A Look at Some of the Most Popular Restaurants in Australia


Among all things that Australia is famous for, food is perhaps the most tempting one! This vast country takes its culinary knowhow pretty seriously and has loads of restaurants, cafes, bistros and bars, offering an unbelievable food adventure to the guests who come in from all over the world. Below listed are some of the most famous restaurants in the country that certainly deserve a visit from every food lover who sets foot in Australia.

Tipo 00, Melbourne

Specializing in Italian fare, Tipo 00 is a popular, fine dining restaurant in Australia. Some of the most ordered delicacies here are Burrata, Salumi, Lingua, Polpo, Fegato, Gnocchi di patate, Primosic and Tipomisù. The place also serves some of the most interesting cocktails, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Also, there’s an open kitchen and marble bar within the complex.

Sepia Restaurant, Sydney

Famed for its sophisticated ambience and beautiful decor, Sepia Restaurant is much loved by locals as well as tourists in Sydney. Specializing in authentic Japanese and other international cuisines, this place enjoys a massive following among the food lovers of the country. Spanner Crab, Scampi, Fried Milk Bread, Charcoal Grilled Lamb Breast, Smoked and Char-grilled David Blackmore Wagyu, Aerated Mountain Man Washed Rind and Jerusalem Artichoke are few of the must try dishes here.

Restaurant Hubert, Sydney

A quirky café in Downtown, Restaurant Hubert is the perfect place to savour authentic French cuisine. Known for its romantic ambience and spectacular wine collection, this place is a haven for the food lovers. Hubert Baguette, Oysters Mignonette, Asparagus à la Barigoule, Farmhouse Terrine, Mushroom au Poivre, Pommes Anna and Kimchi Gratin are among the must try dishes here.

Orana, Adelaide

Orana is a terrific fine dining restaurant offering regional delicacies as well as international specialities. The usual short tasting menu here consists of 7-9 courses and a regular dinner tasting menu features 18-20 courses. You must try the well-prepared seafood served here.

The Bridge Room, Sydney

The Bridge Room is a well-known restaurant in the country. Serving traditional cuisine of the region along with classy wines, the restaurant remains the top choice of food lovers in the area. Cheese is used generously in the preparation of majority of dishes that are served here. Along with the delicious food, do enjoy the wine and other non-alcoholic beverages served here.

Oscillate Wildly, Newtown

A beautiful French bistro in the suburb of Newton, Oscillate Wildly is a perfect date night spot in the country. Famed for its vibrant decor, romantic charm and great food, this place is rather a hit with the young crowd.

EZARD, Melbourne

Serving Teage Ezard’s famous ‘Australian freestyle’ cuisine for over 18 years, EZARD is another splendid restaurant in the country. Featuring an amazing eight course tasting menu, this is a perfect spot to enjoy a lovely evening with your loved ones. Steamed Scallop Dumplings, Crème Royale Potatoes, Dark Chocolate Sphere, Coconut Parfait, Wok Seared Asian Greens and Chinese-Style Duck are few of the popular dishes served here.

Bentley Restaurant + Bar, Sydney

Featuring an acclaimed wine list and exclusive food menu, Bentley Restaurant + Bar is a modern fine dining restaurant. Opened in 2006, this place is loved for its innovative fare that includes dishes like Sweet Corn + Job’s Tears + Pickled Golden Beetroot, Oysters, Kangaroo Tartare + Sunflower Seed + Heirloom Cabbage, W.A. Marron + Smoked Lime Butter + Fried Bun, Scarlet Butter Lettuce + Herb Dressing, and Yellow Beans + Fetta + Raspberry are among the must try dishes here. You’ll find different flavours of cheese in almost all the dishes.

Brae, Birregurra

Best known for its home grown produce and fresh meat, Brae is another amazing restaurant in the country. Featuring a long list of tantalizing delicacies, food here is prepared using fresh of the farm ingredients. Dishes made using Jostaberry, Red Stem Chicory, Flat Beans, Red Core Carrot, Purple Plum, Osaka Mustard, and Purple Sprouting Broccoli are must try here.

Momofuku Seiōbo, Pyrmont, Sydney

With an edgy vibe and romantic ambience, Momofuku Seiōbo is one of the most popular restaurants in the region. Famed for its Asian-European fusion dishes including seafood, the fare served here is simply wonderful. Special menus are available on different occasions and festivals. Also, there’s an open kitchen and a fully functional bar within the complex.