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Most Beautiful Beaches in South America for Discerning Beachcombers


Shimmering waters, awe-inspiring natural setting, party-like atmosphere and an aura that puts smile on your face – a few aspects that make South American beaches must-consider holiday spots. Whether you are booking tickets to Brazil, Venezuela, Chile or Ecuador, you would not only enjoy a dip in the warm waters but also a dip in the captivating beach culture of South America. If you think finding the best sandy strips in this continent is a daunting task, here’s a list of top three South American beaches.

Tayrona, Colombia

Tayrona National Park is a notable Colombian highlight and is home to four popular beaches known as El Cabo, La Piscina, Arrecifes and Cañaveral. If isolated setting creates an urge in you to buy flights to Colombia, La Piscina should not be missed at all. Its crystal clear waters are apt for swimming. On the other hand, El Cabo tickles the fancies of camping enthusiasts. Several families also plan picnic here. Cañaveral is the only place in Tayrona which is accessible by car. But Arrecifes is the beach which entices throngs of travellers with its scenic beauty. Remember, tickets are required to enter into Tayrona.

Ipanema, Brazil

List of beautiful beaches in South America is incomplete without a mention of Brazil. And visit to the coastal strip of Brazil is meaningless, if Ipanema is missing. The powdery white sand is stretched for over two kilometres boasting soccer games, beach volleyball and lethargic souls basking under the sun. The cobalt blue waters are flocked with adventure seekers gliding through high waves on their surf boards. The gorgeous beauty of Ipanema compels holidaymakers to find accommodation at hotels offering scintillating views of this Brazilian beach.

El Agua, Venezuela

This Venezuelan beach captivates beachcombers with its picture perfect scenery created by palm fringed white sand, calm waters and an undefined tranquil enchantment. This is one of the most popular highlights of Isla Margarita and is dotted with varied accommodation alternatives. While taking a stroll along the sandy strip can stop any of the beach restaurants to savour delicious seafood items. Travellers spending pounds on tickets to enjoy a peaceful spell in Venezuela cannot overlook El Agua. They can rent lounge chairs as well as umbrellas from the kiosks.

Amazing Destinations Travellers Taking Colombia Flights Must Visit


Come and visit one of the most exotic countries in the world. With heterogeneous traditions, multi-ethnic population and many interesting attractions for visitors, Colombia offers plenty to travellers who reserve flights tickets to this place for their holidays. Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the colonial architecture of Colombia beyond doubt enthralls visitors. Take a look at the key attractions in Colombia which coerce holidaymakers to scramble for cheap flights tickets to the destination throughout the year.


Medellin, also known as the “city of the eternal spring”, is one of the most beautiful cities of South America. There are numerous activities to do and enjoy at Medellin, which present a unique mix of contemporary elements and heritage. Pueblito Paisa, The Metropolitan Cathedral, Los Alumbrados, Junin pedestrian street, numerous museums and art destinations, verdant parks and gardens, and interesting neighbourhoods – the city has plenty to make your flights money and overall trip here truly worthwhile. Mild temperatures and climate that is rather typical of a sub-tropical destination offers a great advantage for outdoor activities which make flights to the destination so popular.

Amazon Rainforest

Your visit to South America will be incomplete sans a visit to the Amazon Rainforest. Most flights arriving in Colombia transport holidaymakers who have booked their tickets with the vast Amazon Rainforest in mind, which is reputed to have almost half of earth’s animals, plants and other species. Tours are arranged from Leticia for travellers to set off to the wilderness of Colombia and guarantee unparalleled enjoyment amidst the rolling rainforests.


Beautiful Caribbean beaches, historic walled colonial city (Ciudad Amurallada), nearly five century old forts and fortresses, attractive cathedrals, monasteries turned into interesting places to stay with modern facilities, hotels and beach resorts, countless historical places and much more is what Cartagena is all about. UNESCO has chosen the old walled city as World Heritage Site and it tops the list of history lovers boarding flights to Cartagena. For those who net Colombia flights to enjoy the exciting nightlife, Cartagena features reasonable amount of choices.

Ciudad Perdida

You can give flights to your fantasy of adventure in Colombia by taking up a 5-6 days twenty km awe-inspiring trek (one way) to Ciudad Perdida, the ruined Colombian city. Located close to Santa Marta which is well connected by flights from Bogota and Medellin, many adventurers book the trek that is available with only a handful of operators. The expedition to the Lost City covers steep uphill ascent, flowing rivers, waterfalls and streams, bewitching wildlife, indigenous villages, as well as vast expanses of local habitats.