Christmas Markets in Brisbane, Australia

If you don’t like winters but love the festive spirit of Christmas complete with gifts, food, cakes, eggnog and lots of shopping, then you may want to spend your Christmas holidays in Brisbane.


While going out for Christmas shopping can be a hassle in the teeth-chattering cold of the Northern Hemisphere, in Brisbane you may well wear light cottons and summer shoes. While you are in the city, getting Christmas gifts from the traditional Christmas markets is a great idea. Here are a few popular Christmas markets that are held in Brisbane.

South Bank Christmas Markets

South Bank Christmas markets are probably among the most famous Christmas Markets to be held in Brisbane. These markets are known for a wide range of products made by local artisans. The ambience is brilliant and there are countless cheerful people all around. The stalls feature various gifts such as accessories, clothing for kids and adults, art-pieces, home wares, furniture and candles, to name a few.  Apart from hosting such markets, South Bank also organizes an exciting Christmas event. The highlight of this event is a special gifting lane packed with gift items for families and friends. Products include wooden toys, hand-made candles and jewellery. You can also ask them to hand-wrap the present in exchange for a charity donation.  After buying gifts for everyone, you can treat yourself at the South Bank Beer Garden to some refreshing beverages.

Brisbane Twilight Market

Brisbane Twilight Market is a popular affair in the city, with more than 80 stalls which specialize in locally produced and handmade products.


Enjoy the music by brilliant jazz bands of Queensland while shopping or having food at the on-site eateries and cafés.  Located on the King George Square, this market features an immense variety of gifts for both the old and the young. The local artists provide the best quality products and unique gifts for your loved ones. The whole atmosphere has an exciting and a festive feel to it and you will see many cheerful people all around the place.

The Finders Keepers

The Finders Keepers have been hosting the Christmas Market since 2009 and have taken the shopping experience to the next level. The market features more than 100 stalls selling various products such as jewellery, children’s clothing, handmade ceramics, rope baskets, terrariums and various other handicrafts. After all the shopping, you can visit the various food and beverage stalls to wash down your fatigue. Other highlights include bars, live music and café. You can also get delicious food from the various food trucks.