Gear up for the Festivities of Canada Day

Canada will celebrate its 149th birthday on 1st July. Popularly known as Canada Day, the event is marked with lots of fun, complete with music, family events, fireworks and live performances throughout the entire country.


The day, formerly celebrated as Dominion Day, acquired a more popular character, when it was rechristened as Canada Day later on. It is celebrated as a national holiday across the country.

How is it celebrated?

A host of activities and events are organized by the local governments, which include parades, carnivals, music shows and activities for all age groups. A sense of patriotism engulfs the mood of people and the national flag is on display at all places. Ottawa, being the capital city, celebrates the day in a somewhat more popular and grand manner. Most business establishments and government offices are closed and traffic is minimal. This year is expected to lure around a quarter of a million revellers in Toronto alone to mark the festivities.

If you plan to visit Canada, during this time of the year, then Ottawa is the place to be. Important places like the Parliament Hill and Jacques Carter Park organise huge parties that are flocked by hundreds of people. Cultural activities, entertainment shows and performances are a special feature of the celebrations. The evenings are marked with stellar performances by top artists of the country followed by a thunderous display of fireworks.

Celebrations at Canada Place

Canada Place is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city of Vancouver. The celebrations here are a tribute to the values, heritage and legacy that the country stands for. Watch out for the parade and colourful fireworks later in the evening at the waterfront area of Vancouver. Festivities will include Expo 86, pogo stick demonstrations, food carts, street hockey and a lot more.

Canada Day in Toronto

Like all previous years, this day will be celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto with live music, performances by dance troupes and brilliant display of fireworks. Also enjoy special water cruises at the harbour or visit Queen’s Park to indulge in a fun filled affair with activities and games.