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It’s Time for Urbanscapes 2017 in Kuala Lumpur


It’s time to welcome the 2017 edition of Urbanscapes. The largest Live Music and Creative Arts Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the annual festival will kick off on the 5th of May and continue till 21st May. Promising many days of power-packed fun and entertainment, the festival has a lot in store for its visitors. Take a look.


Originally started in 2002 with an aim to bring together Malaysia’s heterogeneous communities in the field of music, dance, arts, design and other creative disciplines, Urbanscapes is one of the longest running arts festivals in Malaysia. It is known for hosting talent from different genres and disciplines from across the world. Offering the best of both the worlds, the festival hosts amazing local talent as well as internationally acclaimed artists. Numerous workshops and exhibitions catering to different age groups are held at the festival including terrarium, tote bag painting, calligraphy, and photography.


Head to the heart of Kuala Lumpur and catch all the action live! The events will take place all over the city. Chinatown, Urbanscapes House, KL Live, The Row, and The Bee Publika are among the venues hosting the festival. The festival is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful cityscape with a flavour of creativity.

Featuring Artists

The 2017 edition of the festival is all set to host a series of live performances, theatre shows, comedy periodicals and art exhibitions. Opening the show is the popular artist Hoax Vision along with the band members. Other artists performing this year at Urbanscapes include Paras Bunyi, Filamen, Cigarettes After Sex, Stars and Rabbits, The Venopian Solitude, Ulrich Schnauss, Clean Bandit, Mylets and Yellow Fang. The famous rock band Mew will also be seen performing at the festival.

Events Line-up

The entertainment segment of the festival is packed with popular events like Levi’s® presents: 501® rock & rivets, #Uncagemusic block party, and live performances by some of the famous artists from different genres. Don’t miss the AHM Remix party presented by Pestle and Mortar Clothing and Urbanscapes. Be a guest to Creative Morning’s 1st birthday celebrations at the Urbanscapes House on the 20th May. Other festival highlights include the Komic Kon Road Tour, Art for Grabs, Chinatown Chowdown and Musika Vinyl Market. The #THISISKUALALUMPUR photo exhibition is another must visit at the festival.

Attention beer lovers! Here are top breweries in Vancouver


Often referred to as heaven for beer lovers, Vancouver, a busy seaport in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the best destinations to enjoy freshly crafted beers from ancient craft breweries. Here is a list of the top beer breweries for you to keep in mind for whenever you are in the city next!

Strange Fellows Brewing

Don’t go by the name, there’s nothing strange about this old world inspired brewery in Vancouver. Located in Clark Drive, Strange Fellow is known for crafting beer using traditional methods and modern creativity. Keeping in mind the diverse taste and preferences, around 20 beers are prepared here using a range of seasonal ingredients and authentic flavours. The in-house tasting room is an ideal place to enjoy the beer as the exchange of ideas and thoughts take place. To keep the fun spirit alive, events are organised here regularly.  If you like any of the beers, fill up your growlers or take a packaged bottled home.

33 Acres Brewing Company

Located on Main Street, 33 Acres brewing is a well-known brewery in Vancouver. It is an ideal place for hanging out with friends and family. Crafted out of natural ingredients and organic elements, beers at 33 Acres are among the best in town. Nine different flavours of hand-crafted beers are available at the brewery. The perfectly balanced beers are served with in-house delicacies. Beer tasting events and food trucks are a regular phenomenon here.

Red Collar Brewing

A famous family run brewery, Red Collar is among the oldest breweries in Vancouver. Located in Downtown Kamloops, the famous beer-lovers’ hub offers an exclusive range of over 25 beers produced and manufactured using authentic ingredients from the country and beyond. Interestingly, some of the raw materials are procured from far off European countries. An 80-seat tasting room is available within the complex. Beer festivals, activities and events are scheduled here regularly.

