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Chennai – An Enthralling Mix of Nature and History

tickets to Chennai indiaWell, your search for an exotic and delightful holiday destination may end here! As you buy air tickets to visit Chennai, one of the most picturesque metropolises in India, be prepared to lose yourself in a lively atmosphere the city has to offer. Looking over the vast Bay of Bengal, this beautiful town in Indian state of Tamil Nadu thrives upon its marvellous concoction of nature, history and fast-paced modernism. No wonder, it catches the fancy of almost every tourist booking flights and holiday deals for India’s Southern region.

Sun, Sand and Sea

Those seeking an unruffled dose of sun, sand and sea would not be disappointed in Chennai. The sun soaked beaches of this captivating metropolis of India are both beautiful and invigorating. Marina Beach, with its 12km long shoreline, offers wonderful opportunities for leisurely strolls as well as romantic walks. Breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal are just a treat for the eyes. Many buildings of historical and cultural importance along the shore are also worth exploring. Spending some time here is truly well worth the bundles spent on cheap flights for holidays in this charming south Indian city.

Edward Elliot’s Beach is a must-visit place for serenity seekers and love-struck couples. In the morning, there is a slight nip in the air. The picturesque surroundings, crystal clear waters and a host of exciting activities make it a charming place that leaves couples gloating over their decision to book tickets aboard Chennai bound flights. Breezey Beach is even more pleasant, offering tranquillity and solace in abundance.

Lesser Known Chennai

Now that you are in Chennai, you may want to make the most of your money spent on cheap flights for holidays to this part of India by exploring city’s lesser known gems. Soak in the history and culture by visiting the glorious Fort St George. Check out the rare art works of region’s famous artists at the National Art Gallery. Or visit the iconic ISKCON Temple to get drunk on the spiritual mystique of Hinduism. A staggering array of hotels and resorts here provide the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind, eventually paying off for all the scuffles one goes through while scouring the Internet and booking relatively cheaper air tickets for India bound flights.

Sea, Sand, Sun and Shopping in Dubai

Dubai has long been an enticing destination for holidaymakers from across the globe who flock here to explore its astonishing cultural heritage, impressive natural beauty and unmatchable glitz and glamour. City’s intriguing wealth of historical monuments and tantalizing traditional souks are


more than capable of transporting one back in time, while the world-class hotels and resorts here ooze out unrivalled opulence and grandeur. Having paradisiacal beauty, beaches in Dubai also captivate the soul and hence are among some of the strong reasons why cheap deals for flights bound for the destination are revered by one and all. Then, there is the fascinating shopping scene that simply spoils one for choices and ensures having a once-in-lifetime experience.

Quite naturally, many believe that this proud emirate of the UAE offers an unforgettable treat to those who buy air tickets aboard flights to soak up sea, sun, sand and shopping in Dubai.

Scintillating Beaches

Beaches in Dubai enjoy international reputation for their pristine charm and frolicky nature. A long stretch of golden sand with riveting skyline views and a diverse assortment of water activities to immerse in, the famous Jumeirah Beach remains a port of call for every beach bum buying air tickets aboard international flights bound for Dubai. Jebel Ali is another popular place to soak up sea, sun and surf in Dubai; it is renowned for offering wonderful opportunities for water adventures. Mamzar Beach is the longest in the city and serves as a natural playground for people of all ages. Gorgeous restaurants, resorts and spa centres along its shores cater to the needs of all visitors; be it a sybarite or shoestring holidaymakers. Many of Dubai’s iconic buildings including the Burj-Al-Arab are built on or around its coastline. Exploring a few of them is well worth the time and money spent on flights and accommodation at the destination.

Shopping Like Never-before

After skyscrapers and scintillating shore, shopping is something that lends this emirate an iconic status. The gargantuan Mall of Emirates in the heart of the city is a dream expanse for shopaholics seeking one-stop-shop for all international brands. Traditional souks also spoil one for choices and offer the visitors a never-before experience, well worth the cost of buying air tickets and holiday packages for Dubai.

Top Australian Food and Wine Festivals

Australia is huge country and huger holiday destination. Millions of tourists visit the country each year to enjoy the cosmos of sightseeing attractions and take in the mesmeric aura of the place. Apart from the fantastic modern, cultural and historical emblems, the country holds a range of food and wine festivals. Take a sneak peek into the country’s most renowned fetes that are sure to impress those boarding Australia flights.

