwater life there, including vibrant fish and extensive coral reefs. More adventurous souls will enjoy white water rafting and kayaking in the waters of Tana River, while bird watchers will have an unforgettable time spotting birds, hiking, and camping at the Ndere Island National Park. One may also simply sit back and relax on the beaches. The best places to experience Kenya’s blissful beaches are the Mombasa, Diani, and Malindi or Kilifi.

How About a Snake Safari?

Talking of wildlife adventures, how about going on the unusual snake safari? It may not sound great to all, but Kenya is actually a great place to spot snakes and there are tourists who opt for these safaris. So, get an overload of adrenaline rush as you chase and spot some of these slimy creatures, as Kenya is home to over 100 species of snakes. There are local operators who organise these snake safaris to spot pythons, boomslangs, puff adders, cobras, and mambas across the country.

Explore the Cultural Side

Visit the multicultural Mombasa city for a glimpse into the country’s rich historical side and its vibrant modern culture. Mombasa city’s culture has been influenced by the British, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, and Asian immigrants and this reflects in its architecture and cuisine. Explore the16th-century Fort Jesus and the quaint streets of Old Town, which reflect ancient Swahili-type houses and souvenir shops. Or else, discover the urban side with its cinemas, Mombasa Go-Kart, and plenty of restaurants.

Hike Mount Kenya

The challenging Mount Kenya trek is something that becomes a major part of many itineraries. Mount Kenya is considered to be the second-highest peak across Africa. The trek will take you across some stunning sceneries of the surroundings and some fantastic glimpses of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro.

A Quick Travel Guide to Kenya

What’s the first word that comes to your mind when we say ‘Kenya’? Safari, isn’t it? This gorgeous land is known for its jaw-dropping wilderness that is absolutely mesmerising. Nature lovers will undoubtedly love this experience. Nevertheless, people should not limit themselves to this feature of the country only. Kenya offers a lot more than that! In this article, we’ll be focusing on relevant travel tips. They are listed below.


Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Kenya is from June to September when there’s slight rainfall and the temperature is at its lowest. Those planning to visit during the months of February and March should be aware of the fact that the weather will be relatively hotter and more humid. However, if one wishes to observe the wildebeest migration, this is a good time.

Items to Carry

Apart from passport, one should carry camera, comfortable and strong shoes, sunscreen, repellent, binoculars, toiletries, credit & debit cards, tablet, vaccination documents, flashlight, medical kit, insurance documents, and sunglasses. These small but significant items will be highly useful.


Anti-malarial medication is strongly suggested! No vaccinations are actually required for entry into Kenya, except for individuals who are coming from countries where yellow fever is widespread. Yellow fever vaccination is a must for such visitors! This vaccination is also mandatory for people travelling in the outskirts of urban areas. Tap water is not fit for drinking. Accordingly, mineral water is served at lodges.


Tourists can stay away from possible dangers by firmly following necessary precautions. There is strict security at airports and noticeable policing at public spots. The military is highly active in volatile regions.

Things to Eat and Drink

Foodies ought to taste well-liked Kenyan dishes such as Irio, Pilau, Matoke, Bajia, and Githeri. They are unique and delicious. The national beverage is chai – tea. Milk, water, sugar, and tea leaves are brought to the boil in a kettle and served when it’s steaming hot. For tasting the best prepared tea, one must head to the coastal areas. Needless to say, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and juices are available too.

Money, Banking Facilities and ATMs

The national currency of Kenya is Kenyan shilling. Currently, as per an online source, 1 US Dollar approximately equals 101 Kenyan Shilling. For payments in restaurants, bars, and other eateries, local currency is extensively used. Major destinations have banking facilities and ATMs. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted.


Although, not mandatory, tipping for good service is appreciable. Travellers need to keep in mind that popular hotels add service charge onto the bill. City restaurants and bars may or may not include this. Therefore, customers have to pay special attention and do what they feel is apt for the situation.

The Wonders of Kenya beyond Wildlife

The first thing that strikes one’s mind when the word ‘Kenya’ is mentioned is its diverse wildlife and jungle safaris. True, but the country also offers a host of other activities and attractions.


