A Glimpse to Scintillating City Centre of Melbourne


Beside the north bank of the Yarra River sits the amazing city centre of Melbourne. This is where the city’s heart and soul resides; shopping takes on a new meaning and culinary experience gets all the more beguiling. No wonder, almost every traveller who takes Melbourne flights makes way for the amazing city centre and wallow in its quintessential flavours.

Feast Your Eyes with Marvels of Melbourne


Tourists spending on Melbourne flights will find plenty of attractions in the Central Business District. These sightseeing gems define abundance and diversity. The best bet remains the Docklands precinct or the lynchpin of city’s unique design. Incorporating residential, commercial and entertainment district, this is where the true Melbournian spirit lives. Another spectacular attraction is Block Arcade, an ancient shopping arcade which was constructed in 1891. Southern Star, Victoria Police Museum, Melbourne Aquarium, Immigration Museum and ANZ Banking Museum are other marvels to behold in CBD.

Indulge in Retail Therapy


Melbourne’s consumerist culture is very much apparent on the streets of CBD. It follows you from every pillar to post and makes it irresistible to escape from the wonders of shopping. There is an eclectic mix of high-end fashion and swish boutiques brimming with enticing labels, products and outlets. Hussy, Fat Shop and Aesop QV are among the prominent stamping grounds that rank high on the itinerary of shoppers who take Melbourne flights and visit the bewitching CBD.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

The culinary experience in Melbourne’s CBD is as rewarding as retail therapy. Epicureans will find an amazing motley of eateries and restaurants that serve up the eclectic collection of Australian as well as international cuisines. Make way for Secret Recipe and relish the ultimate of Malaysian flavours or hit Crossways for relishing the Indian vegetarian dishes. Camy Shanghai Dumplings, White Lotus and Medallion are some other great eating joint to savour the wide-ranging cuisines. All in all, a visit to the centre would do a world of good to travellers taking Melbourne flights.