Top Australian Food & Wine Festivals

The Tasting Australia Festival is a biannual gala that’s organised in Adelaide. It is hugely popular with travellers who get hold of tickets on flights to the city during the autumn. Some of the world’s most influential chefs board flights to the country for the event.

Another fantastic extravaganza that awaits tourists in Australia is the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The festival takes place during the month of March and attracts hordes of travellers, every year, who visit the place to sample the region’s culinary bounty. A host of food experts can also be found at this event.

A trip to Sydney finds its absolute magnificence if the city’s Good Food and Wine Show is incorporated in the itinerary. The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre holds the event where wines from all regions and master dishes are attractions on offer. A number of travellers concoct their travel packages keeping in mind this massive crowd puller.

Another fascinating culinary gala that is sure to impress tourists is the Tastes of the Gold Coast. Those in the area during September can participate in the festival and enjoy the various segments and attractions for all tastes. Food, wine and entertainment are some of the aspects that people can enjoy after making sure they become a part of it.

The Hunter Valley Harvest Festival takes place during March and April. It is popular with tourists who love regional wines, great food and entertainment.

A Brief Airport Guide for First-Time Visitors to Mumbai

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (IATA: BOM) is one of the India’s premium gateways to the world. The airport greets passengers on long-haul flights bound for India’s Entertainment Capital, Mumbai. The aerodrome is one of the India’s busiest and South Asia’s second busiest aerodrome and is highly acclaimed for its modish set of passenger facilities. In fact, owing to its service excellence, it has been conferred with several awards and accolades. Here’s a little smattering on the exuberant set of facilities and services available at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport intended for first-time visitors on long-haul flights to the metropolis.

Tickets to India


The airport features several lavish lounges loaded with superb set of business and leisure facilities including snacks/beverages, TV screens and much more to please passengers reserving flights to fly in and out of India’s Bollywood City. Some of the most prestigious lounges include Air India Maharaja Lounge, British Airways Lounge, Emirates Lounge and Lufthansa Lounge.


The airport features several cafés, eateries and speciality restaurants to enable epicureans to treat their taste buds to some of the most tantalizing regional and global flavours. Barista Lavazza, KFC, Martini Bar, Noir Bar, Noodle Work, Spice Bazaar and Curry Kitchen are some of the many speciality restaurants that serve a variety of delicious food, snacks and beverages to please any sort of appetite.


With innumerable retail shops strewn across the complex, shopping here is sure to leave shoppers flabbergasted and craving for more. Passengers booking tickets on both full service and cheap flights to Mumbai arriving in the metropolis must do well to catch up on the duty-free shopping and shop for books, haute couture, jewellery, souvenirs and much more.

Location & Connectivity

This popular aerodrome in India is located at a distance of around 28km from city centre and is well-connected to the rest of the metropolis with efficient means of transport options. Public buses and Taxicabs are just some of the many preferred transport means available to easily navigate to different city points from the terminal complex.

Off Beat Attractions of Bangkok – the Bustling Capital of Thailand

Bangkok, the pulsating capital of Thailand has exhilarating numbers of secret and unexplored gems, offering an unusual and exceptional holiday experience to the discerning travellers. Here is a look at some of the hidden treasures, the quirky sights of Bangkok for the tourists booking flights for the city, and wishing to explore off beat and unique attractions!

Bangkok Attractions

David Beckham Temple

This bizarre David Beckham Temple is one thing that should not be missed out by the sports enthusiasts boarding flights for this scintillating city of Thailand. David Beckham, the icon of football has been given a sacred place in a well embellished Thai Buddhist Temple at Bangkok. There is a golden statue of Beckham for those followers wishing to pay obeisance to this wizard of football. The temple makes for a unique sight seeing experience that is an absolute value for money spent on Thailand flights.

Robot Building

This Robot Building in Thailand offers out-of-the-box experience for tourists taking Bangkok flights who love unusual and exceptional draws. The facade of this fantastic edifice, designed by one of the renowned architects of Thailand, Sumet Jumsai,
resembles an actual robot and makes for a fascinating spectacle. Robot Building is a less explored delight of the region, which speaks volumes about high technology and architectural excellence of the times.

