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Five Jamaican Attractions You Can’t Miss Visiting

One of the most famous travel destinations in the Caribbean, Jamaica is an island of absolute beauty that is reflected in its surroundings, its customs, its culture as well as the local way of living. If you are looking to explore this paradisiacal island, start at these top five stunning places:


Montego Bay

Sir Herbert Baker, a great British architect, brought Montego Bay to prominence when he declared that swimming in the waters near the Doctor’s Cave in the bay results in wonderful health benefits. Snorkelling and other water adventures are more pleasurable in the warm Caribbean waters of the bay that are oozing with diverse marine life as is beachcombing with perfect, transparent sand between your toes. Do not let this trick you into thinking that the bustling city life presenting a slice of Jamaican culture and customs evades you in the Montego Bay. The serenity of plush seaside resorts provides a sharp contrast to the bustle of the Hip Strip.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

We have spoken about the apparent medicinal qualities of the waters that wash over the Doctor’s Cave Beach; what we haven’t told you is that the beach boasts perfectly white, crystalline sands along the stretch. One of the most popular beaches in Jamaica, Doctor’s Cave Beach attracts hordes of visitors looking to bask in glory of the tropical sunshine, overlooking cerulean waters and verdant trees that line the shore. Part of the Montego Bay Marine Park, one can snorkel to stunning coral reefs from the beach.

Luminous Lagoon

A breathtaking natural phenomenon, the Luminous Lagoon can be explored on a night tour from the city. The lagoon is home to microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated and as your boat approaches the lagoon, you will be able to see many fish in the water and their outlines illuminated from the glow. The boat tour also let visitors swim in the glowing waters with light all around them and as they make splash in the water, more light is emitted by the microscopic organisms that live here. An experience that cannot be missed, a trip to the Luminous Lagoon is one of the best things to do in Jamaica.

Rastafari Indigenous Village

If you are looking for an unparalleled experience in Jamaica, a visit to the Rastafari Indigenous Village is the one for you. Lying just outside the city limits, the main habitants of the village are the indigenous Rastafari people who practise Rastafarianism, a religious movement that originated in Jamaica in the 1930s. You will learn a lot about deep-seated values of equality, healthy living and connectedness with nature on your visit here. You can take a tour of organic vegetable and herb garden, meet with traditional drum makers as well as buy a souvenir in the form of traditional handicrafts and jewellery.

Martha Brae River Rafting

Adventure enthusiasts will tell you that rafting on the Martha Brae River is going to be one of the best rafting experiences of your life. Most of the rafting expeditions start from the embarkation area called the Rafter’s Village. The serene beauty of the six acres of beautifully manicured lawns situated of the village is an additional perk of the trip. One can also explore Miss Martha’s Herb Garden, representing local medicinal herbs before the trip. The exhilarating raft ride takes over an hour to cover a three mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River and has seen many celebrities line up for enjoying it.

Top Caribbean Cities That You Must Visit


With many islands, tiny islets, attractive corals, beautiful cays and shimmering reefs, the Caribbean is certainly among the most fascinating regions for tourism. There are so many different cities here that all promise a delightful time to the travellers coming in from all over the world. Take a look at the list below and learn about some of them.


Famed for its 16th century Spanish architectural marvels, beautiful Art Deco and other fascinating attractions, Havana, Cuba’s capital, is one of the most charming holiday destinations in the Caribbean. Morro Castle, La Cabaña, Museum of the Revolution, Gran Teatro de La Habana, Castillo de la Real Fuerza, José Martí Memorial and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana are few of the top attractions in the city. When it comes to food, nothing beats a well-prepared fish here in Havana.

Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo, the capital city in the Dominican Republic, is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. Famed for its rich heritage and romantic appeal, Santo Domingo promises a great time to the visitors. Opened in 1976 with an aim to preserve the history of the country, Altar de la Patria is a key museum and a top attraction. The beaches here are some of the finest in the country, ensuring guests an exciting time as they enjoy a range of water sports.


Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the Caribbean region. Home to some well-known architectural marvels, the city remains a point of interest among all history enthusiasts. In terms of sightseeing, Musée du Panthéon National Haïtien and Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption- Port-au-Prince are two of the city’s most popular spots of tourist interest. Also known as PAPJAZZ, Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival is a big celebration here.


Kingston, Jamaica’s capital and the largest city, is yet another fabulous travel destination in the Caribbean region. The city is home to terrific beaches and several other attractions, including the famous Bob Marley Museum. Kingston Penitentiary, Bellevue House, Murney Tower Pump House Steam Museum, Marine Museum of Great Lakes and Correctional Service of Canada Museum are some of the other popular attractions in the city. Visit Sunshine Amusement Park and Jireh Eco Adventure Park if you are hoping to have some fun time.



Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and is loved by tourists for its beaches and offshore coral reefs. Along with the stunning beaches, you will come across a range of pastel-coloured buildings and some other interesting attractions here. Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte Pirates of Nassau and Fort Montagu are some of the famous forts that can be found here. Along with sightseeing, you can spot dolphins here. Blue Lagoon Island and Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre are the best places to spot dolphins and sea lions in the city.


Renowned for its colonial monuments and other architectural marvels, Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados and a popular holiday destination. Harrison’s Cave and Animal Flower Cave are two of the key tourist attractions here. George Washington House, Barbados Museum & Historical Society, Morgan Lewis Windmill and Parliament Building are other attractions in the city. Visit the famous Garrison Savannah Racetrack if you like horseracing.


Willemstad, Curaçao’s capital, is truly a traveller’s delight! Renowned for its fascinating colonial architecture, the city is home to well-known buildings, structures, forts and museums. Kura Hulanda and Curacao Maritime Museum are two of the most visited museums in the region. Build in 1888, Queen Emma Bridge is a major landmark of the area, much frequented by the tourists. You can also enjoy dolphin spotting and flamingo feeding here in this city.

San Juan

San Juan is the largest and the capital city of Puerto Rico. It is a great place to enjoy the best of sun and sand. Besides the beaches, it is also famed for its vibrant Spanish colonial buildings, massive fortresses, nightclubs, bars and casinos. Old San Juan, Castillo San Cristóbal, La Fortaleza, Casa Blanca, Museo de las Américas and Museum of Art of Puerto Rico are among the popular attractions in the city.

A Brief Guide to Some of the Popular Islands in the Caribbean

Comprising of over 7000 individual islets and more than 28 island nations, the Caribbean promises an experience of a lifetime. Nestled amidst the Gulf of Mexico and North American mainland, this tropical paradise is known for its pristine beaches, shallow coves and attractive corrals.

Carribean Island

Aruba Island

Located just below the hurricane belt, Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Featuring some of the best beaches in the world along with numerous attractive coral reefs, this island is perfect option for the ones looking for a serene beach holiday. Due to the low lying current of the ocean, a wide range of activities including swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling can be enjoyed here. The Arikok National Park is the place to be for the wildlife enthusiasts.

St Lucia

Home to palm-shaped volcanic beaches, unspoiled rainforests, natural waterfalls, and majestic mountains, St Lucia is one of the most sought after holiday destination in the Caribbean. Located on the eastern end, this beautiful coastal city is an ideal option for those looking to enjoy the very best of sun and sand. You can enjoy a wide range of adventure sports and water activities here on the island, such as snorkelling, yachting, sailing, swimming and deep sea diving.


With stunning beaches, turquoise blue waters as well as attractive corals, Barbados is one perfect island destination! This beautiful coastal paradise is best to enjoy a memorable beach holiday or indulge in numerous water activities including swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing. Whale and dolphin spotting are among the popular activities here. In terms of sightseeing, the Harrison’s Cave is one of the most fabulous attractions on this island.


Best known for its white sand beaches and volcanic mountains, Anguilla is another beautiful island in the Caribbean. The low lying ocean waves and currents create conditions favourable for visitors to enjoy a wide range of water activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and deep sea diving. The local food served here on the island is influenced by the African, Spanish, French and English cuisines and remains a must try.


A beautiful island located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is best known for its pink-sand beaches, giant volcanic mountains and attractive coral reefs. The National Museum of Bermuda is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in the area. Tourists investing on holidays to Bermuda must try out some of the local delicacies such as codfish, pawpaw casserole and fish chowder. For the culture vultures amongst you, there are some quaint villages to explore.

Holidays to Tobago: A Quick Guide to the Island


Tobago is a small island tucked away from the keen eye of the tourists in the warm Caribbean. The island is a perfect getaway for people looking for a laid-back time, stirred by occasional bouts of activities at the sea. With its beautiful beaches and bays, abundant rainforests, diverse wildlife and rich traditions and cultures, a visit to Tobago is time travel to the decades we’ve left behind.

Top Attractions in Tobago

One of the most popular places of tourist interest in Tobago are its pristine beaches such as the Pigeon Point, Campbleton Bay, Englishman’s Bay, Bacolet Bay as well as the Store Bay. Boasting beaches that can contest for one of the best in the world, a lot of entertainment in Tobago is centred on the sea. This includes taking a glass-bottom boat to the Bucco Reef to explore the abundant marine life of Tobago. Expect to find Leatherback turtle, Southern stingray as well as Trinidadian guppy in the turquoise blue waters. Visit the Kimme Museum dedicated to the art of German-born artist and sculptor, Luise Kimme. Taking your trip down the Tobago heritage ahead, visit Crusoe’s Cave, believed to be the abode for Robinson Crusoe and his major when their ship was wrecked in 1719. To find a place where you can see an amalgamation of Tobago’s rich history and admirable architecture, head to Fort James as well as Fort King George. Don’t forget to pay your respects at the Moravian churches in Spring Garden and Black Rock.

