Stop by these Historical Food Markets of Montreal, Canada

The magnificent and vibrant city of Montreal, located in the Canadian province of Quebec is home to some historical yet world-class food markets. These food markets are always thriving with locals who visit the markets to buy local produce.


These food markets are also frequented by travellers who want to observe the cultural aspect of this city from close quarters. Montreal’s markets are not only places to shop but part of the city’s heritage that have been standing for generations now. There are some markets which open seasonally, while there are some that are open round-the-year. Some of the best historical food markets of Montreal are mentioned below.

Atwater Market

The Atwater Market is one of the most popular food markets in Montreal, Canada. The market is located north of the Lachine Canal and close to the downtown area. While exploring the market, travellers cannot help but notice its 1933-established main art deco structure and the white-and-green clock tower, which is a noted landmark of the city. The market hosts plenty of farm stands offering tarts, bright yellow ground cherries, primordial gourds, and even fresh flowers. The shop ‘La Place Aux Petits Fruits’ sells brightly coloured berries, while the shop ‘Les Vergers Alain Dauphinais’ sells fresh apples, nectarines, and pears. There are shops selling fresh and locally-made jars of honey, jams, and chutneys. The market also has plenty of food stalls offering lip-smacking fire-grilled pork or tofu satay skewers among other delicious preparations.

Jean-Talon Market

Next on every travellers list should be a visit to another popular and age-old food market, the Jean-Talon Market. The market is located at Little Italy in Montreal city. The market is popular for offering a wide variety of culturally diverse products, including exotic fruits and vegetables. The market was opened in 1933 and sells fine cheese, specialty meat, aromatic spices, and the best of wines. This market is open year-round and is also known to be a good place to taste authentic local cuisine.

Metro Mont-Royal Market

Visit the Metro Mont-Royal Market, which is a small local market that has been operational since 1983. This quaint little place offers the famed maple syrup of Canada and freshly-picked flowers. The market has become bigger and better over the years and its personality has also changed over time. Travellers visiting Montreal during the holiday season must visit this place at least once to browse through its fresh produce, snacks, and vibrant Christmas trees.

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms is very unlike a traditional food market. It is more of an agricultural and technology company offering its produce from a huge commercial greenhouse located atop a building in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville neighborhood of Montreal. This urban rooftop market prides itself in selling locally produced items that have been grown using sustainable practices and low volumes of pesticides. Visitors can pick their items fresh on-site or just visit one of its many delivery points.

Marché Fermier

Explore the vibrant Marché Fermier, which is a seasonal pop-up farmer’s market that opens between June and November every year. The market, which was started in the year 2009, is located outside Laurier Metro in the Plateau. The market was established with the aim of selling locally-produced food directly by the producers and removing the middle man. It’s a great place to shop for fresh lettuce or cheese.