In fact, Kenya, the home of the brave Zulu warriors, boasts a rich cultural history. Discover some of the best experiences you can look forward to.

A Day in the Masaai village

It is the perfect way to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Masaai tribe and their culture. You can stay in the village and explore health centres, co-operatives and other interesting things. The natives still follow a pastoral way of life and have not been completely touched by modernity. The main highlight of a village experience is the famous warrior dance performed in full tribal wear.

The Beach Experience

Kenya has miles and miles of beautiful beaches as it is flanked on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by the Indian Ocean. You can walk along the sandy beaches or just lie down and watch the Sun set over the horizon. The Diani beach, with its beautiful resorts is one such place which offers a fantastic experience. Wasini Island is pretty near to Diani and lets you immerse in a fun filled experience with dolphins and also lets you feast upon a variety of sea food at the popular restaurants here.

Hiking at Mount Kenya

Africa’s second highest peak will leave you with fond memories as you hike up to the top witnessing the beautiful ecology of the place. The expedition will take you through beautiful landscapes. You can ascend the peak from a choice of three routes, each with its unique profile and varying range of difficulty.

Live the Thrill

Kenya offers a wide array of adventure sports. It is in fact, among the best places for Kite surfing, due to its favourable wind conditions. A couple of highly popular places for windsurfing are Watamu and Diani. Sky diving, windsurfing, kayaking and paragliding are some of the other sports on offer at many places. Horse riding through the woods is also a fun-filled pursuit.

Things to Experience in Kenya apart from Wildlife Safaris

Kenya is known worldwide for its rich wildlife. People from all around the world book tickets to the country to experience jungle safaris. True, Kenya is well known for its jungles.


However, there are many more things to experience in Kenya apart from wildlife safaris. Have a look at the top 3 draws in Kenya other than wildlife safaris.

Sanganna for White Water Rafting

If you like adventure, one of the most exciting things to do in Kenya, is white water rafting on the river Sanganna. The sense of adventure during white water rafting is unique and you need to experience it firsthand in order to completely understand the intensity of the thrill and adventure. The lush green surroundings near the river make the experience all the more memorable.  Kenyans consider the place to be a “westernised” site, as you will see more foreigners than natives here. The grades of the rapids range from 3 to 5. There is also a camping site and lush lawns to rest in after the rafting session.

Kitulini Hill, Kamba Land for a Strange Experience

Kitulini Hill in Kamba land is known for something really strange. There is a road on the downhill which apparently works against the law of gravity. This peculiar discovery was first made by a British settler who had parked his car on that specific part of the road, without locking the gears. When he returned, he was shocked to see that the car, instead of rolling down, had moved 50 metres uphill.

Diani for Skydiving

If you have a love for the heights, head to Diani Beach for an exhilarating skydiving experience.  The place is perfect for skydiving and for learning how to skydive. The thrill of freefalling is an unforgettable experience. You will be assisted by an instructor who will teach you the proper way to skydive and you will be jumping from a plane airborne at a height of more than 10,000 feet above the ground. People who have breathing problems or heart problems should refrain from joining the programme.

A Quick Introduction to Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain, is one of the most popular destinations for wildlife enthusiasts, trekkers, hikers, climbers and adventure seekers.


Because of its distinctive climate and ecosystem, UNESCO has included Mount Kenya in the list of the World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves. Mount Kenya National Park is situated on this mountain.

How to get there

The mountain, about 175 kilometres from Nairobi is easily accessible. There is a road at the base of the mountain which winds its way to the top and covers all the major towns such as Nanyuki, Maro Moru, Embu and Meru. The closest airport is the Laikipa Airport.

Weather conditions

The mountain witnesses a unique climate because of its geography and altitude. At higher altitudes, the weather becomes windy, cold and misty. The flora life is mostly alpine and sub-alpine, moorlands and tundra with a few bamboo forests. You will be able to experience the gradual change in the vegetation as you start descending the mountain because of the change in the temperature and altitude.

