Pictorial Perth – the Australian Adventure on My Round the World Trip

From the glory of Balinese beaches to the radiance of Perth panorama – yes, it has been a long journey for me but the prospect of exploring something new every second makes it incredibly exciting and terms like tiredness and exhaustion seem almost alien! Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is among the most populous cities in the country. This was my first visit to an Australian city and I have to admit I fell in love with it at the first sight!! Being a Briton and with such rich cricketing history between England and Australia, I have always been engrossed by this tough “enemy” country! Perth was my first stopover and here is a little overview of the same.


Perth is surprisingly isolated. Not many major urban centres can be found around the city, so it is up to Perth in this part of the country to take care of all your needs, be it cosmopolitan desires or sightseeing wishes. To its credit, the city does it perfectly and never ever disappoints. There are a whole lot of activities and attractions for people to enjoy here. Perth Zoo, King Park, Museum of Western Australia and Fremantle Prison are among the various attractions that I included in my travel schedule for the city. These are the biggest eye-catchers in the city and are usually the part of every itinerary that hopes to play it safe. But Perth is much more than just a place to make you feel safe! It is, on the contrary, a place to take risks and undertake challenges.

For someone like me who really loves her outdoor sports, Perth comes right out of a fairytale. The city has a fantastic climate for most parts of the year, and this allows people to keep on engaging themselves with a string of exciting adventures. Water sports are the biggest hits with cruising, whale watching, jet boating and sailing being the front-running pursuits. As for myself, I tried surfing lessons at the Trigg Beach. While I wasn’t much of a success, I am pretty sure you will all do much better!

Golfing is another activity that is quite popular with tourists who jump aboard flights to Perth, regularly. There are several golf courses around the city and true blue golfers wouldn’t really find it such a stretch to locate a world-class golf park. I am not a golfing person myself and would rather prefer lounging on beaches or riding waves than teeing off with stick in a hand!!!

All in all, Perth has been a fantastic start to my Australian adventure. It is beautiful city with myriad distractions, great food and excellent weather. The rest of Australia waits…let’s see what it has in store for me!