Off the Rail Brewing

Off the Rail Brewing is one of the recent additions to the list of breweries in the city. Located on Adanac Street, the popular brewery is known for featuring over 15 beers crafted and manufactured using organic ingredients and fresh flavours. There’s a bright and cozy tasting room for you to enjoy fresh beer anytime. You also have the option of filling up your growlers with beer or take home the best one as per your choice and taste. Beer festivals and other interesting fun events are held regularly at Off the Rail.

Brassneck Brewery

Brassneck is loved by the locals who come here for get-togethers and outings. The in house Growler Shop and the tasting room offer a wide range of ‘’dangerously drinkable’’ fresh new beers daily. A total of 14 different flavours are available at Brassneck. It sure is a great place to enjoy a glass of wonderful beer and soak in the atmosphere of the place.

A Look at Some of the Popular Beaches in Langkawi, Malaysia


Officially known as the ‘Jewel of Kedah’, Langkawi is a famous Malaysian archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Comprising of around 104 islands off the Malaysian coast, the city is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, sandy bays and attractive corals. And these are the beaches that are among the best in the region.

Datai Bay

Also known as ‘Pantai Teluk Datai’, Datai Bay is a popular crescent shaped beach in Langkawi. Located in the north western end of the island, the beach is home to beautiful white sand, crystal clear ocean water and attractive corals. For the site is a quiet and a secluded one, the tourists can enjoy a calm and peaceful holiday away from the city. The shallow waters and low ocean currents create favourable conditions for the tourists to enjoy swimming, surfing or even snorkelling. The nearby forested foothill is an apt spot to explore the island’s rich flora and fauna.

Tanjung Rhu

Located to the north, Tanjung Rhu is another famous public beach in Langkawi.  Featuring clear white sand and picturesque vistas, the beach is perfect for a quick getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life. Swimming is one of the most popular activities here.  The area around the beach is covered with beautifully casuarinas trees, making for an impressive view.

Pantai Kok

Located along the western coast, Pantai Kok is a secluded public beach in Langkawi. Known for its beautiful white sand and aqua blue ocean water, the beach is a must visit for the ones seeking an idyllic beachside holiday. Although, the beach lies on the outskirts of the island, it is well connected to the mainland through local transport and regular boat services. The shallow water around the area creates conditions favourable for water activities like swimming.

Burau Bay

One of Langkawi’s hidden treasures, Burau Bay is located on the western end of the island. Known for its beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water, the beach is ideal for those hunting for a quiet beachside holiday away from the hustle bustle of the city. Several migratory birds can also be seen wandering in the surrounding areas.

Black Sand Beach

Known as ‘Pantai Pasir Hitam’, Black Sand Beach is another popular beach in Langkawi. Located on the northern shoreline, the beach is famous for its black coloured sand and aqua blue waters. There are several interesting myths related to the colour of the sand. You will have to visit the place to learn about them!

Pantai Cenang

Located on the western shoreline, Pantai Cenang is one of Malaysia’s prettiest beaches. Featuring velvety white sand and crystal clear waters and attractive corals, the popular beach is a must visit in Langkawi. Coconut and palm trees surround the area. The water here is perfect to enjoy water sports such as swimming, surfing, snorkelling and underwater diving.

Famous Hindu Temples in ‘God’s Own Country’ Kerala, India


A land full of ancient legends and exciting myths, Kerala, India’s southern state, is home to magnificent Hindu temples. Here is a list of some of the most famous temples in the ‘God’s Own Country’!

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Located in the city of Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum), Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a beautiful temple. Constructed in the early 8th century, it is known for its Dravidian style architecture. The beautifully crafted idol of Lord Vishnu (one of the principle deities in Hinduism) sheltered by serpents is the most popular attraction at the temple. The Alpashy festival and Panguni festival are the best times to visit the temple. Cultural events and activities are organised regularly here.

