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Oktoberfest, 2019 – All You Need to Know

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest folk festival that attracts millions of visitors to Munich every year from all around the world. Spanning over 2 weeks, this German festival is all about celebrating Bavarian culture with flowing pints of beer and amazing food. Drinking beer is the main activity at the event and in 2013 nearly eight million litres of beer was served during the Oktoberfestfestival. In addition to eating and drinking, there are hundreds of fairgrounds attractions and activities such as giant rides, colourful parades, music and dance, food stalls, and fair games that are setup at the Oktoberfest grounds. The festival is upon us and if you are a devoted beer lover then booking a trip to Oktoberfest would be well worth the money you would spend on flights. Here are a few things you should know about the world’s biggest beer festival.

When and Where

This year, Oktoberfest will be held from September 21 till October 6. The festival is held in the meadow just outside the city centre. Although a day tour of the fest could be enough for some, a two to three days trip is recommended to truly enjoy the festival.

What to Expect

This world renowned German festival has been going on since 1810 every year. People from Germany and other countries gather, drink, eat, dance and enjoy the festival as much as they can. Entry to this festival is absolutely free; however, you can reserve tables at beer tents in advance.

The main attractions of this fest are its large and small beer tents. The tradition of having tents goes back to the start of the festival. The large tents (some as big as to accommodate ten thousand visitors on more than one level) have beautiful facades, wooden table and benches. Each of these beer tents remain abuzz with locals as well as tourists clad in colourful dresses enjoying beer, music, dance and food. The Hofbräu Tent is among the most famous, and is where foreign tourists usually gather.


Along with a variety of beer, you can enjoy delicious food at the fest. Huge quantities of grilled sausages, roast chicken and giant pretzels are consumed at Oktoberfest each year and you can also go for pork knuckles, smoked fish, roasted ribs, a variety of gingerbreads and other tasty choices.

Dressing up

There isn’t any specific dress code, but many locals as well as tourists wear traditional Bavarian outfits. Men wear Lederhosen, whereas women wear Dirndl. The traditional Bavarian gear can be easily had from several shops in Munich.

What else?

Being a folk fest, Oktoberfest attracts all kind of visitors including families, so you can expect almost all sorts of fairground attractions. Along with several rides, you will come across candyfloss stalls, shooting galleries, music shows, marching bands, shopping galleries, and a lot more.

Where to Go for Camping on South Island, New Zealand

With diverse scenery scattered all around, New Zealand is one of the world’s best countries for camping! Holiday-makers from different parts of the world visit here all year round for a road Campstripping adventure as well as for camping under the dark blue sky in the magnificent wilderness. There are hundreds of campsites in the most beautiful parts of the country; here is the list of some of the most popular campsites on South Island of the country:

Marahau Beach Camp

Just a few steps from Marahau Beach, this camp is an exciting place to spend an adventurous time. With sheltered sunny campsites, cabins and a backpacker lodge – an individual well-furnished accommodation, the camp ensures comfort and convenience for all. It is a hygienic and quiet place that offers a car parking space with all five cabins. While the backpacker lodge is ideal for solo travellers, it’s also available for large families. The camp is provided with facilities and amenities like kitchen, laundry, showers, kids play area, BBQs, and wireless internet.

Pelorus Bridge Campground

Situated on the banks of the well-known Pelorus River, Pelorus Bridge Campground is a true marvel! The camp is fully-serviced with community kitchen, hot showers, clothes washer and dryer, a shop and a cafe. You can choose from the powered and the non-powered sites as per your requirement. This place is just perfect for avid swimmers; they can dive into the river flowing near the camp. Besides, adventure enthusiasts would love to take walks on the trails and discover the beauty of nature. We strongly recommend you to make advance bookings.

Punakaiki Beach Camp

Punakaiki Beach Camp also comes with two types of sites – powered and non-powered. Situated next to the beach and surrounded by native flora and majestic limestone cliffs, the camps here are a treat to stay at. There are 30 spacious as well as picturesque powered sites provided with dump station facilities. Besides, tourists get more options on where to camp for non-powered sites. They can choose from the ones next to a beach or from those with kid-centric attractions. Adventurers can indulge in exciting activities like walking, climbing as well as fishing.

Kina Beach Reserve

Lying on the foreshore at Kina Beach –a few kilometres from State Highway 60 at Tasman, Kina Beach Reserve is a captivating place to discover nature. Set by the crystal-clear waters, this reserve can be split into two zones – day area and camping area. Camping is permitted on the reserve; however, tourists cannot stay beyond four days at a stretch. The camps are well-provided with the facilities like barbeque areas and toilets.

Greynes Shelter Campground

Situated a few kilometres from Arthur’s Pass Village, Greynes Shelter Campground is an unpretentious campground comprising a lawn that surrounds a semi-circular gravel driveway off State Highway 73. The campground has an open lush green area and a small stone shelter with three walls, benches and a fireplace. Tourists love to spend a cosy time around the fireplace during cold evenings. The campground has a washroom in one corner. One must keep in mind that the campground does not have the availability of drinking water.