Tickets to Vancouver from Heathrow – Essential Info for Cheap Flights

A number of travelers remain in a mad scramble for flights to Canada’s Vancouver, albeit there are daily flights available from London Heathrow for the city. Rummaging through the internet and making conscientious efforts to compare the prices of tickets to Vancouver is a common activity with fliers intending to arrive in Vancouver. Besides several fare comparison sites, one can window shop with numerous travel agents available before booking the best priced tickets. As a seasonal trend, it is seen that flights to Vancouver from London Heathrow are more frequent between May and June and September to December.

Tickets to Vancouver

Travellers who look for cheap flights are often advised to book airline tickets between two and four months in advance of the planned holiday trip. Booking well in advance is more likely to allow you to take advantage of discount airfares that are being promoted by various carriers. Air Canada and British Airways are a couple of operators that offer regular services on the route and with whom fliers can hope to net air tickets, even cheap ones if booked early. With the availability of comparatively less frequencies on the route, it is not advisable to wait for last minute tickets’ sale.

Another factor to keep in mind when booking tickets to Vancouver airport is, whether the flight being offered is a direct one, non-stop service or a connecting one. Keep your priorities clear – low-cost flights or non-stop service. Non-stop flights are, of course, without any stops. For direct flights, airlines make a stop en route to refuel or pick or drop passengers. However, there may be no change of aircraft involved in direct flights. Connecting flights mean you will be boarding a different aircraft and disembarking off a different one. Several non-stop or direct services are available from LHR to Vancouver International Airport.

Sometimes, one can find cheap air tickets at border cities. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of flying into the border cities if indeed you find any of such less expensive flights.