Giant Swing

This is one of the most spectacularly unique delights of Bangkok, located at the entrance of Wat Suthat Temple, the oldest and the most alluring temples of the region. The towering red Giant Swing is a sight for the sore eyes, offering absolutely stunning experience to the holidaymakers taking flights to the metropolis. The original Giant Swing constructed in 1784 was replaced by the new one in 2004. The new swing is entirely crafted from the golden teak by the skilled artisans. A visit to this attraction offers a fascinating and enriching day out to the tourists bagging tickets on flights and arriving in Bangkok.

Popular Surfing Spots in South Africa

Surfing is one of the popular attraction that set global surfers on a mad scramble for tickets aboard South Africa flights. The nation offers plenty of coastal destinations for riding on the waves and wallowing in South African exhilaration. Take a look at some of the renowned spots that catches the fancy of swarms of overseas explorers.


Eland’s Bay

It takes three hours drive up the West Coast from Cape Town to reach the magnificent destination. Summers are the best time to visit this spot when westerly swell hit, offering a great opportunity to produce a left point break. It is a sweet escape boasting spectacular attraction of the scenic West Coast where turquoise water coalesces with gilded sands. In addition, there are several guest-houses and a camp site. No wonder, it has everything what experienced surfboarders booking tickets aboard South Africa flights seek in an apt site.

Long Beach

Located on the Atlantic side of southern Cape Peninsula, Long Beach is well revered for best and consistent shore break in the Cape. Southeaster is ripe for riding on small and medium swell. Bold hearts can take delights at Outer Kom offering gigantic curlers on a huge westerly swell and make the most of their money invested on tickets on flights and overall vacations in South Africa.

Victoria Bay

A narrow and steep site is highly acclaimed among locals. Considering the favourable shape of the bay, it makes for a year round destination where all kinds of surfers can enjoy the utmost of surfboarding. There is also a famous accommodation called Land’s End Guesthouse that promises a convenient location and rewarding stay in the country. Catering to all and sundry, it ranks high on the itinerary of foreign tourists who make tickets reservations for flights landing in stunning nation.

Best Time to Visit South Africa-An Overview

What is the best time to visit South Africa? It entirely depends on what you seek to do and see. Some look for best of safari while others long for exotic flavours of Cape Town. Here is useful information on when holidaymakers booking tickets aboard flights can make the most of their money!

Flights to South Africa


Dry seasons from May to November are ideal for exploring the fascinating attractions of Kruger National Park area. The winter temperature during day and night are pleasant for exploring the region. What is more, the wildlife gathers around ponds and grass is shorter ensuring easy encounters. There are fewer mosquitoes with fat chances of catching malaria. It is a peak season when hordes of vacationers reserve tickets on flights and plan expeditions to national park. Avoid travelling during October and April; it is a peak season for camping. So it is sensible to book tickets aboard South Africa flights in advance.

Cape Town and Vineyards

Cape Town is a year-round destination with dulcet weather. However, the dry season starting from November to March is ripe for browsing the markets and hiking the captivating Table Mountain. A good number of holidaymakers can reserve flight tickets for visiting the metropolis and enjoying sightseeing throughout this touristy season. On the other hand, budget travellers can aim for September to November and March to April when travel tickets on flights and hotel rates are comparatively cheap.

Enjoy Beaches and Water Activities

Beach lovers can plan vacations for the period between November and March. It is a superb time when sunbathers and swimmers can take delights in wonderful seaside gems of South Africa. Those who wish to dive with sharks can opt to grab flights tickets between October and May while the months from June to August are perfect for enjoying surfing in South Africa.

Delhi’s International Airport Info for First Time Visitors

Flights to DelhiIndira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) is the premier international gateway that greets passengers on long-haul flights bound for India’s thriving capital city of Delhi. The aerodrome is highly acclaimed for its modish set of passenger facilities and has been conferred with several awards for its brilliant facilities. Recently, IGI was named as the world’s second best airport by ACI. The grandiosity of this majestic airport often pleasingly shocks and overwhelms first time visitors who hop aboard long-haul flights for holidays to the metropolis. Here’s a little insight into the excellent facilities available at Delhi’s IGI intended for first-time visitors on flights to the city.


It features several lavish lounges that loaded with deluxe set of business and leisure facilities including snacks/beverages, TV screens, showers and much more to pamper passengers booking flights to Delhi. Some of the most prestigious lounges at the aerodrome include ITC’s Green Lounge, The American Express Platinum Lounge and Plaza Premium Lounge.

