Board Flights to Perth for a Historical Experience!


Perth is one of the leading holiday destinations in Western Australia and visited by millions of travellers every year from all over the world. With its countless ancient charmers, this historic city entices tourists to board flights to Perth. Let’s explore some of them!

The Perth Mint

Perth Mint is the perfect place for discovering the striking facts about transformation of Australia’s currency over the centuries. Featuring a unique display of world’s largest gold bar, ancient coins with heritage value, largest gold nugget collection and gold pouring machines, the mint compels tourists having a penchant for the history of Perth, to take a tour here. Moreover, Perth Mint offers once in a lifetime opportunity to carve your name on gold medallions before you board flights back home.


Located near the city centre, Minnawarra is one of the popular tourist hotspots that entice locals as well as foreign travellers landing on flights at Perth. Surrounded by lush green parkland, this historic district of Armadale boasts several museums and chapels. Holidaymakers with an interest in Perth’s history can head to the History House, while people interested in archetypal gears are found at Nert Tyler Vintage Machinery Museum. On the other hand, the Minnawarra Chapel is a compelling stop for those who love to admire beautiful architectures.

State War Memorial

The State War Memorial is located in the midst of the beautiful Kings Park and Botanic Garden overlooking the awe-inspiring Swan River. Built to offer a tribute to the soldiers died in various battles, this memorial was constructed during mid of twentieth century. Holidaymakers disembarking flights at Perth often visit this iconic place to show their respect to the martyrs. Besides, visitors can relish a picture perfect view of the city of Perth and the Swan River that give flights to their fancies.

Perth Bell Tower

Located near the picturesque Swan River, Perth Bell Tower is another popular historical lure that draws attention of most tourists holidaying here. Commonly known as Swan Bells, the 600 year-old belfry features a set of 18 huge bells. Travellers arriving on flights to Perth can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and listen to the soothing sound of the bells.