Animal Life Endemic to Australia and Places to Spot Them

australiaFabulous wildlife is one of the biggest highlights of Australia, with the Kangaroo being one of the most well known of wild animals to be found in the country. While, you may see this unique creature in zoos across the world, spotting a kangaroo in the wild is an amazing experience and Australia is the perfect place for this. Besides kangaroos, Australia is also inhabited by several other indigenous species. Let’s check in on kangaroos and other animals that catch the fancy of wildlife enthusiasts. Yes, we will also tell you where to find all these animals in Australia.


Kangaroos are divided into two main categories, Red and Grey, and they are to be found almost everywhere across Australia. However, Kangaroo Island, the third largest island in the country, is considered to be the best place to see this creature in the wild.


The Koala is endemic to Australia but it is recognised all over the world. Take a drive along the Great Ocean Road and you get several opportunities to spot these lethargic yet cute creatures in their natural habitat near Kennet River.


The look-alike of the kangaroo, Wallaby is smaller in size. Like kangaroos, Wallabies also have a pouch to carry their young offspring. They are also to be found in almost every part of Australia may be divided into various categories such as Agile Wallaby, Albino Wallaby and Black Wallaby.

Tasmanian Devil

Unlike other marsupials like kangaroos, koalas and wallabies, Tasmanian Devil is an aggressive carnivorous marsupial. To watch it in the wild, plan a trip to Tasmania. A coastal scrubland or dry woodland would be an ideal place to spot this ferocious creature.


Emu is the smaller version of ostrich and can be found in most parts of Australia. The rural areas of Outback Southern-Queensland and Outback New South Wales are best for catching a glimpse of the Emus.


Small yet muscular, Wombats are also known as “bulldozers of the bush” and are quite similar to koalas. Eastern Victoria and the forests of New South Wales have large populations of wombats. However, it is not easy to spot them in the wild as they live in burrows.