Attention beer lovers! Here are top breweries in Vancouver


Often referred to as heaven for beer lovers, Vancouver, a busy seaport in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the best destinations to enjoy freshly crafted beers from ancient craft breweries. Here is a list of the top beer breweries for you to keep in mind for whenever you are in the city next!

Strange Fellows Brewing

Don’t go by the name, there’s nothing strange about this old world inspired brewery in Vancouver. Located in Clark Drive, Strange Fellow is known for crafting beer using traditional methods and modern creativity. Keeping in mind the diverse taste and preferences, around 20 beers are prepared here using a range of seasonal ingredients and authentic flavours. The in-house tasting room is an ideal place to enjoy the beer as the exchange of ideas and thoughts take place. To keep the fun spirit alive, events are organised here regularly.  If you like any of the beers, fill up your growlers or take a packaged bottled home.

33 Acres Brewing Company

Located on Main Street, 33 Acres brewing is a well-known brewery in Vancouver. It is an ideal place for hanging out with friends and family. Crafted out of natural ingredients and organic elements, beers at 33 Acres are among the best in town. Nine different flavours of hand-crafted beers are available at the brewery. The perfectly balanced beers are served with in-house delicacies. Beer tasting events and food trucks are a regular phenomenon here.

Red Collar Brewing

A famous family run brewery, Red Collar is among the oldest breweries in Vancouver. Located in Downtown Kamloops, the famous beer-lovers’ hub offers an exclusive range of over 25 beers produced and manufactured using authentic ingredients from the country and beyond. Interestingly, some of the raw materials are procured from far off European countries. An 80-seat tasting room is available within the complex. Beer festivals, activities and events are scheduled here regularly.

Off the Rail Brewing

Off the Rail Brewing is one of the recent additions to the list of breweries in the city. Located on Adanac Street, the popular brewery is known for featuring over 15 beers crafted and manufactured using organic ingredients and fresh flavours. There’s a bright and cozy tasting room for you to enjoy fresh beer anytime. You also have the option of filling up your growlers with beer or take home the best one as per your choice and taste. Beer festivals and other interesting fun events are held regularly at Off the Rail.

Brassneck Brewery

Brassneck is loved by the locals who come here for get-togethers and outings. The in house Growler Shop and the tasting room offer a wide range of ‘’dangerously drinkable’’ fresh new beers daily. A total of 14 different flavours are available at Brassneck. It sure is a great place to enjoy a glass of wonderful beer and soak in the atmosphere of the place.