Chottanikkara Temple

Located in the tiny Chottanikkara town, Chottanikkara Temple is one of the famous temples in Kerala. Constructed by a group of tribal merchants, the temple is dedicated to Chottanikkara Devi (one of the most worshipped forms of Goddess Laxmi). The temple has some of the ancient idols of the deity along with statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The traditional ‘Guruthi Pooja’, held every evening, is a great spiritual experience for all.

Guruvayur Temple

Also referred to as ‘Bhuloka Vaikunta’, Guruvayur Temple is a well-known Krishna temple in Kerala. Situated in the tiny town of Guruvayur, it is particularly acclaimed for its beautiful architecture. The four-armed standing statue of Lord Krishna carrying the conch and the sudarshan chakra is the biggest attraction at the temple. During the celebrations of the Ulsavam and the Malyali New Year, the place comes alive with wonderful decorations and crowd of devotees.

Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple

Situated in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram, Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple is an ancient temple in the southern Indian province. Built by a group of merchants travelling to Kerala, the temple has a total of 32 different sculptures of Lord Ganesh. The main idol of Sri Mahaganapathy, in a seated posture, holds the attention of all visitors.

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple

Located in the Pathanamthitta district, Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is one of the ‘Divya Desams’ in the state. Built in traditional Kerala-style architecture, the temple features beautiful idols and sculptures of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. Most paintings in the temple depict important events and incidents from the Mahabharata (one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India). The annual Snake Boat Race held annually at the nearby Pamba River is a popular attraction among tourists visiting the shrine.

Nilakkal Mahadeva Temple

Situated in the tiny district of Pathanamthitta, Nilakkal Mahadeva Temple is yet another famous temple and a halting place for the Sabarimala pilgrims. The tall idol of Shiva at the entrance gate is a popular attraction. Every year, hundreds of pilgrims visit the holy shrine during the Sabarimala pilgrimage and at the time of the Thiruvutsavam festival. The traditional rituals and daily prayers performed by the priests at the temple are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

A Guide to Some of the Popular Museums in Manila, the Philippines

Manila is one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines. A former colony of the Portuguese, the capital city today is known for featuring historical monuments and cultural sites dating back to the pre-colonial period.


Preserving and honouring the history of the region are prominent museums in and around the city. For those of you willing to know more, here is a guide to the popular museums in and around Manila.

Ayala Museum

Located in the Makati city, Ayala Museum is one of the most visited museums in Metro Manila. Established in 1967, the popular site features rare artefacts and historical items dating back to the pre-colonial era. Popular objects on display at the museum include ancient boats, finely crafted ships and other maritime vessels. Paintings by prominent artists like Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo are among the museum’s famous art collection. Exhibitions and workshops are conducted on a regular basis for tourists to learn about the history and culture of the city.

Lopez Museum

Located in the Pasig district, Lopez Museum is a famous art and history museum in Manila. Founded in 1960, it displays a wide collection of manuscripts, books, literary works of prominent writers and scholars, academic treatise, archival photographs, cartoons, microfilms and Filipiniana titles. Paintings and sculptures made by prominent Spanish artists and painters are among the popular attractions at the museum. Exhibitions, workshops, educational and publications programmes are organised regularly for tourists.

UST Museum of Arts and Science

Situated in the Sampaloc area, UST Museum of Arts and Science is a famous museum in Manila. Established in 1871, it features a collection of documents and inscriptions related to botany, medicine and pharmacy. Visual arts images, coins, medals, ethnographic evidences, documents, and manuscripts are among the popular collectables at the museum. The museum also has a library and a laboratory.

Ateneo Art Gallery

Situated in Quezon City, Ateneo Art Gallery is a famous modern art gallery of the Philippines. Formally established in 1960, the art gallery is known country-wide for housing over 500 artworks including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and posters. Works of notable artists from across the world including Fernando Amorsolo and Fabian de la Rosa are also exhibited at the gallery. Some of the paintings of prominent present day artists can also be spotted here. The regularly-held workshop at the gallery is an ideal workshop for budding artists and painters to show their creative side to the world.