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A Double Doze of Unparallel Luxury in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!!

A Double Doze of Unparallel Luxury in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil!!

Rio de Janeiro, more commonly known as Rio is among Brazil’s largest and perhaps the country’s most popular tourist destination. The city is replete with loads of attractions and hence holds a special place in the hearts of keen vacationers. Further, the city’s annual celebration, Carnival, is a phenomenon that actually triggers the desire among many to book flights to the city. The city is a well developed tourist hub and has a well maintained hospitality infrastructure to cater to people who visit. The number of luxury hotels in Rio is going up, day by day. Take a look at two of the top accommodation choices for sybarites who plan holidays in Rio de Janeiro and board flights to get here!

Copacabana Palace

Copacabana Palace is amongst the most impressive hotels that are found in Rio. It is an extremely luxurious hotel and has an equally stunning stucco-fashioned architecture that’s created a fan following of its own. Most consider Copacabana Palace the best hotel in the city, and the list of its regular clients, that include celebrities, royalty and politicians, seem to agree! While the hotel’s rooms and suites are undeniably remarkable, the property’s recreational facilities and amenities are wonderful too, much to the delight of big spenders boarding flights to get here. There are swimming pools, tennis courts and volleyball courts. Further, the hotel has three floors of spa area, banquet and meeting spaces, and multiple restaurants.

The Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana

The Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is another popular 5-star property that has held its own in the flood of luxurious hotels in Rio de Janeiro. The resort is located on the very famous Copacabana beach and is undeniably an apt choice for beach bums who make no compromise on their comfort and luxuries. There are around 400 rooms at the hotel, with many room varieties for guests who have landed in the city after spending on flights! As far as services and facilities are concerned, there is simply no dearth of choices for guests. Even business travellers who have opted to stay at the hotel will find various kinds of business and conference facilities.