Attractions and Highlights

Being the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya witnesses a large number of tourists every year, which also includes adventure enthusiasts. The National Park is home to various unique and unusual species of plants which makes the area seem all the more intriguing and mysterious; as if from a science fiction film. There are several attractions for regular visitors, apart from the adventure-seekers, such as cave exploration, camping, hiking and forest exploration.

Accommodation Options

Serena Mountain Lodge, located on one of the lower slopes of the mountain is the perfect place for base camp. The lodge has been hoisted on stilts and offers perfect views of the wildlife. The accommodation options are available in suites designed like mountain cabins. You can also choose to take guided tours and hikes in the forest or go fishing.

Top 3 African Adventure Destinations to Plan Holidays

Do you often dream climbing a lofty mountain? Do the sudden calls of wild animals fascinate you? Or does the captivating world under water entice you? If it’s a ‘yes’ for any of the above mentioned queries, Africa is perhaps the ideal place to head to!


Featuring vast deserts, dense rain forests, soaring mountains and tumbling waterfall; Africa promises a wonderful holiday experience to adrenal junkies boarding flights to the destination. Besides, the opportunity to witness the exotic wild species from East and South Africa at a close proximity set thousands of adventure enthusiasts on a mad scramble for flights to many destinations in this continent. Let’s check out top three amazing countries in Africa which are sure to give flights to your fancies!


Kenya and wildlife safari are synonymous! Home to Africa’s Big Five, the country remains one of the best places for Safari in Africa. A safari in Kenya offers a chance to encounter the Big Five as well as other species of the animal kingdom while travelling through the dense forests and the open savannas. NairobiNational Park and Masai Mara are the top two reasons that play a vital role in the sale of air tickets to this East African country.

South Africa

Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa remains a priority for many wildlife enthusiasts looking for deals on flights for holidays in Africa. Founded in 1931, this third largest nature reserve of South Africa houses more than five hundred elephants. Apart from these huge mammals, this park boasts cape buffalos, dung beetles, hyenas, and African penguins; and a glimpse of this rich wilderness is being worth to the cost of flights to South Africa.


Walk High and Sleep Low! If this is what you follow while travelling, a trek to Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro would be a great experience! Located in East Africa, this 19,336 feet high snow covered peak is considered as world’s tallest walkable mountain. This six day trek will take the hikers from different climate zone and one does not need to be an expert to climb the summit.

White Water Rafting: Another Tantalizing Reason to book Tickets to Nairobi

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is crammed with wild bush-land, gushing rivers and modish wonders of the contemporary world which sets people on a quest for flights to the destination. Amongst many adventure sports on offer for holidaymakers visiting the city, white water rafting is one of the most popular outdoor adventure activities that top the ‘must-do activities list’ of global visitors arriving in Africa. Here is a quick smattering on this thrilling activity that has been triggering the sale of air tickets to Nairobi.


Sagana (Tana)

Rafting in River Tana is most appropriate for the beginners as it offers a perfect blend of calm water and countless bird life, radiating splendid scenic scenery. The total stretch of the river is over 6 kilometres but the total rafting length is 3 kilometres in which class 2 and 3 rapids can be encountered. Travellers partaking in this exhilarating water sport can also mix the rafting experience with cliff jumping at a 30ft water fall or swim in the devil’s toilet bowl. Surfing is also a popular pick that visitors can indulge in for relishing a whale of a time.

River Mathioya

River Mathioya is one of the hardest rafting rivers not only in Kenya but in Africa as well with a length of over of 22 kilometres. The water in the river is much noisy and is packed with action offering an adrenaline rush for sports enthusiasts partaking in the activity. Although, the water level remains fairly even during the rainy seasons, grade four and five rapids are much common here. Only visitors with enough rafting experience are allowed to raft here ensuring utmost safety of the holidaymakers.

Athi River

White water rafting in river Athi is amongst the best white water rafting in Africa that offers a fun-packed holiday experience to the travellers visiting the country. This is also the second largest river of Kenya which passes through the Tsavo National Park with over 80 Kilometres allowing visitors to have a close glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitats. Rafting on this route is very tough as it takes up to 3 days and 3 nights to cover the entire stretch of water.