Unique yet Free Lures that Set Perth Apart

Perth is visited by numerous globetrotters every year and remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in Western Australia. Featuring verdant land, heritage and cultural sites, breathtaking sceneries of waterfront and Swan Valley as well as many other irresistible lures, the largest metropolis of Western Australia is sure to flabbergast every holidaymaker who boards flights for landing here. Nevertheless, Perth offers a platter of attractions and activities to the budget travelers as well. Exotic climate, mesmerizing natural attractions and the unique aroma of world beating wineries in Perth are sure to tickle your senses without burning a hole in the pocket. Here’s how!


Immerse into the Lap of Nature

Holidaymakers who board Perth flights for a gratifying holiday and seeking natural pursuits often head to the Kings-Park. The park is located at the outskirts of the main city and perched high on Mount-Eliza. A large section of this green area is home to a wide range of flora and fauna including around eighty species of birds and more than three hundred kinds of plants.  Besides, visitors get an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular sight of the surrounding area, the tranquility of River Swan and the stunning sculptures. Vacationers planning to board flights during spring i.e. between the months of September and December are privileged to be the part of grand Kings Park Festival, famous for wildflower exhibition.

Sample Some Free Wine at Swan Valley

After a tour to the largest park in Perth, it’s time to savour some best quality Australian wine! If you have a secret desire to taste the world’s best wine while relishing the picture perfect view of setting sun, Swan Valley, perhaps, is the most ideal destination for you. Here one can taste some classic wine and that is for free! Located very near to the business center of Perth, the place is easily accessible by Swan River Cruise or by road. However, if you wish to travel in style, you can take a chauffeur driven vintage car or a horse-drawn farm cart ride and immerse in the beauty of the scenic vineyards to arrive in the valley. Before boarding flights back home, exploring the culinary scene of Perth in this place is highly recommended.  The area is one of the oldest wineries in the western part of Australia where visitors can also sample some of the best local cuisines.