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A Backpacker’s Paradise: Four Ways to Explore São Paulo Inside Out!!

Sao-PaulooOne of the great things about São Paulo is that you’ll never run out of things to do here. It is friendly, affordable and beguilingly beautiful, making it one of the preeminent backpacking destinations in South America. From captivating landscapes to wild party venues and cheap options for shopping as well as dining, take a look at all that can keep you engrossed as a backpacker in São Paulo.

Soak in Some History

art-and-historyIt wouldn’t take long to understand why São Paulo is considered Brazil’s nucleus of art and history. It is home to numerous museums, historical monuments and cultural centres that stand testimony to the city’s fabulous past. Museu do Ipiranga and Memorial da América Latina are among the must-visit attractions, owing to their splendid architecture and grand historical significance. Many art connoisseurs discover that their flights of fancy get wings at places like Pinacoteca do Estado and useu de Arte Contemporânea.

Enjoy a Crazy Party Scene

Apart from the intriguing history, São Paulo also lives up to its reputation of being a favoured haunt of party animals. Scores of bars, clubs and discotheques here beckon all to get high and wassail in nightlife revelries. Vila Olímpia, Vila Madalena, and Barra Funda – all the major areas in the city have an amazing nightlife that is at its craziest best during the weekends.

Look For Pocket-Friendly Accessories & Memento

São Paulo is known for its high-end fashion boutiques and uber-luxury malls. However, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing for backpackers seeking retail therapy. Head to the Rua 25 de Março, where countless small shops and stalls will certainly quench your appetite! From gadgets to accessories and textiles and gift items – the place offers a diverse range of bargains and is a big hit with shoppers. Brás neighbourhood is another place to indulge in gratifying retail therapy without spending a fortune.

Living the Nature’s Way

Sao-PauloNot too far from this chaotic metropolis lie lofty mountains and lush rainforests that prove to be a nature-lover’s paradise. Apart from the soul-soothing scenery, tourists may enjoy wonderful adventure activities like hiking, trailing and camping. The magnificent Paulista Coast with its heavenly beaches is also just an hour’s drive away.