Top 5 Lures That Add to Popularity of Air Tickets to Perth

Tickets to PerthTourists who book tickets to Perth are sure to be overwhelmed by the fabulous attractions and charms of the city. Here are some of the reasons that add to popularity of air tickets to Perth on Australia bound flights.

Perth Bell Tower

Located near the scenic Swan River, Perth Bell Tower is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Commonly known as Swan Bells, the 600 year-old campanile features a set of 18 bells including the oldest and giant one. Tourists arriving on flights to Perth can enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the city and listen to the soothing sound of the bells.

Adventure World

The largest theme park in Perth, the Adventure World is perfect for a day-out with your family. Located near Bibra Lake, the park is packed with more than 23 fun rides and other attractions. Adventure enthusiasts planning to reserve seats on Australia bound flights for a riveting holiday in Perth during winters visit the park and pick from the ‘Sky Lift’, ‘Rocky Rapids’, ‘Aqua Super 6 Racer’ and many other rides.

Perth Zoo

While on a vacation in Perth, take a tour to Perth Zoo to watch the various animals and birds like Sun Bear, Red Kangaroo, Blue Macaw, and Bolivian Squirrel Monkey. In fact, most travellers booking flights tickets to Perth for holidays in the city have the ‘World of Birds’ and ‘Nocturnal House’ on their hit list.


Vacationers landing on flights terminating at Perth International Airport cannot consider their holiday to be over without visiting the largest single underwater aquarium. Enjoy the incredible marine life including beautiful living corals, blue ringed octopus, moon jellyfish, lion fish, turtles and various species of sharks while walking through the underwater tunnel.

Perth Mint

Perth Mint offers an exclusive exhibition of world’s largest gold bar, gold pouring machines, historic Perth mint coins, most valuable coin of the world and largest nugget collection of Australia. This is also the perfect place for a walk which illustrates the transformation of Australia’s currency over the centuries. The Perth Mint gives you once in a lifetime opportunity of carving your name or any message on gold medallions before boarding flights back home.