Activities in Tobago

For a great surfing adventure, there are only few places on the earth that are as good as Tobago. Paddle-boarding to the planktons in the night as well as swimming in the Nylon Pool in the middle of the ocean will make for some of the best experiences from your trip to Tobago. You can also take a nature walk to spot the rare varieties of birds and animals found here including Orange-winged Amazon parrot, Rufous-vented chachalaca and Trinidad motmot. Do visit Tobago’s ‘Sunday School’ in Bucco and you will wish your school was as much fun with endless partying and dancing in Tobago style!

Hotels in Tobago

If you are seeking a luxurious place to stay, Magdalena Beach Resort, Half Moon Blue Hotel and Turtle Beach by Rex Resorts are some of the best options. For an experience beyond ordinary, you may want to head to Castara Retreats as well Blue Haven Hotel. Hyatt Regency, Bacolet Beach Club, The Carlton Savannah as well as Coco Reef Resort and Spa could be some of the other choices for a luxurious stay in Tobago, an island where a holiday will cost you lesser than most places in the Caribbean.

Some of the top attractions of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is one of the most popular beach destinations in the Caribbean. The country is known for its beaches, lush landscapes, resorts and golf courses. Its capital city, Santo Domingo, is


a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is full of landmarks showcasing its Spanish heritage. Here, we list some of the best attractions of Dominican Republic, which you must visit on your next visit to the country.


Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the most popular resort destinations not only in the country, but within the entire Caribbean region. The region is full of attractions to keep visitors on their toes at all times – it has world-class golf courses, luxurious resorts offering the best of facilities and its public beach is a popular surfing spot. You can also enjoy water sports at its public beach, which include kayaking and fishing.

Santo Domingo

The capital city of the country, Santo Domingo, is a must-visit for tourists interested in getting an insight in the cultural heritage of the nation. Visit Santo Domingo’s historical Colonial City, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore its cobblestone streets and marvel at its Spanish Colonial architecture. The city is home to the oldest existing cathedral in the Americas, the First Cathedral of America, and the Alcazar De Colón, which was built in early 16th century by Christopher Columbus’ son.

Eastern National Park

Nature lovers can head to the magnificent Eastern National Park to discover the natural bounties of the country. The national park is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is home to numerous species of plants and animals as well as around 112 species of birds. Visitors can spot exotic marine animals including sea turtles, manatees, bottlenose dolphins and several kinds of fish in its warm waters. The park is a good spot for diving, snorkelling or trekking.


Jarabacoa is being developed as an eco-tourism destination in the country. Jarabacoa is located in Cordillera Central (Central Mountains), which is a breathtaking landscape of pine forests, rivers, waterfalls and mountain peaks. Rafters can enjoy white water rafting in the waters of the country’s only white water river, Río Yaque del Norte. Hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing are other activities pursued by visitors here.

Basilica of Our Lady

The Basilica de Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia, or the Basilica of Our Lady, is an important pilgrimage centre in Latin America. It is a fine example of modern religious architecture and draws people from all over the country on January 21 each year for the Mass at the church.

Some Exciting Things to Do in Antigua


Antigua, a bustling island in the West Indies, is a hotspot for swimming, surfing, sun-bathing, and what not! The destination is the perfect place to indulge in loads of fun. Here’s a bunch of activities and experiences to try out in Antigua.

Visit the Past at English Harbour

Known for Nelson’s Dockyard – a former British Navy base, English Harbour presents restored 18th and 19th century buildings and other historical artefacts from the colonial period of the dockyard. The Royal Navy used English Harbour as a safe haven and strategic base in the 1600s. Ironically, today there are stylish bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries, and luxury hotels here.

Satiate Hunger Pangs at the Cover Restaurant (Blue Waters)

Cove Restaurant is said to be the best place to satiate your hunger pangs. It ‘combines Caribbean and French cuisine with flair.’ The flaming torches welcome the visitors. The spectacular entrance takes one to the candlelit hall. While enjoying the scrumptious meal, you will be blown away by the fabulous views of the Caribbean Sea. Advance booking of 48 hours is recommended.

Visit the Turner’s Beach

This powdery beach inspires people to participate in water-based activities such as reef trips, snorkelling, and jet skiing. For special occasions such as beachfront weddings, one may definitely consider this coastal area. Umbrellas are available on rent and there is an open air beach bar where you may enjoy drinks and food at leisure, while enjoying fine views.

Shop at St. John’s Saturday Morning Market

The capital of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John hosts the St. John’s Saturday Morning Market – a place where local vendors sell a wide range of products. You may buy souvenirs by way of spices and crafts at attractive rates. The market is best visited early morning, when it’s not too crowded. Lip-smacking meals are offered throughout the day.

Watch an Exciting Game of Local Cricket

Cricket is nearly an obsession in Antigua! Children play beach cricket games, whereas adults flaunt their skills at the recreational ground. Travellers can connect with the locals here. Those who know how to play this sport can join the locals. In Antigua, one should participate in each and everything.