Dining & Shopping

Numerous eateries and duty-free shops peppered across the complex ensure gratifying experiences for epicureans and shoppers. The duty free shopping scene at the aerodrome is sure to spellbind even the most discerning of the shoppers on long haul flights to the metropolis, while epicureans may indulge in some of the best regional and global flavours at one of the many cafes, bars and fine dining restaurants.

Airport Hotel

Beautifully set in the heart of Delhi’s IGI, the 4 star Eaton Smart hotel features 93 rooms filled with sumptuous set of facilities. Situated at level 5 of Terminal 3, the hotel features fully equipped fitness centre, rejuvenating Spa and a host of other business and leisure facilities ensuring comfortable stays for the guests.

Location & Connectivity

The popular aerodrome is located at a distance of around 22kms from the city centre and is well-connected to the rest of Delhi with excellent means of transports. Delhi Metro train, Buses and Taxicabs are just some of the many preferred modes of transportation available for passengers planning to navigate to different city points from the terminal complex.

International Film Festival Set To Rock Delhi in December 2013

International flights bound for Delhi have long been popular amongst those who wish to get a slice of India’s rich history and colourful cultures, explore the magnificence of Mughal memorabilia and follow city’s street food craze. However, making advance bookings for flights and accommodations for holidays in India’s thriving capital during December have another reason to be proud of their decision. The city will be hosting the much talked about film fiesta during the month.

International film fest in delhi

Internet sources reveal that the second action-packed edition of Delhi International Film Festival (DIFF) 2013 will unfold in December beginning the 21st to last for seven exciting days until 27th.

The event will showcase an exciting line-up of thought-provoking cinema celebrating the best in India and global cinema! With such a colourful showcase of thought provoking films from across the globe, the event makes for a memorable activity on the itineraries of cinema lovers who have already booked their seats aboard flights to the city during December.

The festival will feature cinema from India and overseas across 10 different sections including World Cinema, Cinema Across the border, NRI Cinema, Student Films, Short Films and Documentaries.

Furthermore, the fest will also host numerous other programmes including a fashion show and talent hunt competition. These entertaining, engaging and enriching events at the fest make for some other compelling reasons for cineastes as well as amateur and professional film makers to look for last minute deals on flights to attend the event.

The month of December is among the best time to visit Delhi. The pleasant weather during this time of the year makes it a pleasant experience to go out for sightseeing and enjoy outdoor activities during the days as well as nights. In addition, the city comes alive culturally in the month of December with numerous concerts and stage shows being put up every week. Conversely, film enthusiasts planning to hop aboard flights to the Delhi particularly for the event can have a wonderful time in Delhi with countless attractions and activities to indulge in.

Popular Hollywood Films That Inspire to Plan Dubai Holidays

With its superb feats of architecture and riveting anecdotes of rich Bedouin history, Dubai makes for the perfect base for storytelling! Quite expectedly, the glittering emirate has caught the fancy of some of the biggest names in Hollywood and has cemented its position as an up-and-coming filming ground for several big ticket Hollywood projects. Here are three popular movies that have been filmed in the emirate and have successfully tempted many film buffs to hop aboard international flights and relive the memorable moments from their favourite movies.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Billed as 2011’s biggest Hollywood action flick, the fourth instalment of Mission Impossible was shot in Dubai. The gritty action thriller caught the fancy of audiences with interesting scenes showing Hollywood hunk Tom Cruise scaling the heights of Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest building; running through a dusty sandstorm through Dubai’s lively souqs and zooming through the streets of Meydan on a luxury sedan, all to save the world. Keen cineastes and Tom Cruise fans planning to book flights and relive the action-packed moments of the movie can do so in Dubai.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

2010 American drama/thriller, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is yet another big ticket project shot in Dubai. The movie revolves around the 2008 financial slump. Starring Hollywood heartthrob Michael Douglas and the charismatic Shia LaBeouf, Wall Street was partly shot in Dubai. Fans of this intense drama reserving their seats on flights bound for Dubai may check out the place where this big ticket Hollywood project was shot.


Syriana is George Clooney’s political thriller that shot to fame with its thought-provoking storyline and its larger than life star cast. This 2005 American movie was filmed in and around Dubai and went on become one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year. In addition, George Clooney won Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards for this film. This movie captured the true essence of Dubai and true blue cineastes hopping aboard flights to the emirate would surely like to check out the places where some of the memorable scenes of the movie were filmed.