The Romance of the Top 5 Trekking Trails in Australia

Australia offers some of the most rewarding trekking opportunities. These trail walks take one across the vast wilderness and beautiful landscapes of the country.


Deep gorges, valleys, mountains and magnificent waterfalls will captivate your deepest senses as you trek along the trails.

Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

Stretching for around 104 kilometres, the spectacular coastline of Victoria offers a unique trekking experience and can be completed in about 8 days. The route passes through areas that are home to a wide variety of animals like koalas, wallabies, reptiles and several bird species. Different landscapes such as windswept cliffs, deserted beaches, marine sanctuaries and rugged coasts greet you along the route.

Overland Track, Tasmania

Widely acclaimed as one of the best hiking trails in Australia, this track in the island of Tasmania spans 65 kilometres and can be completed in 5 to 6 days. The diverse vistas and landscapes comprising of waterfalls, lakes and mountains make the journey all the more overwhelming. The season lasts from October to May and prior booking is recommended.

Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Snaking its way along mountains and ridges, this 223 kilometre long trek is said to offer the ultimate bushwalking experience due to its remoteness and rugged topography. It takes about 14 days to complete the trail but a quicker expedition is possible with the aid of a support vehicle. Summer temperatures can soar as high as 45 degree Celsius, so winters are a better time of the year to make this trek.

Thorsborne trail, Queensland

This 32 kilometre trail in the Hinchinbrook Island is an unspoilt tropical paradise that offers spectacular views of cloud-cloaked mountains while taking you through rainforests, swamps and pristine white beaches. The diverse wildlife comprising of bright butterflies, exotic birds, crocodiles, sea turtles, dugongs and dolphins along the trail render a sight to behold.

Australian Alps Walking Track, Eastern Australia

This trail offers an epic trekking experience along the Australian Alps. Covering a challenging distance of 655 kilometres, the trail passes through alpine national parks, high mountains and expansive high plains. Prior experience in trekking and skills in navigation go a long way in making this endeavour less daunting.