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Top Five Family Holiday Experiences in Qatar

A culturally rich holiday destination in Western Asia, Qatar holds many exciting experiences for families around its captivating heritage, stunning architecture, a long shoreline of beaches and landscape consisting of arid desert. If you too are planning a visit to the country with your family anytime soon, know about these top things to do here:


Head to the Mia Park (Museum of Islamic Arts Park)

Located adjacent to the famous museum of Islamic Arts, Mia Park is one of the favourite parks among locals. It is an ideal place for fun-filled family day-outs and is known to be the best vantage point to enjoy Doha’s skyline. The park has a spacious playground and several garden areas where kids as well as adults can stroll around and participate in a number of exciting activities. Visitors can also dine at various interesting cafes within the park and enjoy some tempting delicacies and drinks.

Go for dune bashing at the Inland Sea

A visit to Qatar is not complete without enjoying dune bashing. It is a thrilling experience for adults as well as teenagers. You can visit the dunes near inland sea, a shallow, salty and inlet of the Persian Gulf and take an adventurous ride along the dunes. There are a number of stops with various food stalls and traditional bedouin camps. You can have an ideal time there sleeping under the stars and taking beautiful pictures in the Inland Sea.

Explore the Pearl-Qatar

An artificial island comprising a blend of residential, commercial and entertainment outlets, the Pearl reflects the true luxury of Qatar. Home to Mediterranean inspired Qanat Quartier consisting of canals, bridges, colourful apartments, and some restaurants and cafes; it is a place drawing all sorts of travellers. You can have a great time here strolling around, shopping, sipping good coffee and enjoying an array of delectable cuisines. Lido Venezia Beach, the Diva Lounge Spa and Niya Yoga are some of the best place to spend some refreshing time.

Have some water fun at Aqua Park

The first theme park in Qatar, Aqua Park is a hotspot among kids and is where you can experience the best of water fun. Visitors of all age groups can experience endless adventure amidst its giant wave pool, slides, a lazy river, stingray surfing opportunities and a beautiful village. Besides, there are many restaurants including Boston Chicken, the largest food restaurant in the park where you can have a perfect dine time with your family.

Shop at Doha Festival City

Qatar has a vast shopping scene with a number of malls and markets scattered all around. While the country has several huge malls, Doha Festival City is the largest operating and the

Shoppingfirst retail mall with the largest fashion, entertainment and dining scene. There are more than 500 stores selling everything, from fashion clothes, footwear, beauty products and accessories to home furnishings, electronics, sportswear and a lot more. You can spend here a beautiful day with your family while strolling, shopping and dining at world-class restaurants.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Rica in Central America

With coastlines on the Caribbean and the Pacific, Costa Rica is a true traveller’s paradise in Central America. There is something interesting about this rugged and rain forested country that reflects a beautiful ecological story unified into the history of a beautiful, family-oriented culture. Here are some of the top reasons making Costa Rica one of the top tourist destinations of the world:

The Beaches

Costa Rica beaches are known all over the world; and a number of beach lovers visit here every year to experience the best of sun, sand and surf in Central America. The best thing about this place is you get an opportunity to enjoy the Pacific as well as Caribbean beaches. While the vivid Beachesturquoise waters and palm-tree lined white-sand beaches to the Pacific side of the country appeal to all, the Rastifari culture and laid back vibes to the Caribbean side draw a large number of visitors from all around.

The Wildlife

Costa Rica is counted among the topmost countries of America that are popular for eco-tourism. With the highest biodiversity and over 500,000 species which is about 4% of the world’s total species, the country attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiasts from all around. You would wildlifelove to discover here the rainforest trails and spot a variety of howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, a few sloths and several varieties of birds. There is also a chance to see different types of amphibians and reptiles including huge spiders, glass frogs, and venomous and non-venomous snakes during night hikes.

The Volcanoes

With more than 200 identifiable volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years, Costa Rica is a paradise of volcanoes. The country is home to six active volcanoes including the Arenal VolcanosVolcano in the Northern zone, Poas Volcano in the Central Valley and Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in the Guanacaste region – the major ones. A large number of tourists visit here not just to discover the beauty of the volcanoes but also to enjoy the hot springs created by their heat. The


Another thing that makes Costa Rica popular all over the world is its rushing rivers. It is called the white water capital with a number of famed, pristine rivers offering activities and views for people of all ages. Visitors love to enjoy swimming and hanging out by the rivers and can also discover here a number of calmer rivers by foot. Celeste River, Pacuare River and Savegre River are some of the most prominent rivers of the country that are always crowded with many holiday-makers from all over the world.

The Adventure Activities

With miles of coastline, Costa Rica is known to be an adventure haven offering an array of options. Be it zip-lining through the rainforest or surfing along the Pacific coast, you are sure to be amazed by world-class water sports opportunities here. While zip lining is one of the best adventures in the country, visitors will have canopy tours, canyoning, surfing, hiking, white water rafting, fishing and snorkelling to choose from.

Top Attractions in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Bordered by the Orange River and Drakensberg Mountains, the Eastern Cape Province is the second largest of the nine provinces of South Africa drawing thousands of visitors every year. From the inland desert to the sea, the scenery of the Eastern Cape is a sight to behold.
Below are some of the top attractions that tourists must explore on a holiday to the South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Wild Coast

With a long stretch of shoreline between Cintsa in the south and Mtamvuna River in the north, Wild Coast presents a number of surfing spots drawing surfers from all across the globe. While the beauty of some of the world’s best coastal sceneries is a treat for nature lovers, a number of excellent rides on a well-exposed point break attract surfers from all around. Sharks Point, Lwandile and Mdumbi are some of the popular surfing spots you can discover on the Wild Coast.

Addo Elephant National Park


A place that was proclaimed in 1931 to save 11 elephants on the brink of extinction, Addo Elephant National Park is now home to over 500 wonderful African Elephants. Lying just north of Port Elizabeth, it is considered to be the third largest reserve in South Africa drawing visitors with not just incredible elephants but with a wide range of rhinos, lions, buffaloes, zebras and penguins. You can take a truly wild tour here enjoying game viewing and outdoor activities including guided walking, hiking and horse riding.

Jeffrey’s Bay


One of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world, Jeffrey’s Bay is a prominent tourist attraction in the Easter Cape province of South Africa. Visitors can explore here incredible marine life including aloes, shells, perfect points, dolphins, and classic reefs. This place draws surfers from all around the world with its consistent tubes and Supertube waves. Besides, the bay is famous for an amazing surfing event – Billabong Pro, hosted here every year and visited by a large number of surfers from all around.

Valley of Desolation

Often called “The Cathedral of the Mountains’, the Valley of Desolation is the most striking feature of the well-known Camdeboo National Park in the Eastern Cape. It is an ideal hiking spot drawing hikers from all over the world and offering stunning views of towering rock dolomite rock pillars and the surrounding countryside. Visitors can also discover here the semi-desert landscapes of the Great Karoo lying to the south and the distinctive peaks of the Sneeuberg Mountains to the north. Wildlife including many species of birds as well as mammals such as the Cape buffalo, springbok, kudu, and bat-eared fox is another major draw of the attraction.

The Storms River Suspension Bridge


Lying along the famous Garden Route, the Storms River Suspension Bridge is more than a 200-kilometre scenic drive stretching from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape. This 77-metre long bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tsitsikamma National Park and spans the foaming, froth-topped waters of the Storms River mouth.


Visitors would love to hike through 900 metres of beautiful bird-rich forests and delight in the beauty of the waterfalls and stunning sea views. Standing on the bridge is a wonderful experience here giving you the feel of floating above the thrashing sea.