Annual Festivals that Explicate the Cultural Affluence of Australia

Studded with multicultural magnificence, Australia hosts several events and festivals all throughout the year that celebrate the amalgamation of various traditions. No matter what time of the year you choose to book flights to Australia for, the nation would have a festival to be on your list. Let’s look at few prominent annual events and festivals that mark the cultural richness of Australia.

National Multicultural Festival

This free community festival is an annual event that takes place in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. The city is hosting this festival since 1981 and even after 33 years, the charm, excitement and exhilaration is still intact. This four -day fest comprises of music, dance and creative performances by individuals and groups from across the globe. Food is another significant highlight of this cultural festival. Culture vultures buying tickets on Australia flights to visit Canberra in February can be part of this extravaganza.

Woodford Folk Festival

This is another popular annual festival on Australian calendar. This folk festival enhances the enchantment of Queensland’s town, Woodford. To immerse in the traditional fun of this fest, check the availability of flight tickets for December-January. During this fiesta, Woodford becomes a world of entertainment and excitement for six days.  The town is located around 70kms from Brisbane and visitors staying in this city can easily commute to Woodford to enjoy the folk dances, music, arts and much more. Spotlight of the closing ceremony is the dazzling Fire Event on New Year’s Eve.

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Several performing art lovers book flights to Melbourne in October to experience the grandeur of Australian arts at Melbourne International Arts Festival. Also famous as Melbourne Festival, this 17-day festival features several circus, music, dance, multimedia and visual arts events taking place at several popular performing arts venues in Melbourne. First edition of this arts fiesta was held in 1986 and was known as Spoleto Festival. Several family-friendly events are also featured on the list of Melbourne festival.